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Finished button dish.

Button Dish
This is very cute! Thanks for sharing :)


Bailey - a purebred Beagle

In Memory Of Bailey (Beagle)
What a beautiful story. You came into her life just in time and saved her. Im so sorry she suffered for all of those years but so touched her last 5 years were amazing for her. Im happy to know that she got to experience the love she so deserved. god bless...


Small black poodle.

Home Remedy for Dog's Eczema?
Heres what worked on my chihuahua in a matter of a couple of days. I opened a 200mg capsule of vitamin E and put it in her water. No more skin and flaking problems. good luck because theres nothing worse than an itchy skin problem! p.s. I only did it until...


Bailout (Husky Mix) looking up at the camera.

Bailout (Husky Mix)
Awwww, that is so sweet. Hes a handsome boy too! Im glad you answered that classified ad because he now has a forever home and youve found a good friend. I hope you have many years of fun and love together!


Virginia Wolf Bengal House Cat

Virginia Wolf (Bengal)
LOL, she does have that crazed looked in her eyes. Good luck with her :)


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Armour Etch For Scratched Eyeglasses
Hi, good for you! Im wondering if it got rid of the anti-glare coating that you had. And if thats why there are no more scratches?....because the coating that was scratched is gone? Either way this is great news! thanks for sharing :)


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iPod Touch Went Through Washer?
I hope you havent tried to turn it on yet. Thats what usually kills it. This should all be done before ever trying to turn it on because it will short out and then you will need a new one.


Finished art piece.

Shaving Cream Art
Im going to pick up a can of cheap shaving cream and let the grandkids have a go at it. I think theyre gonna love this idea! thanks for sharing this very creative project :D


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Use Mascara As Liquid Eyeliner
I did this when I was a teenager and it worked great. Thanks for the reminder...Ill be trying this again tomorrow :)


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Homemade Vaporub
I think its great you can make it but for the amount of times I use it would be easier for me to buy a small jar. To buy all of the ingredients is counter productive to being thrifty in my opinion.


Finished button bobby pin hair accessory.

Button Bobby Pins
I wouldnt go through the trouble of threading them on unless you plan on selling them. Just putting the bobby pin through the shank would be sufficient.



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Dealing With a Verbally Abusive Husband?
Oh Jess, Im so sorry youre going through this. Ive been there and can tell you it gets better. Mine did escalate in to physical abuse and thats when I chose to leave. My children were 18 months and going on 5 years old when I left. I went to my parents. I was...


Cat porch with screen protection.

Keeping Cats from Scratching Screens
This is good. Weve also used this method and it works very well. Its also additional screen support for the dogs that like to jump on the door when someone arrives.


Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner Recipes

All-Purpose Cleaner Recipes
Heres something that Ive used for many years now and it saves me alot of money. Fill a spray bottle 3/4s of the way with Vinegar and the rest with MrClean (the toxic green color). If you have especially hard water like I do it works miracles on soap scum. for...


Paint Roller Snowmen

Paint Roller Snowmen
These are adorable :) I wonder if you could tie a string around the waist very tightly to make it look more realistic. Sounds like a good idea to me :D


Newspaper print applied to nails.

Newspaper Nail Art
So cute! I can see myself using the colored comics ;). Thanks for the great idea!


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My Frugal Life: Big Wedding On A Budget
What a beautiful story! Im totally in love with the idea :D


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Best Heat Pack Filler?
I use a mixture of rice and beans and my heat pack always stays warm at least an hour.


Cleaning Windows with a Mop
Finally and easier way to clean my windows outside! I also like the idea of the dishwasher detergent with sheeting action to prevent streaks! I guess you know what Ill be doing this weekend. ;) Thank you.


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Chopsticks for Snacks
I love this idea since lately Ive been craving cheese doodles! You can imagine my fingers the next day! LOL. Thanks for the great idea. :)


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Helping Hair Grow Faster and Healthier?
Lyonpridej, what are you taking to get your hairline back? Mine has receded terribly and I dont know what steps to take to get it back.


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Getting Beach Sand Off Skin
I love this idea! Thank you. :D



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Fold Pillow Cases Together
Great tip. Thank you.


A large brown frog staying very still.

Wildlife: Tree Frog
Thanks for sharing this pic of him. I always hear them at night but Ive never seen what one looks like. He was probably sleeping because theyre awake all night long. :)


Use plastic baggies to store small items on a bathroom wall.

Attach Plastic Bags To Wall For Storage
Love it! Now everythings right there, neat and handy. :)


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Solar Lights For Emergency Lights
This is probably one of the best ideas Ive heard in a long time. :) Thanks for sharing!


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Solar Lights For Emergency Lights
Hello, tobeamiss again. We recently had a power outage and I used your suggestion. In a decorated can filled with white sand, I placed the outdoor battery operated solar light. My husband was really impressed. ;) When the power went out we were already in bed...


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Getting Vaseline Out of a Microfiber Couch?
I would also agree with Beth and use Dawn.


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Using Olive Oil to Condition Your Hair?
Yes it is and the heat from the sun will work the olive oil in to the hair shaft. :)


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Cleaning Pontoon Boat Seats?
Youll be very surprised and pleased with Mr Clean magic Erasers!


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Where Can I Buy Gray or Silver Hair Dye?
I would also say hair salon but first I would try all of the natural remedies like lemon juice, peroxide etc. Once youre done with all of that, beat some eggs and mayonnaise and use it as a conditioner leaving it on at least an hour to bring the softness back...


wood burned covered wagon and floral plaque

Woodburning Pictures (Pyrography)
This is just adorable :D


Spaghetti strap top

Altered Dress Shirt Into a Summer Top
This is adorable! thank you for the great idea and for taking the time and effort to explain in detail, you did a great job! This is my next project. ;)



Rainbow Bracelet

Rainbow Soda Pop Tab Bracelet
I love it. Its such a fun little bracelet. Thank you for the great idea :D


Photo of a recycled window craft.

Window Picture Frame
Love it :D thank you for the wonderful idea!


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Updating a Bathroom with Pinkish Burgundy Fixtures and Shower?
Wow, thats a lot of bathrooms! lol I wouldnt want to clean them all but on the positive side, no one has to hold it in...ever! hehe As for a color combination. I liked the idea of brown but a very dark brown. Then add some very white trim. Hmmm, good luck!


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Paint Color Advice for a Kitchen with Brown Cabinets and White Countertops?
Instead of solids, try hand painting a border of flowers and vines. I did it and everyone loved it. But mostly any color you choose will look nice.


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Dark Blemishes on Face?
I would try some peroxide because that has bleaching properties. Ever notice how the tips of your fingers turn white when using it? Also, Ive just read that honey is great for pimples because it kills the bacteria (this is for future use). Anyway, a concealer...


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Where Do I Buy Odoban?
They sell it at the Home Depot.


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Sewing on Scout Badges
I never thought of stapling which is a great idea! Thank you. :)


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Rose Floral Bath Bomb
This is a nice idea but where do I get citric acid and when do you add it?


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Uses for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
I love the Mr Clean Magic Eraser but find it pricey. I got Home Depots brand which is made by Workforce and is called Easy Eraser and was much cheaper. I paid 3 and change for 6. It worked absolutely just as well. Love it!


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Hang Clothing Backward In Closet
Love it! I do the same thing.


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Use Dryer Sheets to Keep Pests Away
I do this and it really does work. It also works for those annoying gnats!


My Frugal Life: Find Out How Great You Are
Thank you for the wonderful words of wisdom. Im happy that you finally see what they never did ;) I learned a lot from your post and will pass it along. :)


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Why is My Cat Licking It's Fur Off?
I wonder if its a hormone inbalance?


My Frugal Life: Focus On What's Important (Part 3)
Great stuff! you are amazing and Ill be printing out copies of your writings to share. :) Thank you for taking the time to share you words of wisdom with us. tobeamiss


Dog Peeing Inside After New Dog Arrived?
I watched an episode on dog whisperer and he said that when bringing in a new dog or puppy to the house that for the first day only give the older dog the attention and minimal attention to the new dog. I know it sounds hard to do but its what would happen...


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Removing Pen Ink from a Wedding Dress?
Thats what I would have suggested. I have never heard of anything else that removes ink so beautifully. Good luck!


Valentine umbrella

"Showering You With Love" Valentine
This is a very cute idea, how thoughtful of you to appreciate your employees in this way. )


Clothes line with laundry.

Cosmetic Surgery For Walls
Kudos to you! How awsome and cheerful your walls look :) You really did a great job and I just might steal the idea some day as we have cinder block walls in our garage too. Love it, love it, love it!


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Warm Lotion in Winter
Wonderful idea thank you.


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Milk Odor on Carpet?
Have you tried letting it dry completely and sprinkling baking soda liberally? Rub it in good and let it sit for a couple of days. I would try that first and then if that doesnt work clean the area with vinegar. :) Good luck.


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Cleaning a Christening Dress?
How about washing with Boraxo?


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Washing Clothes in Well Water?
You must have a lot of iron in your water. How about using Iron Out? This is only for whites though.


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Homemade Oven Cleaners?
I mix 3 parts vinegar to 1 part Mr Clean (toxic green color) and spray that on your sponge or rag. Works like a charm for me. )


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Homemade Oven Cleaners?
Better yet, how about the MrClean magic erasers. When my mixture doesnt work on something thats what I use.


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What Do You Call a Chihuahua Shih Tzu Cross?
I would call lit a Chihuatsu ;) bet shes cute!


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Home Remedies for Fleas?
Shine a desk lamp that has a flexible neck over a bowl of soapy water every night with all other lights off in the house. You want complete darkness with only the desk lamp shining. The fleas jump at the light and fall in to the soapy water and cant bounce...


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Use Eyeshadow As Lip Color
This is a great idea. Its opened all new doors. Thank you. :)


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Change Shampoo Monthly
It is a good idea so you get rid of build-up from one shampoo. They all have different ingredients so it is good to switch. Either that or use a clarifier.


Keeping Tanks Warm When Power is Out
Thank you for the great tip. I may try to put one under the chickens water tank to keep it from freezing during a storm when it would be hard to get to the coop. Awesome. )


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Black Crust Around Bunny's Nose?
I wonder if its dried blood. Poor little thing if it is.


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Corn Bread Dog Food
I think it would be ok if it wasnt their only food. As long as youre mixing veggies and meat in with it great! We all need to save where we can and if money is tight its great to be resourceful until your income picks up :-)


Sadie (Long Coat Chihuahua)

Sadie (Long Coat Chihuahua)
Shes gorgeous. I love Chihuahuas and have 2 of them. We got our Bella when she was 12 weeks old and she was the smallest Ive ever seen. Sadie sure has her beat. We rescued our other Chihuahua and he was 9 months old at the time. I wish you many more years of...


Elliot (Morkie)
He is precious! Can I have him? Hehe. Wishing you many many years of happiness with him!


Bottle Cap Magnets

Beaded Bottlecap Magnets
These are so pretty and cute. I may try my hand at them. :)


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Store Nail Polish In The Fridge
Its a great idea, but Im not sure what kind of nail polish you use that it only lasts a couple of weeks outside of the fridge? Mine lasts literally for years. But good suggestion though. )


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Joke: Driving?
Thats too funny! hehehe


Blue Jay

Blue Jay
Beautiful! I have seen the doves at the bottom of the feeders and love it.


Phoenix (Rooster)

Phoenix (Rooster)
He is so cute! We love chickens and have 15 of them as well as a Rooster. We hatched them all under a heat lamp in the garage in a dog crate surrounded by cardboard to keep out any drafts. I think youll be OK as long as you keep the bird in his cage :)


Craft: Landscape Painting of New Zealand
Very nice. Youve captured the cold. I like the way you have shaded the mountains in the background, very realistic. You are good. :)


Raised Dog Dish Using Rubbermaid Container

Raised Dog Dish Using a Rubbermaid Container
Great idea! Thanks for posting. :)


Model Magic Clay Pens

Model Magic Clay Pens
Adorable! This is a great idea for fun time with my grandchildren. :) Thumbs up!


outside of finished pink trunk

Barbie Doll and Clothes "Trunk"
These are beautiful and you did a great job! Thanks for the idea and keep up the good work. :)


Frozen Peas and Corn for Pet Birds
He is a sweetheart and just look at that one lone feather on the top of his head! hehe Heres to your good health sweetey bird. And to your good health too vicki57. :)


Bobbie (Tabby)

Bobbie (Tabby)
Beautiful boy and lucky too having that awesome cat tree and a loving family. :)


Noyo (Dog)
Bless you for adopting this beautiful pup! I love his markings. May you have many happy years together. :)


Suzi (Pomeranian)

Suzi (Pomeranian)
A very sad story with a great and happy ending. Happy New Year to you and Suzi! P.S. I believe you. ;)


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Cat Pudding
Sounds yummy! Thanks for the recipe. I might try it on my senior cat to try and fatten her up some. Shes gotten so skinny, poor dear.


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Visiting Dogs Pee on Everything on the Deck?
Your guest should have to crate her animals so the gracious host doesnt have to suffer. It doesnt sound nice but if the visitor doesnt like it. They can also move. You have to try and be strong and insist. Also, vinegar is a great odor neutralizer but unfortunately...


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Eliminating Cat Box Odors?
Baking soda is great but also, I use Special Kitty that comes in the green box from Walmart. Ive tried all the others and really nothing compares for the price. Also, try to keep enough kitty litter in the kitty box, at least 1/2 full. I should mention I have...


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Contain Glitter With a Dryer Sheet
Thats a great idea! Thank you.


A Christmas tree made from bottle caps.

Bottlecap Christmas Tree
This is great! I also love how youve displayed the items you used to make your project. Nice work. Thank you.


full length photo of finished decoration

Felt and Beads Decoration
These are absolutely stunning! Thank you for the wonderful idea. :)


three ornaments

Tree Trunk Ornaments
I love these! Years ago I had some which were cut at an angle with pictures on them which hung on the wall. Thank you for reminding me of what I can do with tree trunks! You did a great job on these. :)



Bacchus (White Rat)
Applesauce, FYI, rats have more in common with humans other than monkeys. Do some reading and get some education. They are living breathing beings with feelings. Too bad youre so narrow minded.


Bailey Grace (Lab Mix)
Awww, shes very cute! Beautiful intelligent beings they are. Hope you survive the puppy years, hehe.


white husky pup

Grace (Husky - Malamute - Timberwolf)
Shes beautiful. Put her to work and shell be happy. :)


Holiday: Front Door Christmas Cross
It looks very tasteful. Nicely done.


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