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Scenery: Sunrise
WOW!!! that is so pretty~~thanx for sharing


Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

Picture Frame Jewelry Holder
That is a cute idea........done something like this for my dd when she was younger but all in plastic canvas but this one is kewl too thanx for sharing :-)


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Uses for Plastic Easter Eggs
Hi~~I have seen instruction for making an easter egg wreath~~if my memory is get a foam circle and then hot glue the eggs on the foam till its full you can use different sizes of eggs for this..hope this helps you


Photo Albums full of Recipes

Use Photo Albums for Recipes
Wow........what a great idea....thanx for sharing apparently I'm the only that hasn't heard or done this LOL.....have a good day all,


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Removing Hair From My Upper Lip
Hi~not sure if Avon is sold in India or not. But they sell a product called 'skin so soft facial hair removal cream'. its under $10 and I use it all the time and have heard other ladies say its a good product and it doesn't burn either. good luck I've always...


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Making Your Own Baby Food
Have a question??? Do you have to cook the fruit and veggies first before blending??? Grandson is just starting to eat baby food and I want to start doing our own because of same reason~money~+ we have our own garden and no chemicals on our veggies...Thanks


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Christmas Gifts for Grandchildren?
there's some great ideas here for anyone that's short on money thanx for the ideas..i'm in a money tight situation also but only 4 grandchildren (so far) but my dh passed away in March of this yr. and so I'm getting pictures of each child with their Grandpa...


Small sunflower.

Garden: Sunflower
Hey we grow them big in Ontario....Yippeee we had one a couple of yrs back and it towered over everyone in the family no one could believe how tall it was and had over 60 heads on it


Small sunflower.

Garden: Sunflower
Wow.....what a beautiful colored sunflower. thanx for sharing


Beginnings of a funnel cloud.

Funnel Cloud (Cheyenne, OK)
Wow.....what an amazing picture........but don't think I would have stood there long enough to take that picture, I would have been taking cover.....


A hummingbird at a feeder.

Wow.......what a great are very lucky he wasn't camera shy :0) thanx for sharing


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Free Cookbook From Jiffy Mix?
awwww........sounds great but not good for Canada...darn!!



Broken Wing Butterfly

Wildlife: Broken Wing Butterfly
Wow.......what a wonderful picture...such a lucky girl....I'd luv to be that close to a butterfly.....I collect butterflies .....thanx for sharing


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Remedy for Itching Mosquito Bites
Hi~~sounds like good ideas...but I have tried two other things this year with my grandsons that I have read about~~use underarm deodarant...I've used the stick type and seems to work on the kids plus I have dissolved aspirin in rubbing alcohol and swabbed in...


Red Admiral Butterfly

Wildlife: Red Admiral Butterfly
Beautiful visitor.....thanx for sharing


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Repelling Mosquitoes?
Hi~~thanx for sharing. Going to try this...we can't go outside without getting eaten alive and this isn't suppose to harm the yard.


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Pamper the Mom, Too?
Did that for my neice and she just loved it. Makes them feel better to be remembered too. Already picking little things for my daughter too....going to have her first on March 1. Thanks for sharing, Ruth


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Handmade Fleece Poncho
Wow.......what a great job!! What a lucky little girl!! Thanx for sharing.....any suggestions for boy things....since I have 4 grandsons and no girls yet :0)


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Homemade Cranberry Sauce step-daughter and I were talking about this yesterday but neither of us had a recipe LOL...this sounds so easy and yummy....just mite have to make some before Christmas...thanx so very much for sharing :0)


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Titanic Cake
Good job~~betcha that cake really sank fast LOL....:0)


Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly these ever beautiful pictures.....I haven't been able to get a picture of a monarch this thanx for sharing....


Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly
OMG~~I luv it.......I love monarchs and didn't get a chance to get a pic of it~~I walked out one morning to get the mail and there was a black butterfly with blue on wings, by the time I got the camera it flew away..I went to the backyard and it had landed...


Garden: Growing By the Front Door
hi...great idea and looks beautiful...was wondering what they are growing in??? I have to move into an apartment this yr so not going to be able to have flowers or garden and was wondering if I could do something like this in an apt take care, Ruth


Garden: Blue Jay
beautiful pic thanx so much for sharing...Ontario, Canada here :0)



Craft Project: Three Surprise Hearts have a sweetie there...they are beautiful...they would make a great wedding, grandparent, or other special occasion thanx for sharing


Hot chocolate mix in a plastic cone shaped bag, decorated like a snowman.

Snowman Soup
this is a cute idea...thanx for sharing...gonna try this on different seasons :0)


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Kenny Rogers Rotisserie Chicken?
sorry don't have a recipe but I remember going in there once and they had the most wonderful cucumber, onion (that's all) + the dressing and never had it again or been able to find a was so delicious anyone know what that one would be?? thankx


heart shaped pin

Easy Valentine Pin
thanx, cute...gonna try to make some for my swap group


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Using a Cake Mix That's Expired?
I would try it also with just the cake, and so sorry to hear about your husband. I lost mine nearly 2 yrs ago with cancer also, and lots of food left but it won't hurt to try it alone. If it doesn't work then you know. Also you could call the cake manufacturer...


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Recipes Using Rutabagas
Hi...I boil them like potatoes and when they are done..I drain them and add brown sugar and margarine or butter and beat them and enjoy


Wood Plank Santa Claus

Wood Plank Santa Claus
cute idea...I think I can do going to try it and if not for this Christmas might be able to do it for next year thanks for sharing Ruth


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Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old?
You didn't mention boy or girl? but ideas above are good also~ ~gift certificates (from local department or music place) ~popcorn packs to go with the movie tickets ~hot chocolate mixes ~also read somewhere to buy some pots (paint them gold)..put gold coins...


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What Does DH Mean?
I always heard it stood for 'dear husband' but I really like yours better somedays "DUMB HUSBAND' thanx for the belly laugh take care, Ruth


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Christmas Gifts For Teachers
I got some small wooden books...some small apples..painted the books, glued the apple on + painted subject & teacher's name on it, they luvved it. Also pencil holders (which child can do) I found they enjoyed things like that. Good luck, Ruth


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My Dog Died Suddenly?
Sorry to hear about your loss, Debbie. Hugs, Ruth


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Is Cat Food Bad for Dogs?
My rat terrier isn't the only one eh? LOL...she eats the cat's food every chance she gets! It's in the bathtub but sometimes we forget to put it back in after baths. She gobbles it up. But the cat loves the dog's food also (caesar which is softer) so have to...



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Favorite Kitchen Gadgets
My favorite is the mini grater. I got at dollar store. Great for grating cheese, chocolate and easier on the fingers than the box grater. I do agree with checking out the dollar store. My local had measuring cups shaped like tea cups so had to get them, practical...


pink blouse with white layer

Layered Look T-Shirt/Blouse
tee hee, I agree with Janet (about my size)..would also be good if one t-shirt got a stain on it, you could save the bottom.....but I have a teenage daughter that loves that stuff and the prices in stores is pricey so will be trying this..thanx for sharing...


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Friendship Gift Basket for a Faraway Friend
awww...this is so great...I've been missing a friend in the states (I'm from Ontario) and this would make a great gift to send her. thanx for sharing :0)


Money Plant Flowers
this flower is really pretty do you know the original name of it??? or would the greenhouses know what i meant by asking for the money flower???? LOL... I know when my parents were alive they had something by garage that had large flat round silver discs on...


Luke (Jack Russel/Rat Terrier)

Luke (Jack Russel/Rat Terrier)
awww.what a sweetie :0)...I have a pure-bred rat terrier. Her name is Jackie..My step-son gave her to us and she will turn 10 yrs old in July. she's been a delight thru the yrs...sometimes a little yappy but aren't we all at times LOL...enjoy


Valentines Through The Years
awww...that is so have a wonderful thoughtful man there...God bless you both and many more valentines days together


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Perennial Plant Suggestions
I also have cement blocks around 1 of my flowerbeds and I put hens & chicks in them. They grow each year and you can leave them in over the winter and actually last yr one of them flowered (this was the 1st time in the yrs I've had them) good luck


Rubber Duck Themed First Birthday
what a wonderful cake you did a good job..the whole thing lookss cute..good imagination...give yourself a pat on the back :0)


Deer Near My House
beautiful.....thanx so much for sharing and hopefully not near a major highway


Filly on a foggy morning.

Filly On A Foggy Morning
what a great picture...also from Ontario...luv foggy mornings but not to drive in :0) thanx for sharing


Quick and Easy Homemade Gift Box
thats a great idea.....I also have went out and bought a unfinished box (bottom & top) and done it in pink and added wooden letters and numbers and gave it to my great neice for my great-great neice's babyshower (will have to finish the date once she's born...


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Rope Lights Under Kitchen Counters
me too...great idea...i have all kinds of them and they sit in a tote waiting for Christmas...never thought of using them for this and cheaper on hydro (hopefully) thanx for sharing


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Yellow Jackets In House?
I heard spraying them with hairspray will make them drop (haven't tried this so don't know if they are stunned or killed). Good luck, they have a nasty sting.


Grandmom and Grandpop Reindeer
awww...what a pair of cute reindeer LOL...grandpa doesn't look too impressed though...the grandkids and some of the adults wore santa's hats last christmas.....they looked cute


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Inexpensive Owl Halloween Costume For 5 Year Old
didn't say male or female...i have made a witch, dollar store hat, thrift store dress, socks and broom and paint for face, also made a dalmatian dog, fuzzy hat, white pants and shirt either paint or sew some spots on and made a stuffed tail, made ninja turtles...


Halloween Bat Sock Puppet

Halloween Bat Sock Puppet
wow...what a great idea to use up that lonesome black sock that seem to have lost their partner...LOL.....thanks for sharing...think the grandkids will love them.. :0)


Cousins at the Reunion

Cousins at the Reunion
awwwww.....this picture is priceless...thanx for sharing


Butterfly and honeybee on feeder

Butterfly And Honeybee
love the pic of butterfly and have to agree with everyone else its a yellowjacket~~have tons of them around my home~~its been dry and they have their homes in the ground and they are very angry things...they swarm you and their sting is soooo awful like a hot...


In Memory of Roc
So sorry to hear about your loss...but you will be reunited someday in a place where they don't judge people or animals as being different. He looked friendly.


Country Wedding

Country Wedding Background
beautiful setting....only thing missing is the "bride and groom"....what great memories


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Scrapbook for Student Assignment
I have found some new, interesting ideas to do my scrapbooking thanx for sharing ideas and hopefully your son's project turns out terrific but it has to be fun for him since its about himself but I have a 10 yr old grandson that loves scrapbooking and writing...


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Poke Holes in Loaf Before Glazing
me too...and they luv it thanx for sharing :0)


Hedge People

Hedge People
Is that ever cute....I knew us Canadians were talented :0).......I pass a place where they have their hedge as an owl...cut the shape and use tin pie plates (I think) for eyse..its fantastic...I'm also from a small place in Ontario actually about 2 hrs from...


Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament
these look adorable..thanx for sharing and this will make a great Christmas present or bazaars for school


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How To Clean Eyeglasses
I was told by my eye doctor not to use kleenex, paper towels or anything like that cause they have wood fibers in them and will scratch the lens...I just use plain water and wipe with a brother told me last wk that those little wet wipes (that...


Conjoined Yellow Squash
kewl squash...twins LOL.....I tried to grow a tomato in a pot near my house...but forgot to water it so planted it out in my flowerbed and when I water my porch flowers I lean over and water my tomato too. good luck


Monarch Butterfly

Hatching Monarch Butterfly
Wow, that's fantastic. I love butterflies and hope I get to watch this wonderful transformation someday. heading to a butterfly conversatory at end of month can't wait :0)


Cardboard drawing of flower, sun, bunny, and ladybug with holes for faces.

Making Character Photos
great idea....thanx for sharing :0)


Cow bank from mayonnaise jar.

Moo-La Bank
thanx for sharing...going to try making this for my step-son either for birthday or Christmas...


Plastic canvas ornaments.

Making Christmas Ornaments
isn't pc great?? I've done lots for Christmas and other day presents even Christmas bazaar when my kids where smaller. Remember one year made a bunch up and took them to the school and my son coming home and saying "Mommy, bought you a new ornament" and proudly...


A laundry drying rack in a spare bedroom

Drying Center in a Guest Room
had one of them racks and hated it........rather use the shower rod instead....but if you are enjoying it more to ya........:0)


Miniature Soap Bible

Miniature Soap Bible
this is soo cute and not expensive.......thanx for sharing this idea


Chicklet (Arab/Quarterhorse)
Chicklet is a very beautiful and lucky horse to have found such a wonderful person like yourself. Thanx for saving such a beautiful animal from another Canadian


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Painting a Metal Door
Hi~~we just used rust proof paint on our steel door both in and out and just used a roller and a paint brush and it has held up thru the weather really well. Hope this helps :0)


My Favorite Kitchen Corner
What a wonderful corner. Your hubby and yourself should be very proud of yourselves. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!! :0)


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Do It Yourself Mechanical Repairs
I had a neighbor that taught me how to fix my spinner washer~~and now I have to learn to fix my car, home and yard stuff again since I lost my dh in March and I am short on finances. Plus it makes one proud they did it on their own..good going


Cool stool painted to look like a watermelon.

Watermelon Stool
awww...what a cute idea....thanx for sharing :0) my daughter would love this she loves anything with watermelon involved...would make a great birthday present...take care


Spring Lilacs in the Ozarks

Spring Lilacs in the Ozarks
They are sooooooo beautiful and I can just imagine the smell...can't wait for them to arrive here..they are my favorites....I would fill my house with them and my bestfriend would come over and say "guess you don't want me to visit??" (she's allergic) and I...


ribbon easter cross

Plastic Canvas Easter Cross
I also do plastic canvassing and this is a cute idea...thanx for sharing :0)


Painted potato bin.

Painting a Potato Bin
Way to go.....beautiful job!!! Wish I had your talent. Hope you keep up the painting. take care, :0)


Two Little Piggies
awwwww.....what cute visitors you had.....too big to get into that bird feeder LOL.....hope you gave them some milk with those cookies....glad they got back with their owners....take care, :0)


Two plants.

African Violets Damaged By Cold?
Hey sister-in-law always told me as long as there's green growth in the middle they should mom used to grow the most beautiful violets when she was alive but I haven't got her green thumb.......good luck with yours :0)


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Crayon Hearts
great idea and sounds sooo easy I can do it LOL....the grandkids will luv them :0)


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Little Boy's Lampshade
Good job....thanx for sharing this idea I have 4 grandsons that would enjoy these lampshades :0)


Aleef Adam - A Happy Guy
awwww.....what a sweetie!! No wonder he's got such a BIG smile on his face.....look at what he's holding!! chocolate~~always makes me smile LOL


Day Brightener
awww....what a sweetie...grandchildren always brightens the darkest days don't they?? When I'm down in the dumps, grandson comes around and gives me that special smile and a big hug for Nana :0)


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Snowman Soup for Gifts
luv it.....the grandsons will luv it...thanx for the neat and cheap idea :0)


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The Best Christmas Movies and TV Specials?
still a kid at heart really can't pick my favorite but I watch Rudolph, Frosty and the Grinch tradition here.....doesn't feel like Christmas without them.......enjoy the holidays :0)


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Homemade Nutmeg Chest Cold Remedy
Hi never heard of this one but will try it~~I remember when my Mom was alive she did a mustard plaster one Thanx


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Giving Baskets with Handmade Items
Great ideas.......thanx for sharing :0)


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Craft Uses for Buttons?
My children and I used to make button people~~We got wooden bead faces, buttons and pipe cleaners. Thread the face on the pipe cleaner and then add buttons and then add 2 more pipe cleaners to make arms and legs...when it comes to the end~~leave enough room...


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Quickly De-icing Your Windshield
Hi~~this really works. My hubby has done this for yrs and it does saves lots of time scraping :0)


Our Little Pumpkin
awwww.......what a sweetie!! and what pumpkin patch did you find such a cutie??? LOL aren't they fun at this age?? :0)


blue jays on picnic table

Local Blue Jays
what a lovely picture.....they are beautiful creatures thanx for sharing....when we first moved here we had a van and a cardinal would sit on the mirror and peck at we were wondering if it had lost its mate and find another one in our mirror....I...


BettyBoots (Pot Bellied Pig)

BettyBoots (Pot Bellied Pig)
What a sweetie.....I've always wanted a potbelly but hubby said we had enough animals...2 cats and a dog and 2 kids and him of course LOL.....enjoy her she's precious :0)


Dew covered web.

Beauty of a Spiderweb
Wow....great picture.....thanx for sharing :0)


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The Dangers of Co-Signing
I didn't co-sign for anyone but I did get a cellphone in my name for a relative. They were suppose to put it into their name but never did. They got mad at me so wouldn't pay it so to keep up my good credit...I had to basically beg, borrow or count up my change...


Decorative pond with lots of frog statuary.

My Froggy Crossing Pond
You two done a beautiful job....its so much better when you do it yourself then get a professionals. You need to pat each other on the back...good job....enjoy :0)


William - My First Grandbaby
what a handsome little youngest grandson is 18 mos....and he makes me smile everyday...enjoy


Hatching Butterfly
Wow were blessed by watching this beautiful monarch arrive. I remember when I was a teenager and my parents had a cottage (in Ontario, Canada) by the lake & we looked in the backyard and 1 of the trees were covered in monarchs~~we figured they...


Skipper Butterfly near finger

Skipper Butterfly
what a beautiful butterfly and an excellent shot.....I love butterflies and have found 2 different colors so far this yr that I've gotten pics of .......I have heard so much about butterfly bushes I have told family I am getting some next spring so I can get...


Dog on Chair

Are Toads Harmful To Dogs?
not sure if they are poinsonous or not ......but my little rat terrier bit one at nite on her trip outside....she was shaking her head back and forth and foaming at the mouth.....I was worried so came in and woke up hubby and he said it was normal that the...


In Memory of Big Grunt (German Shepherd)
He was a beautiful dog.......sorry for your loss...Its hard to lose a pet when they become like family.


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Free Tennis Ball Game
Guess I should have listened to does drive one crazy LOL........sil has beaten me already....thanx for sharing saved it on my favs.....


Snowman made from a coffee can.

Coffee Can Snowman Craft Project
that is soooooooo cute.....thanx for sharing and I hope you don't mind me using your is tight this year and I think this would make excellent gifts for the adults, take care


Homemade butterfly feeder in a garden

Make Your Own Butterfly Feeder
Luv it...........I love butterflies and have been trying to figure out someway to attract more to my home.......this is excellent........thanx for sharing


Rufus - Ruby-throated  Hummingbird

Rufus (Ruby-throated Hummingbird)
oh....he is so beautiful...your lucky he luvs the camera flash...thanx so much for sharing. I am getting loads of butterfly pictures lately (I have a thing about them LOL) another one of God's beautiful creatures..take care


Painted and decoupaged aluminum tray.

Decoupaged Old Aluminum Trays
great did a great job....I might just have to try that one.....thanx for sharing


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Folger's Simply Smooth Review
kewl.....I have just bought one but haven't tried it yet.......I get alot of heartburn so hoping this one doesn't work that way would like to drink some more ..thanx for sharing your experience with us


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Canadian Sites for Grocery Coupons?
Hello..I'm from Ontario too.....some websites for some sites are try (they have a list of coupons you can check off and they send them to you free of charge)...sometimes if you send emails...


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Starting on Christmas Gifts
Know what ya mean..actually I start again on boxing day....than when I see little things or something on sale I pick it....but then I have to remember where I put all this stuff when Christmas comes around LOL........but I really like your idea about the recipe...


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If You Are Overcharged at WalMart you know if it's the same in Canada's walmart????.........I hope so.....tee hee


Daddy's Hat
thanx for sharing........he's a cutie.....enjoy :o)


First Trip to the Beach
Such a cutie.......we took our little 15 month old grandson last month.....he loved the sand, but not too sure of the water but he started getting brave towards the end (or maybe he was trying to impress the little girl he ended up playing with LOL)...take...


Becca at the Zoo
Awwwwwww.......what a sweetie!! I have a Becca too but she's my dd.......grandchildren are sooooo wonderful...I have 4 grandsons .......enjoy :0)


Two goldfinches at a bird feeder.

what a wonderful picture...I luv watching birds and bats. A friend has an oriole feeder at her home and I got to see the male & female the last time I was there and the male looked rite in at was so kewl.....nature is so beautiful and its great to slow...


Butterflies in the Alley

Local Gang in the Alley
Now that's a GANG gathering I like to see :0) that's beautiful. I remember yrs ago my parents had a tree covered in monarch butterflies~~never seen anything like that again. Thanx so much for sharing


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What Can I Plant on Top of a Septic Tank?
not sure if a filter bed is the same as a septic bed but hubby has been planting his veggie garden on ours for last 2 yrs and its done well. Good luck on finding something to plant


Baby Cranes with Parents
Mine too...Susie.....pretty neat eh??? thanx for enlightening us some more of God's precious creatures Lorraine :0)


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First Aid Website
Wow.......what a great site........thanx so much for going to pass this addy to family and friends........:0)


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Rock Cakes Recipe?
hi if you do a google search with "ROCK CAKEs" in subject line........there is a bunch of them .....hope this helps you.......sounds good mite have to try some of them...........I'm also form Ontario and my grandparents was from Wiarton and my grandmother always...



Freezing Applesauce
Hello.........this is soo kewl...dh and I just bought some apples today at the flea market and was talking about if we could freeze applesauce and came on here and here's a recipe..thanx so much for sharing...have a great day, Grammar


Dr. Ruppel Clematis

Dr. Ruppel Clematis
WOW.......what a beautiful flower........thanx for sharing :0)


baby wearing a tiara

The Princess
Awwwww........what a sweet little princess....enjoy!!


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Personal Cookbook CD
that sounds like a great idea do you have any of the websites or what I should be looking for.......thanx, Ruth


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Dealing With Arthritis?
Hello Elizabeth, my hubby has arthritis in his back and he was using the heating pad with the warmth. But he spoke with his doctor and they told him no heat to use cold instead and when he switched he felt so much better quicker. Even if you switch back and...


Shayla Looking Pretty
awwwwwwww.....what a sweetie!!! I have a 14 mon old g/s that luvs cameras that poses too.......the little hams


Jupiter's Beard

Jupiter's Beard in the Path Garden
hi~~that is sooo beautiful.......wish I had some for my flower garden....but I wonder if this would grow under pine trees??? We have a slope in our yard, near the neighbors fence and I hate cutting it afraid of falling but it is dry and under some trees...trying...


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Finding Usable Furniture
Tee about timing.....we did that this a bookcase, hair dryers, ping pong table complete with paddles, etc., a weight bench, speakers for pc (but think asking s-i-l to fix it for tv) and other small items.....luv free stuff.....


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Keep Popcorn in the Freezer
Hi~~I've have frozen my microwavable popcorn and it works fine


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