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13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

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13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls, A birthday cupcake with a topper.

Planning a 13th birthday party can be difficult. Your child is not really a little kid anymore, but they also aren't a teen yet. This is a guide about 13th birthday party ideas for girls.


Solutions: 13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

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Tip: Garage Dance Party

Turn your garage into a dance club. Have some one DJ and let kids dance and have fun. Then turn the kitchen into a bar, remember no achoholic beverages

    By 123reno123 [1]

    Tip: Where to Buy a Multicolor LED Party Light

    This spinning multicolor LED party light is perfect for birthday parties. They are inexpensive enough that you could easily add a couple to liven up your party room.

    Crystal Ball Effect LED Rotating Light For Disco DJ Party

    Tip: Teen Scavenger Hunt Party

    I was mystified as what to do with my teenage girl but found a brilliant idea online. A scavenger hunt! We were having a party at the local park and I didn't want 14 teens running around terrorising the locals! So I made up a list of fun things to do or find. They had to take photos of themselves doing it and bring it back to me for proof. Each task had a point value. Tasks included - reflection of whole team but not in a mirror, find an apple, somebody dressed as a super hero, and so on.

    Teens loved it! The winning team won iTunes cards, but you could have any prizes. A second hand trophy decorated, bags of lollies, up to you and your budget. This was a very cheap activity to organise, as many children have their own cameras on their phones.


    • Paper ($1)

      By rexiringlis1 [1]

      Tip: Outdoor Movie Sleepover

      It's nothing big or small but invite a couple of your friends and have a party in your back yard. Just build a fire for marshmallows, get a projector and a white surface and have popcorn. Watch a movie outdoors and spend the night there.

        By destinee294 [1]

        Tip: Mall Birthday Party

        I live in Texas. For my best friend's 13th birthday, we went to the Woodlands Mall and shopped there and just looked around. We didn't spend a lot of money, but we went to Build a Bear Workshop and acted like little kids and it was really fun. We went and ate at a restaurant, and then we went to the movies. We went to a really nice hotel room and we got our own hotel room, but it was a conjoined hotel room. Maybe you can do this for your daughter's birthday! Have fun!

          By mommyslittlehelpercs [1]

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          Here are questions related to 13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls.

          Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

          My daughter's 13th birthday is on the 30th of March. I need some ideas for a surprise party for her. I don't think it will be too many kids, maybe 5-10. I'm taking her on a cruise at the end of February, but she don't think that's for her birthday. Can you help me please?

          Whatever I do it needs to be a surprise. I'm not too worried about the cost, but no more than a thousand bucks. I want her to remember this party for the rest of her life. Please and thank You.

          By A. Fuqua


          Best Answer

          By Louise B. [6]02/06/2014

          Since this is a newsletter entitled "Thrifty Fun", I don't think we are the people to ask about a birthday party with a budget of $1000. I, personally, think that that amount of money spent on a 13th birthday party is far too much. You must be very well off.

          <p>How about a birthday party where the theme is helping others? I know some children have a party where the other children don't bring gifts, but spend the money on food for the animals for a local animal shelter, and then after cake and singing happy birthday, part of the party is to visit the shelter and donate the gifts. Of course, the birthday girl donates something as well, as well as all her guests. They can still have fun in a park or play board games or watch movies.</p>

          <p>Alternately, they could give food or cash to the food bank, but I think that the animal shelter is a good idea because then the kids can see the animals that are going to be fed with their donations. They will not see results of the money or food they donate to the food bank. Your daughter seems to very blessed and want for nothing if she is 10 and gets to go on cruise. Perhaps some thoughts for others less fortunate would make this a special birthday.</p>

          Question: Birthday Ideas

          My friend and I were planing to go ice skating, but she found out that she has epilepsy and if she falls she can get hurt. Everything I think of can harm her. She can't swim, see flashing lights, or anything fun. My parents don't even want her to sleep over because they would not be able to live with it if something happened to her. I won't celebrate my birthday without my one and only best friend. What can we do that's safe?

          By Olivia S.

          Most Recent Answer

          By source01/03/2015

          I used to have seizures. That doesn't mean that you can't do anything. Don't be afraid cause I turned out fine.

          Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

          My daughter's birthday is December 23rd. (I brought her home on Christmas Day.) I have no idea what to do.
          Being that it is so close to Christmas, I'm afraid no one would show up to a party. Any ideas are appreciated.

          By C.S

          Most Recent Answer

          By breezey11/23/2014

          I was born on Christmas so I know how you feel if you are worried nobody will show up have it earlier. I usually have mine on the 10-16th

          Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

          My daughter is turning 13 and we have no idea what to do for a party. She wants to invite 24 girls (15 are on her cheer team).

          By A.S

          Most Recent Answer

          By madih2007/05/2013

          Take a trip to the mall! That's always fun. Tell them to bring money or give them some to spend. Have some dinner at a nice restaurant or eat in the food court. Then you can come home and just have a some fun to themselves.

          Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

          My daughter is turning 13 soon and is nagging me about having a big thing and she is inviting most of her grade what should we do?

          By Rosie R

          Most Recent Answer

          By janice r08/12/2013

          Since this is summer, have a BBQ at a park. Let them play volley ball, have a water balloon fight, tug of war, pinyata, have a baseball game-if the girls don't want to play they can be cheerleaders. Serve hot dogs, watermelon, potato salad, chips and dip, cake topped with whipped cream instead of ice cream, or have cup cakes. Use paper plates and cups that way there's no really big mess to clean, and everybody has fun and the kids get worn out.

          Also you can have them do a simple craft and judge it for funnyist, most colorful-you get the idea. I did this and everyone had a great time. Oh, and take lot's of pictures. Good luck and I hope this helps.

          Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

          My 13 year old wants an iPhone 6 Plus and I said I was getting it for her and she also wants a party. She is spoiled so we need something big and fast cause her birthday is soon and she is kinda moody if she doesn't get her own way. She likes horseback riding, dancing, ice skating, and shopping. Anyone got some ideas? Comment back please. Thanks.

            By Ellie-Jayne [1]

            Most Recent Answer

            By Abigail A. [9]08/19/2015

            I get the feeling we've been pranked, here.

            Question: 13th Birthday Ideas

            My daughter will be 13 in just over a month and can't decide what she would like to do. She wants to bring 2-3 close friends, but doesn't want to do basics like going ice skating, to the cinema, or a pool party, etc. She would prefer to go out and do something with her friends and then come back to the house and have food, play a few games, and maybe even a sleepover. We keep considering ideas and we are at a crossroads right now. Any help would be appreciated.

              By amanda pouler [1]

              Most Recent Answer

              By Anonymus12308/18/2015

              I have just turned 13 and i'm quite girly, but ziplining, quad biking and hiking can maybe work. We went to a chocolate factory and made chocolate for my party! It was AWESOME!

              Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter's birthday is on Christmas and she wants to have a hotel party with her friends. She also wants to invite boys! What should I do?

                By Alexii [1]

                Most Recent Answer

                By Abigail A. [9]07/10/2015

                Goodness, no.

                Even if you don't invite boys. Imagine being a paying guest staying in any of the rooms adjoining or below the rooms your daughter and friends would be occupying. No sleep all night. What if they have a wedding to attend in the morning? Or an important business meeting?

                Leave the hotels to guests who need a place to sleep for the night.

                Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday Party

                I've been looking all over the net, but I only find places for little children. My daughter wants something more for her age. Does anyone have any suggestions for where I can take her? Everything I have found is either a tea cup party or something for little children.

                By Angie A

                Most Recent Answer

                By Sandy Gerber [22]06/02/2011

                Check with local hotels to see if they would allow you to have a swimming party there. Mom and Pop ones are more willing than chains. My 10 year old son is going to have a pool party. The worst part is waiting for rsvp's, seems nobody rsvp's anymore and I gave two phone numbers and my email and some parents see me every day and still can't rsvp. You may have to contact several families as they might not contact you.

                Question: Planning a 13th Birthday Party

                My daughter is turning 13 in May and we are trying to plan something without relying on the weather cause we don't have an undercover area and our house s small. There are 20 girls and we were going to do a campout sleepover watching an outdoor movie, toasting marshmallows, pizza, movie food, etc. Any other suggestions for this amount of girls or does this sound good?

                By Nikki from Sydney, Australia

                Most Recent Answer

                By annoymous [2]05/18/2011

                You could get some campfire songs and sing them or get games you can play round the campfire. :)

                Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                My daughter is turning 13 and I don't know what to have the girls do. Also I need to know what else I might need to buy ?
                Any suggestions?

                By R.E from Merced

                Most Recent Answer

                By mblume04/04/2013

                Here are some fun ideas for girls who are turning 13,
                a mall party or trip, you can take the girls to the mall and they can buy some things. you can give them money or tell them to bring money, whichever you prefer. Also a movie night is good. Another fun idea is a spa night, it gives the girls a relaxing time with each other and it gives them a chance to talk.

                Since the girls are pretty much teenagers, they like freedom to do things on their own. So you should make the party flexible and not too organized, give them the chance to talk and hangout but still have activities planned.
                I hope some of these ideas help you!

                Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                My daughter is turning 13 in March. She wants to finally have a boy-girl party, but we live in a townhouse so we can't have a lot of people over; and she is embarrassed of how small our house is. She really wants to have a laser tag party, but every place I look up, is either 30, 20, or 15 dollars per person with a minimum of 8-10 people. We have no idea what to do.

                She wants to invite about 10-20 people, all are 12-13 years old, I have cleared that with her, but she is going to have mostly girls. She might just want a pool party, but that's not open until June. I feel really bad because we don't have much money to just throw around. She really wants to make this an amazing party because she is inviting her "crush". I am a clueless mom from the 80s (lol) so I think easy, but this generation is crazy and I need to get caught up. Please help!

                By Janine

                Most Recent Answer

                By mom2301/27/2015

                Check with a YMCA for a indoor pool. Last year I planned a surprise 12th birthday party at the local YMCA. They provided two lifeguards, party room and a hostess. Surprisingly the cost was cheap! We brought decorations, drinks, chips, iPod, favors and ordered pizza.

                Question: Birthday Party at the Mall

                How much money should each child be given to spend at the mall?

                By E B

                Most Recent Answer

                By krisp09/19/2014

                I agree... $20 Maybe $40 if you can afford it. In my opinion, if you take your daughters friends to the movies or dinner for her birthday, then yes you should pay. However if shopping is involved I would let the other kids parents know to send their kids with some spending money in case they want to buy something at the mall.

                Question: 13th Birthday Party

                My daughter is turning 13 at the end of the month. She wants to have a sleepover, but the last two times it has been super chaotic and we got no sleep. She doesn't want it to be lame and she wants a co-ed party. Please help, I can't think of anything that isn't lame to her.

                By Sarah

                Most Recent Answer

                By calpal12/25/2014

                Honestly, I have strict parents that hate the noise reaching a high level. But when I tell my friends to shut up we never have fun. Let your kids have fun and be loud if they want because you can always catch up on sleep, but you can't catchup on having fun with your friends and making memorable memories. Honestly every time I get yelled at for the noise ,and have to tell my friends to quiet down, it's embarrassing.

                At my friends parties, their parents understand we are having fun and it is honestly so much more fun than having to tell my guests every 10 minutes to quiet down.

                Question: Ideas for Girl's 13th Birthday Party

                My daughter is turning 13 in August and I need a birthday idea. My daughter is girly and hates sports, except swimming. All of her friends are girly too. She said she didn't want a pool party. I can not find something to do. Any suggestions?

                By S.D.N

                Most Recent Answer

                By ellaf240@googlemail.com08/15/2015

                Do a under the water theme hang blue streamers from the ceiling and make some fish and because they are girly put water in a bowl and do a spa. Hope I helped!

                Question: Girl's 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                What are good ideas for my daughter's 13th birthday party?

                By Ivette from San Fransisco, CA

                Most Recent Answer

                By klwhitney801/28/2014

                Well I'm having my 13th birthday as a sleepover at night. Some things you could do is if it's all girls you could set up a long table and put some dangling lights around your house or where ever the party is held.

                Then you can eat like a pizza for lunch, but then for dessert you can get a mini 3 layer cake pan on amazon and give each girl their own icing set of what ever flavor they like. So they get to frost their own mini cakes and have fun while doing it. When they are done you can get a few red box movies for really cheap so they can stay up all night and eat popcorn and watch moviesgossip...etc..

                Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                My daughter is turning 13 and there are 14 people invited 5 being boys. We are stumped, we don't know what to do. Help! Her birthday is the 29th of January.

                By Claire from Mt. Laurel, NJ

                Most Recent Answer

                By luisa.brookes02/23/2015

                My daughter having a birthday party soon and she's going to be 13 and she's very girly its on the 10th of March and I have no idea what to do there are 1-8 girls coming and we thought of doing bowling,swimming in doors,cinema or spa but it's been such cold whether here that I'm not sure what to do any suggestions ?

                Question: Christmas Eve 13th Birthday Ideas

                My daughter is turning 13 on Christmas Eve. I want to go out and do something, but I don't know were to go.

                By Tracie A. from Cleveland, OH

                Most Recent Answer

                By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]12/22/2014

                All good ideas. I would also include a drive through the local Holiday Lights, then go for some fancy cake, or dessert of her choice. Make a list of 13 reasons' she is special, all on separate pieces of paper, and give them to her in a pretty box. I hope she knows what a "gift" she is to you. PBP

                Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                What is a good idea for a 13th birthday party for a girl?

                By Azia K.

                Most Recent Answer

                By AmazingA01/17/2015

                A party for a teen girl (any age) should reflect her personality.
                If a girl like sports have a sport themed party (Basketball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, etc.) Or if she likes music have a DJ or do karaoke. Have a dance party if she likes dancing. I hope this helped! Good luck!

                Question: 13 Year Old Birthday Party

                My daughter's birthday is in less than 10 days! She doesn't want to do anything at home and places are very limited. There is a building I can rent but we don't know what to do in it. She wants to invite many friends (including boys). Money is also very limited. Please help!

                By Monica G.

                Most Recent Answer

                By Sandy G. [1]11/11/2014

                Find a way to provide some music the kids would love and play some Minute to Win It type games. I'll bet you'll find some MTWI games or "Teen games" online. Serve pizza and cake and all will be happy!

                Question: 13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

                My daughter is turning 13 and she wants to invite about 15 people both guys and girls. We are having a hard time picking a theme. Any suggestions?

                By Lola

                Most Recent Answer

                By rosie12301/18/2015

                I'm 13 and this year I basically turned my house into a movie theater...except with a twist. Everybody had to dress up as their favorite actor! There was a red carpet and my aunt & uncle were the paparazzi.

                I had a bunch of girls bring blow up mattresses and we watched the movie of our choice on netfllix all night. Everyone got 20 tickets to use at the "concession stand" which my mom ran in the kitchen. We had all sorts of snacks such as popcorn which cost 5 tickets, candy bars (3 tickets), ice cream (4 tickets), caprisun (2 tickets) etc.

                It was really fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. PS if you want boys to come just have them leave earlier instead of sleeping over. Oh and just if you were wondering... my mom was J-lo!

                Question: Birthday Ideas for 13 Year Old Girl

                My daughter is turning 13 and she wants to do something big. She loves sports, but also is kind of girly (not that much though). She doesn't want it to be something that just girls would enjoy because she wants some guys there. But we don't want to spend a lot (as little as possible). Any ideas?

                By Julia

                Most Recent Answer

                By millygrace 01/02/2015

                I had my 13th not long ago. I went trampolining with 2 friends in the mourning then came home and had 8 more friends come. We did activities like water fights, foam fight, we pinned a load of balloons that we filled with paint on my fence (with a large sheet of paper under) and threw darts at the balloons. We the camped out in my tent and designed some shirts with are names on and the date of the party every one loved it.

                Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas for a Girl

                My daughter is turning 13 and she does not know what to do. She wants to invite up to 5 or 6 of her friends, but her birthday is in November and it gets cold and I don't know what to do.

                By Mackenzie F.

                Most Recent Answer

                By Zara.M07/20/2014

                It is my 13th Birthday in October and I am having a pop star themed party so everyone would come as there favorite pop star and we will watch a movie at my house.

                Question: 13th Birthday Ideas

                I have a 13 year old daughter who wants to have a birthday party, but not at home. She wants something with friends, about 8-10 people some boys, that isn't too expensive. Any ideas? Thanks.

                By Nicole

                Most Recent Answer

                By Charolatte05/31/2014

                If you have a pool, swim parties are great. Also maybe order pizza or a bbq. I don't recommend sleepover because of the inviting boys thing (unless your ok with that). Maybe party games as well.

                Question: Ideas for Girl's 13th Birthday

                My daughter is turning 13 and she's a tomboy, hates the colour pink, and likes to ride motorbikes, but all her friends are girly. Any suggestions?

                By Maddison C from Melbourne, Victoria

                Most Recent Answer

                By samantha.barnes01/11/2015

                Go play laser tag. Or you can go do sports. You can get everyone to bring bikes and go around to a soccer field then play road hockey in front of your house after go to a tennis/basket court then go back home and have pizza and cake. Get everyone to bring hockey sticks and tennis rackets.

                Question: 13th Birthday Theme Ideas

                One of my family friends has asked me to organise her birthday party. She is turning 13 and as most girls do, wants her birthday party to be the best of the year. She wants a themed party. I suggested Hawaiian, but she said that another girl has already done that.

                Please help me!

                By G.G.

                Most Recent Answer

                By batman02/28/2015

                Some fun themes:
                Underwater: hang blue streamers everywhere and put fish decorations, blue punch, ocean themed cake, water games

                80's: challenge guests to dress up as much as they can, watch 80's movies, listen to 80's music etc.

                Rich and Famous: Treat everyone there like a superstar, wait on them, give them a spa treatment, serve special foods like sushi or expensive chocolate

                At Home Theater: Transform your house into a movie theater, lots of movies to choose from, delicious popcorn, assorted candy

                Olympics: Set up fun events like: relays, running races, water balloon fights

                Dance Party: (especially good for big co-ed parties) set up a large area to play music the birthday girl picks with prizes for best dancing, funniest moves, etc. set up an area where food and drinks can be "ordered"

                Exotic Location: Transform your house (or party location) into an exotic place, such as France, Australia, or Brazil. Make sure all the food and games are themed to go with it.

                Question: Girl's 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                It's my 14th birthday coming up next month and I have run out of ideas. I need a party for minimum of 6. Last year I did go karting and I'm not really into the whole make up pamper party idea either, but we do like going to the cinema and going out and things like that. However, but there aren't any good films out at the moment. I'd like something that is fun, but doesn't cost a lot. I have done bowling before many times so I don't really want to do that again, as well as pool parties. I'm completely stuck! Please help. India barraclough

                Most Recent Answer

                By layla L08/19/2015

                how the 13 birthdays sometimes goes is that they have slumber party and you can have games like spin the bottle but like a different spin the bottle so all u have to do is to party and get along

                Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                My daughter turning 13 and doesn't want a big party only her 2 best friends. I need some ideas for the party please.

                By Hailma R from Manchester

                Most Recent Answer

                By Louise B. [5]07/26/2013

                With a small guest list like this, you can have options for lots of good activities. You could take them to the movies and buy popcorn and drinks; then have cake at home, decorated with something that your daughter likes - colours, flowers, movie star, etc. The pool is always a good option in the summer. With only three gals, you could do a spa day at home - manis and pedis - they give them to each other, and each girl gets a bottle of nail polish to take home.

                If you are near an amusement park, that would be fun. Take in a play - lots of kids have never seen live theater. Some kids like museums and science centers and art galleries and things like that; ask your daughter. Another idea is to do an activity, and then go to a fancier restaurant for some luscious dessert like fancy cheesecakes or something like that. If you inform the restaurant, the staff almost always has candles on the cake (or you can bring them ahead of time and they will put them on), and will sing happy birthday. This was a thrill when I had my 16 & 18 year old sons & their friends out and about, so I am sure that 13 year old girls would love it too!

                Question: 13th Birthday Party

                My daughter is turning 13 in a few weeks. She is having a party two days after her birthday and she has invited 8 friends round to the house, but we have no idea what to do at it. I need some help to think of how to entertain them?

                By Jill

                Most Recent Answer

                By NaavaT10/27/2014

                You should have a hotel party. Hotel parties are fun.It will be the perfect thing. You can have all girls, get in the pool,do makeovers, watch movies, give manicures and peticures.And you can do any other fun things that you are interested in.

                Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday

                She has eleven friends invited and her birthday is in 9 days! We want something inexpensive but also something memorable. We are thinking of having it in the house, but we can't think of a theme or activities that they could do. She is very girly, but is also in love with soccer. She was thinking of a spa or Barbie or even a masquerade theme, but we just have no idea on what to do. Please help :)

                By Eden

                Most Recent Answer

                By Robyn [366]07/07/2013

                I would get a movie about something she likes, and have a house picnic, where you sit on the floor and have a picnic while you are watching the movie. The cake could be themed with the movie and so the favors could be as well.

                Question: 13th Birthday Party Sleepover Ideas

                My daughter Hannah is turning 13 on August 7 and she wants to have a sleepover, but she wants to have it on Mission Beach. I said that was okay because she asked so far in advance, but I have no idea what to do because her and her friends are super girly. What should I do?

                By S.D.N

                Most Recent Answer

                By TumTum07/19/2013

                You can rent some movies and they can just watch some movies all night. Do each others make up. Prank call their friends or people they know. For food you could order pizza and just let them talk.

                Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                My daughter's 13th birthday is coming up this August 13th. We've been so busy lately. I just gave birth last week! I could really use some help. Thanks to everyone who helps out!

                  By Rylee B. [1]

                  Most Recent Answer

                  By Louise B. [6]08/08/2015

                  Why not have a small family birthday celebration, and hold a bigger party for her invited friends later in the year -- say Sept, when everyone is back to school and home from vacation. I always found that parties during the school year were much better attended than parties held during the vacation.

                  Question: 13th Birthday Ideas

                  I'm having trouble thinking of ideas for my thirteen year old's birthday party. She doesn't want it to be boring and I don't want it to be too expensive. She wants 8-12 girl friends for a sleepover, mixed with a disco, mixed with having fun! I also have a 1 year old and a 7 year old, so I don't want the party to be too noisy. Or I would get them to sleep in my room. I want it to be in her memories forever.

                    By Laura L [1]

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Donna [272]07/29/2015

                    I have seen large groups come together to join a community walk or run as a team and it can be a lot of fun while helping an important cause! They are usually well organized and have tons to do to be memorable! She can sign up as the team captain, name the team something fun (or funny) and attendees can dress up even! I used to work for a non profit and we had teams of young people join us all the time!
                    Maybe it can be for a cause close to her heart and benefit everyone!

                    Question: 13th Sleepover Party Ideas

                    My friends are coming over on Saturday night and my mom bought a 5 man tent so they are staying the night at my house in the tent in my backyard. We're gonna walk to the shop and buy candy and come home and watch a movie, but we will probably stay awake all night. I don't know what kinda games we could do. I don't really want to have a campfire or do makeovers or anything like that because campfires are kinda dangerous and my friend is allergic to some make-up brands. I want to be able to play games like running around outside at 2am. Haha! Anybody have any suggestions before Saturday/Friday? It would be great! :)

                      By Aoibhe W [1]

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By Louise B. [5]06/30/2015

                      I don't think campfires are dangerous, if you have a proper firepit, however, you likely shouldn't be having one all night long. You might think about all kinds of boards games that you have available. Something like that might be fun. I would have several movies available, so that you can watch them later. Perhaps you could plan on games early in the evening, and movies later. Will you be able to watch the movies outside or in the tent, or will you have to be in the house to watch them?

                      Question: 13th Birthday Party Theme Ideas

                      My daughter is turning 13 and her bday is May 17 and she has no idea what she wants as her theme! She said that she wants a huge party to celebrate her teen years, but she doesn't know what to do! I want to make it a good party, but we have a budget. She wants to invite our family and have friends, both guys and girls, and she wants some of her friends to sleep over. She doesn't want it at home, but our city hall is $2,000 and I don't have much money because of my bills. Please help me! Any suggestions:)

                        By Mrs.Taylor Johnson [1]

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Abigail A. [8]05/05/2015

                        Of course your child wants a big, expensive party to "celebrate her teen years." She may also want a Lamborghini when she starts to drive, and a Alexander McQueen dress for senior prom. I'm assuming she won't get those, so why start a precedent?

                        If her teen years turn out to be pretty great, they'll be some of the best memories of her life. If they don't, having a huge bash won't do any good.

                        I'd suggest asking her to invite only her best friends. Choose a venue that's within your budget but they have to dress up for. This should be an elegant "do." Choose only gifts that are appropriate and tasteful, not stuffed toys or "Made in China" junk. Explain that this represents leaving childhood behind, and the huge gang of friends she wanted to invite would just act like kids and ruin it.

                        Don't forget the red roses.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Ideas

                        My daughter is turning thirteen on the 17th of March and I am clueless on what to do, because she has so many friends from school and netball. But I am afraid they won't get along. Please help?

                        By Paige O

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By tylrmndg02/20/2015

                        From past experience and what I see happening in my guest list for this year, there will be people who are not the best of friends. But this is her party, not theirs, and they will need to handle that it's not about them. If you have a big enough party, (my friend is having one with 40 people:|) everyone should be fine and can hang out with at least one other person. I see this is happening in my guest list and I don't like having big parties.

                        I'd rather have a small sleepover with my best friend. So I'm hoping I can figure out my guest list. It's always more fun when you can all laugh and have a blast - everyone. But you will have those situations and they have not always been fun for me, I'm trying to avoid that this year.
                        Hope that helped

                        Question: 13 Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter is having a 13th birthday and it might rain and we might have to cancel the party. What should I do that doesn't cost a lot of money?

                        By Rebecca B

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By feejenkins201/16/2015

                        Hey! My daughter is turning 13th in April, rains around that time. I am doing sleeover at hotel like Drury Inn, 6 girls, you check in, they provide food at happy hour 5:30, then 3 to 10 popcorn and drink, enjoy hotel ammenties with girls, hotel feeds them, you bring games, gift bags for girls, also hotel provides breakfast.

                        RE: 13 Birthday Party Ideas

                        Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday Party

                        My daughter is a sweet, high functioning autistic child without many friends. I want to make her 13th birthday memorable. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

                        By Kati H. from Bloomington, IN

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Crystal R.01/11/2015

                        Hi Kati, I asked my daughter, who is also high functioning autistic, but she doesn't know what she wants to do. She's still thinking. If I hear of any good ideas or if she makes a decision, I'll let you know.

                        Question: Food Ideas for 13th Birthday Party

                        What kind of food would my daughter like?

                        By Julie from Loveland, CO

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Gabby01/10/2015

                        Hot wings or anything with wings.. Rotal .!!! Chips drink anything of tht kind

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter will be 13 in 3 weeks and is a big redneck. She's all about shooting her gun. I'm at a lost as to what to do. I thought about taking her and a couple of her friends to the shooting range, but I'm not really sure. I need some ideas and I'm on a budget with it being right after Christmas.

                        By Vicky

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Dmarchlady01/06/2015

                        I would go to laser quest. I'm sure she'll like it. They are really cool, and pretty affordable, I guess.

                        Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday

                        My daughter is turning 13 on the 16th of March, 2015. She was asking me to have a sleep over and pool party and to go to the mall with all her friends, but the things she wants are expensive. I need you to help me to plan the greatest party without using too much money.

                        By Thea Selene

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Nicole A.01/07/2015

                        Go to the bowling alley at night cause they usually have music and disco. Then after the bowling alley, she can invite a few girls over for the night.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        I have no idea what to do for my daughter's 13th party. None of the things I have read have helped me, cause she wouldn't like them very much. Please help me!

                        By njlw

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Stephanie [147]12/16/2014

                        Let her get involved in the planning. She might prefer to pick one or two friends for a "girls day" instead of having a party. My daughter started doing this when she turned 12, and didn't want to have a party anymore. One year she took a friend to a local water park, another year she and a couple friends got manicures at the beauty school and lunch at her favorite restaurant. Another year it was a movie opening and sleep over. I set a budget and let her pick the activities.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Decorations

                        Which type of decorations should I put for a 13 year old girl?

                        By Nikka from Dubai

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By claudia rugman12/04/2014

                        Something with few friends only favourites and something like salon than sleepover or something easy and in there comfy zone plus they're 13 and are growing up to be mature. So it should be easy to impress them at their age!

                        Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday

                        My daughter will be turning 13 in December. We would like to get a hotel room/suite for her and approximately 14 girls. Has anyone ever done this? I am having a hard time finding a hotel that takes more than 4 people per room. Obviously I really don't want to have to book 4 rooms. Any information you may be able to give me would be helpful.

                        By Ann

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By angelstout11/23/2014

                        If you can't find a hotel like you want. You can always turn your home into the hotel. Rent a movie , pretend you're the room service, and do all the things you would do in a hotel. You can also decorate all the rooms that they can go in like a real hotel.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party

                        I need a cheap party idea for my daughter. She is going to be 13 and wants to invite a mixture of boys and girls, but we can't have a sleepover. Any ideas?
                        Thanks SK

                        By Holly

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By ljevans0201/01/2015

                        You can get a big room/hall/ rent somewhere for the night, and play good music and get lights and a buffet table for like pizza and drinks. They will love it. I would, btw I'm 13.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter recently broke her leg and it's right before her 13th birthday. I'm trying to come up with fun things to do for her birthday. If anyone has any ideas that would be great thanks.

                        By Andrea

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Holly L. [4]09/14/2014

                        1. Have you heard of the game "Apples to Apples"? During my junior year of high school I was a peer mentor for the Freshmen students in my homeroom. Most of them were around 14 or 15, and the game was a real hit! Basically, Apples to Apples is a matching game where one person draws from a deck of cards and asks the group to find cards that either match the concept or are complete opposites. The goal is to come up with the funniest combination!

                        2. You're daughter might like a movie themed party. Fun, games, popcorn, character dress-up, and a movie!

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter is stressing through her 13th birthday. She doesn't know what to do. She wants to invite some boys and some girls. She doesn't want too much money spent, but also fun though. She has thought of movies, but we have no projection. She's thought of creating shirts, but the guys won't enjoy it. These kids are coming from her track team and her birthday is in October. I'm honestly having the same problem. Please help.

                        By Karen from CA

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By jdhcj09/21/2014

                        Just host a disco for your daughter. Set up in a garage or somewhere with a large space and try to make the room dark. Just plug in your phone or iPod and away you go.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Surprise Party Ideas

                        I want to throw a surprise party for my friend.
                        I want it to be special because I have known her for so long, and she wants to invite 50+ people. I don't know what to do. She is a girly girl and a little bit of a tom boy.
                        Her birthday is in the winter and she never knows what to do. I need some ideas for what I can do to make it special.
                        Her mom will be paying for it, but I get to make up the ideas and all the other stuff. I don't want it to be too expensive, but expensive enough where she will have a great time.

                        By Dina .D

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Louise B. [5]09/11/2014

                        Personally, I think 50 guests is way too many. 14 or 15 is more than enough. If it is a surprise party, I don't know how the birthday girl knows how many guests are invited; it seems as if she is expecting the party. If the surprise part is just that she doesn't know what kind of party it will be, I suppose that makes sense. I think you should talk the whole idea over with her mom, and find out what she says with regard to budget and number of guests before you do anything else.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Help

                        My daughter is turning 13 in October and wants to have an art themed party. The only problem is we don't know what to do at the party! We need ideas, please and thank you!

                        By Stacy B.

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Stephanie [147]08/08/2014

                        They would probably love making a craft. Check your local craft store and see what they have. I know Tie-dye kits or decorating t-shirts is usually popular and you can pick up men's undershirts pretty cheap. Fimo clay crafts are fun as is decorating picture frames. There are a million craft projects posted here on ThirftyFun to chose from too. There was a bracelet craft using pony beads posted recently that could be a good "art" craft for them.

                        Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter is turning 12 in March and wants to have a zebra print themed party, but doesn't know where to have it and what to do at it. She had a pool party last year and doesn't want to do it again. She's not very girly and loves soccer.

                        By Amy

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By tamsinlearner07/17/2014

                        I know a great place for indoor soccer parties called Futsal where you can rent a soccer field for a couple hours and then order lunch or dinner (whenever the birthday is) and eat it there. You can bring zebra print napkins, plates, a cake, and even some soccer balls to play with (they provide them at Futsal). ITs a really fun way to combine activities you love and styles you love!

                        Question: Planning a Surprise 13th Birthday Party

                        I'm trying to plan a surprise party for my best friend. Her little sisters (there's three of them) get a birthday party every year and, by the time it comes to her birthday, her mum and dad can't afford a birthday party for her.

                        I've only known her a year, but we're already like sisters, so I want to throw her the best party ever. I've decided to make the party chocolate/baking theme (she loves both), but I don't know how to do it. It can't be at her house, I might be able to do it at my house. She also loves Olly Murs, swimming, singing, and playing the violin (we get lessons together).

                        Thankful for any suggestions!

                        P.S I'm in Scotland so I can't do anything that would be in America!

                        By HH

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By annaxox10/28/2014

                        Last year I had a chocolate party. I made chocolates with these chocolate people. But you could probably find out how to do it on YouTube. Whilst the chocolate set we played chocolate games e.g guess the chocolate, chocolate quiz, etc. Then for food we had a cold buffet.

                        Hope this helped. 

                        Question: Girl's 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        I am having a party for my daughter and she wants to have boys there. What should I do? She loves sports. Her birthday is the 28 of November. Please help!

                        By Shawna

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Kayla Adams06/11/2014

                        If she loves sports and wants to have boys there do soccer themed or football. Guys and girls love football. You could do baseball. Depends on what sport she likes. All sports guys and girls like you could even do beach volleyball. Guys play that and so do girls. Hope this helps.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas for My Daughter

                        My daughter is turning 13 in 9 days. We have no idea what to do. She wants it to be a "mature party". I can not think of anything fun to do for the girls. Her party is at the house so we have limited options. We need help!

                        By Jenn M. from Johnstown, CO

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Molly Haslam09/28/2014

                        Hi there! I am 13 and am wanting a mature party too!:D Maybe take your birthday girl and her friends to a 'grown up' restaurant. Let them sit by themselves while you sit at a different table. At the end of the end of the dinner, bring them home and let them have a cool sleepover. They can relax, chat and have fun! Rent some movies and give them some privacy!

                        If you want to have boys and girls have a movie night in your house, then send the boys home and have the girls a sleepover!

                        Send the invitations in a mature design and maybe make them online (free printable invites:

                        Hope this helped :)

                        Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday

                        My daughter is turning 13, but I really don't know what type of party she should have. She really likes themed parties (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Hawaii, around the world dress up, etc.), but she thinks she might be a bit old for them now. What should I do to make a themed party more grown up?

                        By Emma O.

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By abbidowner11/09/2014

                        You could do a masquerade ball. Everyone could get really pretty masks and gowns (if you can afford it) and you could rent someplace or something and get music and decorations! Have really professional dinner with glasses and china and stuff. Then for the cake you could have a black and white rose cake! I'm 13 so, yeah. Hope this helped!

                        Question: Decorating a party room

                        How do I decorate a party room? By maria

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By emzy05/02/2014

                        Streamers, maybe do it in your garage empty it out and decorate that. do a dance party or maybe even a costume party. I'm 13 also and that's exactly what I'd do; or a BBQ. or campfire.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Ideas

                        My daughter's 13th birthday is coming up we are inviting a lot of girls and a few boys and one is her crush. Do you have any ideas for things that we can do in the back yard?

                        By Hailee from Raleigh, NC

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Kayla Adams06/11/2014

                        If she likes sports play football, baseball, or soccer any sports really. Have a luau both girls and guys like party's like that. Have a walmart scavenger video hunt. It's when you go around walmart looking for thing you have on a list amd they have to record it so you know they are not lying.
                        Have a campfire and make s'mores and play ghost in a grave yard (don't actually play in a grave yard). Wait till it gets really dark out and have one kid stay back like hide and go seek in the dark.
                        Sorry if these aren't the best answers but I'm turning thirteen soon and these are some ideas I thought of:)

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter is turning 13 in February. She's inviting 12 girls and 1 boy and some of her brother's friends. She likes pretty much everything, but wants to make it something different and memorable and not too expensive. What should I do?

                        By Sarah D.

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By elizonda01/19/2014

                        I would have everyone come home from school, and just have a bunch of activities. For example, for my birthday, I want to have a dance party, and a modeling show. It's a bit harder with boys and girls, but I think it'll work. You can get a bunch of dresses, shirts, shoes and hats and just have everyone pick an outfit and model it. I hope this helps.

                        Question: Daughter's 13th Birthday Party

                        My daughter is turning 13 and she wants a big party with all her friends. We don't know what to have or do. She wants it to be big though! Do you have any ideas?

                        By brogan

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By elizabpope09/08/2013

                        A Candland party. Balloons on sticks Can be large lollipops. You can use old Christmas deco (yard candy canes) left the same color, or spray painted for more candy land or girlie colors. You can get the colored cellophane ad wrap fillers to look like butterscotch and other candies!

                        Question: 13 Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter is turning 13 in February. She wants to have a boy girl party and I don't know what to do.

                        By S.R.

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By abigailperi31212/28/2013

                        For mine I invited 7 boys and 8 girls we rode on horses played hide and seek In the forest (my property which I know where everything is). We ate on the hay, played on the swings, just goofed off, and we did archery and be be gun shooting (at cans of course) then the boys went home and the girls spent the night.

                        At the sleep over we talked (gossiped) truth or dare, prank called (people we knew and that would not get mad) then went to sleep. In the morning we ate pancakes with goodies (optional) and then we just went outside and hung out played in the park and went to the tree house.

                        Question: Ideas for a 13th Birthday Party

                        My daughter is turning 13 and she doesn't know what she wants to do for her birthday. She is not girly. She loves sports, but most of her friends don't want to get all dirty. (I also don't want her to get all dirty.) She doesn't like dresses or anything like that. Plus, we are kinda of on a budget. I keep putting great ideas out there, but every time she always thinks of a bad memory. I really want her to have a great memory linked to this birthday. Any ideas? I'm clueless on the decorating theme, food, and what I should get her?

                        By Brianna L.

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Norma Parker [1]08/31/2013

                        Is there a roller skating rink in your town? Most of them have birthday party rates and also serve pizza, burgers, etc. The reservation should also include the roller skate rentals for the party goers. Arrive at the reserved time, check in, find out how much skating time you can have and if you have to eat at a certain time. I guarantee, even the bad skaters (boys and girls) will have a good time. Earlier in the day is usually cheaper. Good Luck!

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        I'm planning a birthday party for my daughter. She's a real tomboy and loves softball/baseball. She plans on inviting most of her girl friends and a couple of her "guy friends", as she calls them. I want it to be pretty special, because, you know, it's a special day. Other things she likes are ninjas and wolves. But she really doesn't like anything like tea parties, going to the mall too often (unless it's to get sports equipment), or girly things like dresses, and the like. The party needs to work for tomboys, girly-girls, and boys. Any ideas?

                        By Star K.

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Madeleine12/30/2013

                        Since she's a tom-boy, if you have a big garden or a local park - even a beach could work. You could have games of whatever sport she likes most and if the girly-girls don't want to play then they could be cheerleaders! After that, they could have a picnic and ice-cream.

                        You could arrange other activities that is for boys and girls; like a contest where you hide certain objects and they have to find them (on teams). Take a picture of them pulling a weird face with it, and then when the amount of time given to find as many things as you can ends, the team with the most I things wins! You could add in a quiz about teen things or about the Birthday Girl too! This could be instead or after/before.

                        Or on the beach (if hot) you could have a water-balloon fight, a tug-of-war, a Barbaque (and ice-cream if wanted) and maybe even hire a boat or cannoe (or something) and go for a paddle in the sea (if it is calm)! Does she like parties? -If she does you could hire a hall or simply a room in your house, and put up neon lights e.t.c with some classic disco games. If she likes something else, then what about going to a restraunt or bowling, swimming pool or Laser Quest?

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Games and Activity Ideas

                        My daughter is turning 13 September 29 and wants to have a party here at the house. I need some suggestions about games or activities for this age.

                        By Sharon

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Nikkie Nicole09/01/2013

                        You can get a ton of party decorations and lights and completely transform your basement/ whatever room into a like a mini, club, colored lights, snack table, loud music, and in the end, you can get a giant tub of ice cream (Party Buckets are the best type for this) and give them spoons and let them plow through the tub. Later, have them play games, like hide and seek in the dark, or truth or dare. Maybe even have a contest of some sort. When they get tired, they can sleepover and watch movies while doing each other's hair and nails.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Ideas

                        My daughter is turning 13 and she doesn't know what she wants. Her father told her she couldn't have a Halloween party because he doesn't celebrate Halloween. Then he told she should wait to have a masquerade party and she has less then a month to plan a party. Now she has no idea what she wants. My daughter is a shy girl who says she doesn't know how to dance. She loves have to read, loves to shop, watch movies. She also loves to have fun and to get stuff that has a lot to do with art.

                        By Annie H.

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By jgl 08/26/2013

                        How about an art party? Specify art,books or movies for gifts then plan activities around her favorite types of media. Butcher paper to make outlines of guests and they decorate them as they are dressed the day of the party.
                        Markers, crayons, sequins dollar store finds, to use to decorate them.
                        Ice cream sundaes or cookie decorating too. All kinds of ideas to work with so use your imagination!
                        Have fun!

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter is turning 13 and wants a party. She wanted her theme to be purple or blue zebra stripes and she wants to invite 18 friends. We're going to have it at the skating ring. I don't know a place that sells purple or blue zebra stripes. I also don't know what type of food we should get or if we don't since it going to be at the skating ring. She wants to have a limo pick her friends up and drop them off. I told her no, because money is really, really tight and it still is, but I was kinda thinking about it. So do you think I should get her one?

                        By Taytanicha from Tampa, FL

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Kenzie Aleigha Y.01/03/2014

                        If she is having her birthday party at the skating rink and wants a lot of people there, and for a limo to pick her and her friends up. If money is really tight I say no.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Ideas

                        My daughter is turning 13 on December 30th. I need help on ideas of what we can do special for her this close to Christmas.

                        By Trish D

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By demeekyriazis [1]08/11/2013

                        Sleepovers are always good. If you want to make it really special maybe even a surprise party. For my daughters 13th birthday she had a dress up party, watched a movie and chilled around the house. This also depends on how many people will be invited.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas for Daughter

                        My daughter will be 13 next year and we are thinking of things to do. She is half and half she plays sports softball and basketball and loves to swim and most of her friends are girly. We need something that will keep the teens happy and active. Can someone please respond as quickly as possible.

                        By K.C.

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Kaela 07/23/2013

                        Have a look on They have loads of fantastic ideas and tips on themes and ideas for games etc.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party

                        My daughter is turning 13 in a few weeks. She is having a party two days after her birthday and she has invited 8 friends round to the house, but we have no idea what to do at it. I need some help to think of how to entertain them?

                        By Jill

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Nikki07/08/2013

                        If she is a girly type you could get a few different colors of glitter nail polish and some of the washout hair chalk and have a "day of beauty". Walgreens has some full size bottles for about $2, or if you have a Sally's Beauty Supply near you they have a great selection under the Sally Girl line. That line includes tons of colors of little bottle of nail polish for .99 each, great for gift bags as well. They even have a small glow in the dark polish for .99. They have lip glosses and lotions in the .99 line too. It's like 1 stop shopping.

                        Question: Daughter's 13th Birthday Party

                        Birthday wish in purple.My daughter is turning 13 in October and she has already figured out what guest she wants, but I have no idea where to have the party. Help!

                        By Sharon W.

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By dawnjk02/06/2014

                        Have her do a hunger games with her friends, let them pick 1 item in which they would want for them and them only. Use markers and pencils as throwing knifes and use bags to carry and have them drop their stuff when they 'die'. This is fun to me. I did it for my party and it was fantastic.

                        Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13 Birthday

                        My daughter is a party girl and wants to invite like 16 girls over. She likes sports and is also girly. I can't have anything at our house since were getting some of it redone and shes doesn't want to do movies, bowling, or anything like that. Please help!

                        By Allie P. from Hollywood, CA

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By kumarihpx [2]06/25/2013

                        Skating rink or Pool party (YMCA). Kick ball would be a fun and easy outdoor sport, anywhere there's a park with a field. Or have them learn Ultimate Frisbee from youtube and play that there. Oh, super fun would be to find a Disc/Frisbee Golf course in your area. They are usually set up in public parks or in other wooded areas. Disc Golf is fun and being in the woods is awesome.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Activities

                        I am having a lake party at my dad's house today. All the kids I invited said that their parents are nervous about them swimming, and or boating, because its a lake. I'm not sure if my dad is gonna let us go out on the lake anymore. What other activities should I do at this party?

                        By Hanna m

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By alex343008/13/2013

                        Have like minute to win it games or play out side activities like volley ball.

                        Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday Party

                        My daughter is turning 13 in October and I don't know what we should do for her. Please answer.

                        By Kate T

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Betty Sue R.06/02/2013

                        Definitely a theme! Especially with something she likes! Not too babyish though. Maybe a skating party,or a "dress up" party with a fashion show. Runways, thrift store clothes, even take the girls shopping and let them pick out their outfits (setting a certain amount). Cake could be in the shape of a dress (dress with ribbon), rope lights on the runway and on and on.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Games

                        Can you suggest to me some pen and paper games for my daughter who will turn 13 yrs on 12th of this month. There are only nine girls invited at the party. Please answer me as soon as possible.

                        By Shayoni from Allahabad, India

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By talitha-angel05/19/2013

                        Well you can do a bonfire on the beach or a bbq, then play with a beach ball, paddle in the sea, put up a beach tent and stay there for a few hours.

                        Question: Ideas for 13th Birthday Party Games

                        My daughter is going to be turning 13 soon and wants to have all her friends go over to our church and play some games. It's going to be a boy girl party, and I thought I'd try to bring some of her interests into the party. She likes softball, dance, 4-wheelers, reading, shopping, and active activities. Unfortunately she doesn't like basketball and it's going to be raining the day of her birthday. Does anyone have any ideas on what games we can play?

                        By Lila R.

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By SJ B.04/13/2013

                        Make a box of props (hats, dress ups, household items, other random stuff), and have each child pick an item from the box. Divide kids into groups of 3 or 4, and have them come up with a short play to perform using the props they picked from the box. This is a good cheap activity that can keep the kids occupied for ages! :)

                        Question: Mariah Carey Themed Birthday Party

                        My niece is turning 13 in a few weeks and we want to do something different and special for her. She loves Mariah Carey. Does anyone have any ideas that we can center around Mariah Carey? Budget is no more that $1,000 dollars.

                        By Quesa from FL

                        Most Recent Answer

                        By Gail West02/26/2010

                        I was given some Mariah Carey perfume for Christmas. You could get a bottle and spray each guest with it as they arrive. I live in Australia and I saw the perfume for around $20 per bottle. As you live in USA I am sure it would be cheaper and you could give each guest a small bottle. The one I have is call M. It is a very cute purple bottle with a butterfly lid see picture on this website


                        You can also Google Mariah Carey merchandise or even check on Ebay
                        You could have a Mariah Carey Trivia Quiz check out this website for her biography

                        You could get some Mariah posters,stickers, and of course only play her music.
                        If I think of anything else I will post it.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter is having her birthday party, and we can't have it at our house and we can't find anywhere we could have it that isn't so expensive. She wants something different. She is inviting 25 girls. Please help. Her birthday is in 10 days, but the party will be in 25.

                        By Julianna

                        Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday Party

                        I have made a deal with my daughter that her 13th birthday must be on a night and with parents (in order to meet her new friends and friends' parents). My daughter wants 5 girls at her birthday and does not want a disco sort of theme party. I was thinking of doing something in the day with just the girls then a BBQ at night with the parents, but I am not sure what to do for the day. My daughter said that her friend's birthday is 2 days apart and she is taking the girls shopping and she wants something different than that. Any suggestions? Thanks.

                        By Sandra Z. from Belfield, NSW

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter is having her 13th party in a barbecue area, but we have no ideas of what games we can play in winter?

                        By Nancy

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My 13 year old daughter's bday is coming up in less than 10 days. She doesn't want to do anything at home. Places to go are very limited and she wants to invite many friends. There is one building you can rent, but she doesn't know what to do in it. Money is also very limited. Please help.

                        By Mary G.

                        Question: 13th Birthday Ideas for Girls

                        What kind of birthday party should I have for my daughter? She's turning thirteen and I have no ideas for games or what kind of cake she wants. She says surprise her, but I don't know what she likes. What do I need to come up with that I can just do around the house and not spent any money except for the cake?

                        By Aubri

                        Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My child is having her party at a hotel. It is her 13th birthday party and soon after Xmas. We have had the makeover party with a beach theme, a Mexican fiesta themed party, and a pink themed party. And we are having it at a hotel so no pizza making. Thanks (:

                        By Shawn .M

                        Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday

                        My daughter is turning 13 on February 23rd and she wants to go camping, but I'm a bit cautious about it. Are there any other ideas? She has invited 10 people, 3 of them being boys and the rest girls. She likes shopping, skating, talking, and scary films. Please help.

                        By Ellie

                        Question: 13th Birthday Ideas

                        My daughter is turning 13 and I don't want her party to be lame. I need some advice.

                        By Katrena W.

                        Question: Girls 13th Birthday Party

                        My daughter is turning 13 soon and she can't wait for her birthday party. Any ideas?

                        By Betsy from Sharon, MA

                        Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday Party

                        My daughter's birthday party will be in November and I have no idea what to do for her. Please help.

                        By Cindy


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                        I am having a 13th birthday in September. I am having it at a local hall and, of course, it's a dance party but I don't know what else to do. What if they get bored of just dancing and this party has to be PERFECT. I was thinking of doing a mini fashion show during the party but I don't know if people will like that. I need to know what to do! Please help!

                        Thank you,

                        Marie from Seattle, WA

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        I just turned 13 and i had this party and it was "camper sheek". I just had 13 of my friends over and spent the night making smores, telling secrets and ghost stories. I totally recommend that! (06/15/2006)

                        By liz

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        A Hollywood party sounds fun. Have everyone dress as glamorously as possible or even as their favorite media star. A "red carpet" would be nice to step out of the limo onto. Your parents could take lots of flash pictures as "stars" walk the red carpet. Movie sound track music would be good. How about trays of fancy finger-food and bubbly soft-drinks in plastic stemware. You could have a parent tape interviews and video everyone. Karaoke (sorry about spelling) would be fun too. Hope these ideas help. (06/21/2006)

                        By Vicka

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        Well my B-day is on july 4th so I thought it would be fun to have fireworks and marshmallows. I also know all my friends like movies and if your watching a movie it goes over well with everyone. Also, you have to make sure you have music and food in case your just sitting and decide to dance or just talk. Trust me, I've had parties like that all the time and it's never boring. (06/24/2006)

                        By Marisa

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        I'm tuning 13 on july 26th and I'm really excited! I'm going to invite 5 of my closest friends and we are going to have all colored lights hanging in my basement. We are going to blast music, watch movies, have makeovers and tie die pillow cases. We will also order pizza and eat cake. All my friends are really excited and I suggest you try something like it. (07/21/2006)

                        By Britney

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        Ok listen everyone do not freak out! Remember most of the people you are inviting for your big thirteen are coming for YOU not the party! Listen there are some very basic games to play like...

                        Motor mouth and other stuff! I suggest you start with a little soft music. You have a quiet room with no music so that people who wanna take a break from the dance floor can chill out, eat and play some board games or cards in that room. Remember IF POSSIBLE: little drinks with umbrellas are a must because they so cute! more fun things to do are maybe having them bring there swimsuits and have a water balloon fight! you could probably have karaoke and an american idol thing. just remember most of your guests are there for YOU not the PARTY. (07/30/2006)

                        By Emma

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        Why not try a pinata full with candy. They are great fun, decorative and the candy is nice. (07/31/2006)

                        By Jake

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        Maria, the limo is a great idea but i don't think that the boys would like the fashion show. They would probably get bored and leave but if you get a good DJ, crank up the tunes, and have good food and drinks then you should be fine! (08/14/2006)

                        By Robyn

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        i am having a 13th party, it is joint party with one of my friends. We are going to have a disco with a pinata and a dance competition. Then I will have a sleep-over. (09/06/2006)

                        By jess

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        You could have a black and white birthday party. Have the girls dress up all formal and have the guys in kakis and a white shirt. Kinda formal but if you have a lot of dancing and great food it should be a blast! (09/09/2006)

                        By Mickey

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        I'm am just doing a cake and Ice cream party that my friend Jon and I are doing at my church youth group then I'm going to have my 2 best friends come over and we'll dress up then go out for a night on the town. You guys have awesome Ideas. Thanks (10/25/2006)

                        By Meg

                        Archive: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        What can I do for my thirteenth? Any ideas appreciated.


                        Archive: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter's turning 13 and I don't know what to do! She turns 13 on Friday, July 13th. She wants to take a couple of friends to Six flags or water country.


                        Archive: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        Do you have any ideas for a 13th birthday party? Mine is coming up soon.


                        Archive: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter is turning 13 in December and I am trying to come up with great party ideas to throw at her. I always let them choose their party themes, but this year she doesn't know what to do. She's kind of shy and gets embarrassed easily. Any ideas would be great.


                        Archive: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        Can you please give me some ideas on my sister's 13th birthday party?

                        By lill_miss_donna from Sydney, NSW

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        Great ideas here:


                        By mrowe

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        I think a cool idea would be to have a bunch of friends over for a sleepover, and then go to a park at night time and have like treasure hunts and lollie scrambles in the dark, where everything is themed around night time. (10/15/2009)

                        By Nzgurl

                        RE: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        Thanks for the lovely ideas. One party game I've used for my one of my daughter's 13th birthday party is a medieval mystery party kit:



                        By Spooner

                        Archive: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        My daughter will be 13 on Friday the 13th. Any great party ideas?


                        Archive: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        I need a fun activity to do at a thirteen year old party. Thanks.


                        Archive: 13th Birthday Party Ideas

                        What can my daughter do for her 13th birthday party if it is in December? We've come up with some ideas, but none seem like "the one" (in her words).