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This page contains information and tips about pet food and making your own pet food.

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Buying Canned Cat Food in Bulk?I have 8 cats that I feed dry food in the morning and canned cat food at night. Can anyone tell me the cheapest way to buy the large canned cat food? These are all stray cats that I have taken in and it is getting very expensive to feed them. Thank you for your help.


Homemade Parrot Food Recipes

Homemade Parrot Food RecipesThis page contains homemade parrot food recipes. Making your own parrot food can help save money and provide excellent nutrition.


Dried Pet Food and Wooden Spoon

Storing Pet FoodThis is a page to storing pet food. Animals probably don't enjoy stale food any more than us humans do. Storing pet food properly will keep the food fresh and keep unwanted pests out.


11 Year Old Cat Losing Weight?I have a 11 year old tabby cat (tuxedo black and white) that now lives with my parents. For the past few months he has been barely eating. He's lost a lot of weight that when you pet him he is mostly bones. We have tried different foods, to not much avail.


A dog licking it's lips.

Saving Broth for Dog FoodI have 2 nice, healthy, middle-aged best friends who usually are fed dry dog food, with a little something extra. Whenever I cook, I save bones from meat, extra broth, etc. and simmer it on the stove for a nice flavorful broth to pour over the dogs' dry dog food.


Peanut Butter Dog Cookies as Gifts

Peanut Butter Dog Cookies as GiftsDog biscuits made from peanut butter are well received by dog and owners alike. This page has information about sharing peanut butter dog cookies as gifts.



Dog biscuits on a cooling rack.

Peanut Butter Dog BiscuitsMany dogs love peanut butter and they are a healthy flavoring for homemade dog biscuits. This page contains recipes for peanut butter dog biscuits.


homemade dog biscuits

Christmas Treats for Your PetsHere are some great recipes to give that special pet in your life. Be it the dog who snuggles next to you at night or the kitty who delights you with her antics every day, or the parakeet that sings so sweetly for you or even that hamster or gerbil that your child talked you into, I have a recipe for a special present for them.


Cat Eating

Keeping Pet Feeding Area CleanThis is a page about keeping pet feeding area clean. There are ways to keep your pet's food in one place and off of the floor.


Woman Feeding Her Cat

Changing Your Pet's FoodThis page is about changing your pet's food. To make sure that your pet is getting the proper nutrition to maintain their health, you may need to make changes in their food.


Cat Receiving Frugal Cat Treat

Frugal Cat TreatsThis page contains frugal cat treats. Sometimes you need help disguising your cat's medication, and don't want to spend a lot of money on special food for this purpose.


One Month Old Kittens

Feeding a One Month Old Kitten?This page is about feeding a one month old kitten. When a kitten is prematurely separated from its mother, it may be a challenge to ensure it gets proper nutrition.


A large chicken.

Chicken Feed Recipes and IdeasThis page contains chicken feed recipes and ideas. When you have your own chickens, it's fun to make your own scratch.


Cat Food

Is Cat Food OK for Dogs?This page is about whether cat food is OK for dogs? Cats and dogs have different nutritional needs, but sometimes dogs enjoy cat food.


dog eating food

Healthy Additions to Your Pet's FoodThis page is about healthy additions to your pet's food. There are ways to add extra nutrition to your pet's food.


Pet Food in Bowl

Buying Pet FoodThis is a page about buying pet food. Standing in the pet food aisle at the market or pet food store can be overwhelming, when trying to find the best pet food for the best price.


Cat and dog at their food bowls.

Benefits of Organic Pet FoodThis page is about the benefits of organic pet food. Many people find that their pets thrive on organic foods.


photo of Dog Dishes on a slat shoe shelf

Making Elevated Dog DishesThis page is about making elevated dog dishes. It can be healthier for many dogs to raise the level of their food dishes.


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Making Homemade Pet Food?I would like to know how to make homemade pet food?


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Buying Bulk Dog Food?What's the thriftiest way to buy dry dog food in bulk for a dog shelter? Much is donated, but we're running short right now and need to buy more.


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Never Feed Pets More Than They Can Eat At OnceI live with two independent black female cats. They are jealous siblings and each demands my undivided attention! I give each cat her own small dish of wet food. Never give your cat or dog more than they can eat at one sitting!



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Free Bag of Dog or Cat FoodAnyone who has pets will appreciate this. Purina one is offering a free bag of cat or dog food. Go to:


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Organic Pet Food Recipes?I am looking for free organic dog/cat recipes for food/treats.


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Saving Money on Pet FoodCommercial canned dog food has a lot of fillers in it and that can sometimes cause problems with dogs and their "poop". I used to buy the generic or "retailer's own" brand of canned dog food until my Border Collie had puppies.


Cat inspecting feeder.

Recycled Pet Feeding SystemI got tired of stepping on cat food and water. This idea came to me when the bag I had this old bread keeper in fell apart.


Cat and dog at their food bowls.

Going Organic With Pet FoodWhen it comes to human health, few people would argue that a healthy diet plays an important role in longevity and overall quality of life. The same can be said for the health of our companion animals.


rabbits with Santa hats

Christmas Treats For Our Beloved PetsBe it the dog who snuggles next to you at night or the kitty who delights you with her antics every day, or the parakeet that sings so sweetly for you or even that hamster or gerbil that your child talked you into, I have a recipe for a special present for them.



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Gravy and Sauce Recipes for Cats?My 5 month old kitten keeps bugging me for wet food at meal times, but turns her nose up to most of the food I try to feed her. She does seem to like food with gravy, broth and sauces, though. She usually licks up the sauce, and leaves the meat. Does anyone know some good gravy, broth and/or sauce recipes out there?


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Homemade Pet Food?I have a 9 yr old Pug and have started making her dog food. She's very picky about what she eats if it has vegetables in it she will not eat it. She has gone 3 days without eating it. I'm moving in with my mother who has 2 kittens around 5 months old. What can I make that the dog and cats can both eat?


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Raw Diet for Dogs and Cats?Do any of you have any experiences or comments on the benefits of feeding dogs and cats a raw diet?


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Looking for a Canned Food That Does Not Give Cat Diarrhea ?I recently rescued a stray cat. He is a beautiful, affectionate cat. He loves canned (wet) cat food, but it seems to give him massive diarrhea. Is there a brand that I can pick up at the grocery store that is safer on their stomachs without breaking my budget at the same time?


Boxer and two Frenchies eating.

One Dog Food for Older and Younger Dogs?I have a 13 year old Boxer (who thinks she is 5, very playful still) and I have 2 Frenchies, 8 months and 1 year old. Buying three different kinds of food is breaking me. All three of them seem to hate dry food. Is there anything out there all three of them can eat?


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Feeding Puppy?I have about a 2-3 week old teacup Chihuahua, but I don't know what I should be giving him.


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