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Heart Succulent Wreath - a variety of colors and shapes fill the heart planter

Heart Succulent Wreath
This is amazing! Great work and thank you so much for sharing!!


Wallace (Kitten) - being fed with a syringe

Wallace (Kitten)
Hes adorable! A few years ago my dad brought home three rescue kittens. Poor things hadnt opened their eyes yet and their eyes were full of puss. We worked on that first and on bottle feeding them, just like the way you did. Got them cleaned up and fed round...


Wallace (Kitten) - being fed with a syringe

Wallace (Kitten)
You did well to give little Wallace a chance. Hugs!


plate of Ampalaya Guisado

Ampalaya Guisado (Stir Fried Bitter Melon)
Sounds great, thank you! ' Does anyone know where you can find bitter melon in the US, Midwestern area?


Classy Apple Pie

Classy Apple Pie
Thanks for the great tip! I agree, pie with ice cream is divine! ''


piece of Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread
Im so glad youll use the recipe! I really enjoy it and have had a lot of success with it in the oven. :)


Blooming Onion

Blooming Onion
Wow, this looks great! I had no idea you could do this with onions. Thank you!


A single layer chocolate cake

Baking Lessons
Thanks for your tips! I actually did use real butter. I dont think I chilled it enough. I also might have put too much water in the crust. Not sure. Im glad you found a banana muffins recipe that works well for you! The loaves do tend to get dark on the outside...


A single layer chocolate cake

Baking Lessons
Aww, thank you!


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Finish on Wood Side Table Damaged by Oven Cleaner?
Repairing the finish is simple. Take a photo to a hardware store like True Value and they will help you find a finish that will match or blend in well with the rest of the table. Once youve got it, sand the area and wipe it down with a damp cloth. You can apply...


iced Cinnamon Rolls

Yummy Cinnamon Rolls
Mmm, Im craving cinnamon rolls now! Great job!



DIY Turntable Cake - finished cake

DIY Turntable Cake
Ooh! That looks like it was made by a professional baker. I would know--I used to close for a bakery. Great job!!!


Homemade Hot Chocolate in cup

Homemade Hot Chocolate
Wow, that is so neat! I hear fresh cocoa is so creamy that you dont need milk. :)


A daffodil next to a wooden fence.

Learning to Love My Season
Oh yes, I know all about that! The little ones are so sweet and germy, haha! I used to help with elementary kids in Sped severe and quickly learned not to wear white on chocolate pudding day. :) One of my college teachers once said that her old high school...


A daffodil next to a wooden fence.

Learning to Love My Season
Thank you Catherine. I will remember that!


Crocheted Doily Roses - final arrangement

Crocheted Doily Roses
How very clever and beautiful!


Watcha doin? (Fuzzy)

Watcha doin? (Fuzzy)
She reminds me of my cat Fanny. Little Poof follows me around like a puppy. :)


Peeps Racers - two race car bunnies

Peeps Racers
Oh my gosh. My dad would love this!


snickerdoodle Cookies in tin

Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Cookies
Awesome, Im so glad for you! My sister also cant tolerate gluten. It is good that creative people like you are coming up with great recipes. :)


snickerdoodle Cookies in tin

Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Cookies
No, I will have to try that. I think Ive tired them with soft vanilla ice cream. Tastes pretty good!



Recycled Bunny Friends - cake plate with bunnies among the cupcakes surrounded by two white ceramic bunnies and plastic eggs

Recycled Bunny Friends
I love it! You have a nice sense of working with color and those cupcakes look amazing!


cup of Orange Cinnamon Coffee

Orange Cinnamon Coffee
Id love to try this! Where can you find dried orange rind?


cup of Orange Cinnamon Coffee

Orange Cinnamon Coffee
Awesome, thank you! :)


Hard Tack Candy bags

Hard Tack Candy
Hi Attosa. It should break when you bite it if it sets up properly. By the way, I really admire your posts!


Fused Plastic Straw Ornament - Christmas tree shaped ornament made from fused drinking straw bits

Fused Plastic Straw Ornament
Adorable! That reminds me so much of those plastic beads you could put on a peg-board and fuse together with an iron. I got that for Christmas one year when I was little. :)


Use Costume Jewelry as Mini Ornaments - closeup of an angel pin ornament

Use Costume Jewelry as Mini Ornaments
Cool, Jodi! Thank you so much for sharing those creative tips. The teddy bears sound super cute. :)


Salt Preserved Lemons in jars

Salt Preserved Lemons
How cool is that! Im a lemon lover and have never in a million years heard of this awesome way to preserve lemons. I thought it was impossible. Thank you so much for sharing!


A filled coffee filter with baking soda added.

Lowering the Acidity in Cheap Coffee
Ill have to try that! :)


Grandma's Chocolate Crinkles on plate

Grandma's Chocolate Crinkles
Oops! Thats 2 cups flour.



Grandma's Chocolate Crinkles on plate

Grandma's Chocolate Crinkles
Yes, one cup cocoa is correct.


A large argiope spider on a wood fence.

Argiope ~ The Writing Spider
I love your stories!


stack of Homemade Tortillas

Healthy Homemade Tortillas
Hi, Im sure your tortilla recipe tastes great. Coconut oil becomes a solid at room temperature, so Im sure it would give tortillas a flakiness and richness similar to the traditional way they are made--with lard! (Yikes! In that case, Id vote for coconut. :) ) You...


Berry Lime Sorbet in bowl

Berry Lime Sorbet
Thanks, hope you like it!


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Eating After Having Teeth Extracted?
I had all four wisdom teeth pulled this summer. Its the worst, isnt it?!! Stick with things like broth, Jello, mashed potatoes, and ice cream for a few days. Dont eat anything steaming hot because it might dissolve the scabs that form to help the sockets heal...


Chicken salad sandwich on plate

Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Cool! I should try that--thanks. :)


mayonnaise in bowl

Classic Mayonnaise
Yes, there is that risk from sweatshop eggs. Its best if you use pasteurized eggs (as you suggest) or ones from a local and organic family farm. I used to raise chickens for years and never had a problem because their environment was clean and they had a high...


Baba Ganoush in bowl with garnish.

Baba Ganoush
That looks great! Thanks for sharing!


Artisan Country Bread

Artisan Country Bread
Cool. :) Hope you enjoy!


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Finding Christmas Help for a Teen?
I think you can have a nice Christmas for her if you get creative. First, what can you make that would be meaningful? There are a ton of resources online for super cute, stylish presents you can make for under five dollars. Also dont be afraid to step in the...


Take Time To Enjoy Your World

Take Time To Enjoy Your World
Thank you for this post! You remind me of so many beautiful things, like the enormous yellow butterfly that rested on my water thermos one day in the garden, or the night I watched the blood moon eclipse with students, families, couples, and friends while I...


Look Like a Million for $2.50

Look Like a Million for $2.50
Thats wonderful! Very cute and sophisticated. :)


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Sweet 16 Ideas?
If I had a winter birthday Id definitely make the best of the season! You could pull off winter wonderland themed decor with fire and ice. A few ideas: 1. Use clear/crystal glass beads in a garland with white Christmas lights 2. You can also fill vases with...


yellow yarn wrapped bottle with flower

Yarn Wrapped Bottle Vase
How cute! Your vases almost look as if theyre nestled in baskets. What type of glue do you recommend for this project?


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