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14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

My soon to be 14 year old daughter wants to have her birthday party at home - again. Last year we had pizza, they hung out and after the boys left, the girls watched movies during the sleep over. This year my daughter wants the same. About 8 girls and 6 boys. Any suggestions for activities? They may not want to do anything that I plan, but I want to have a few things available. Pictionary maybe? Thanks for any ideas.


Ann4 from Mint Hill


14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Hi, If you type in "Youth group activities" on the web, you will be able to select from a specific age group for games and fun things to do. Maybe your daughter could find them and help choose. That way, you already know that they (at least she would) like it. My daughter belongs to a Christian Youth Group and they do the coolest, crazy activities. Example, divide group into 2 teams. Each team gets 2 rolls of duct tape. One kid from each team stands on a stool, team tapes them to the wall (brick or outdoor wall). Take away the stool and see who stays stuck to the wall the longest. (05/06/2006)

By Pauline

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Well for the people who don't know what to do you could always ask your friends for ideas and if that doesnt work you should ask your mom for a dj and when the guys and girls come over you can dance and just hang (01/24/2007)

By Jasmine

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Karaoke is so much fun for kids that age. I have a dj/entertainment business. Once kids get started they love to sing. Usually in groups, but if you have the updated music it is really a big hit. If you have a small karaoke machine and a few mics that will work. You can order the karaoke discs from They are really helpful. Good luck and have fun!! (01/26/2007)

By Laura

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

I'm a mom with three kids. Have an auction, like on Survivor. Pick up some really cool inexpensive items. If it's all girls, I get brushes, lipgloss, hair accessories, etc. Give all the girls equal amounts of "Monopoly" money and start the auction. Have a starting bid, and the kids start bidding on items they really want. Highest bidder gets the item. Once they are out of money, they can't bid anymore, so they have to be sure they really want an item they are bidding on. Sometimes I'll wrap a couple items up (good items and gag items) so they are not sure what they are bidding on. All my kids ask for an auction every year. (02/18/2007)


By Rayshel

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

I had the same problem with what to do for my 14th Birthday. What I decided to do was i picked three colors (pink, green, and blue) and I decorated the area we would be hanging out in with all those colors. That helped create a great atmosphere. Then I told the girls to come in crazy pjs and I would pick the craziest one. The winner got a gift card. The last game we played was there are misc. items in a tub like clothes, paper clips and pipe cleaners. We divide into teams and my mom asked us Disney questions. If you got it right you got ten seconds to pick an item. Then at the end we had ten minutes to dress our "model" and my mom picked the best one. I had a ton of fun.
hope that helps (02/28/2007)

By A 14 year old

11 year old parties

I was thinking of having a spa day party with lots of music and girly things to do. My plan was to have goody bags with lip gloss, lotion, body wash, bath fizzes, also have little wash cloths/towels and slippers in them and some music that my friends and I can jam to. I will have a lot of pillows in the area and an area for makeovers. Since I am inviting boys to my party I was thinking about candy and basketball key chains and guy stuff for goody bags. I was thinking of having a dance floor in my living room carpet and for little games I would pick prize games like cell phone holders for girls and boys. (03/04/2007)


14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

For my daughters golden we had a Runway sleepover. Finger foods set out with snacks and soda. They brought their "finest" pjs and sleeping pal and did a runway show using a plastic tablecloth for runway. Made jewelry and made up skits in groups and best voted on by all. Tons of fun and music. Craft was blank cds decorated with their picture with bday girl and glitter glue and string to hang. (03/09/2007)

By Donna

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

My birthday is next month but I have to have it a few weeks early because I'm so busy after my birthday. I'm turning 14 and I love having a unique birthday that no one else has done that I know. I was thinking of getting our foruntes told. (03/27/2007)

By Moi

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Camp fires. Man hunt and hide n' seek. Volleyball. cake and Ice Cream. Movies. dance contest. dont make it too planned or else the party can get BORING (04/05/2007)

By mo

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

I am having a party with guys and girls we are playing poker, instead of using money were using candy. Also were playiong volleyball and having a small bonfire in my back yard. (04/06/2007)

By emma

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

I just went to my best friends 14th birthday party. It was a dress up party. We arrived in a crazy outfit, we put together at home, and went on a scavenger hunt wearing that outfit! It was a blast. We then had a modleing show where we made up names and told which "designer" we were wearing and the judges (the parents) picked the most creative and funky "model". We also had a jello slurping contest (who could drink all their jello through a straw first). then we played blind makeover (you pair up and decide who will be the makeup artist, and then you blindfold them, the other person cannot direct the makeup artist in any way. use blush lipstick and eyeshadow! ( be sure to put towels or blankets down( it makes a mess). We also played a game where somebody puts the name of a food on a post it and puts it on your back without you seeing it, you then have to go around asking yes\no questions to try and figure out what it is. First person to guess their food wins a prize. We ate pizza, salad, and cake. It was the funnest party ever! (04/12/2007)

By cori

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

My birthday is in two weeks and I thought of having a 'twin' sleepover. People dress up like twins or triplets. My friends and I don't look anything alike so this is wear the wigs and clothes come in.


Hope I gave u an idea! (04/21/2007)

By you will neva no

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

I think you should have a paintballing party because I went to some one's birthday party and we had boys and girls and they were not bored and having a good time and so were the girls and I'm not one for tom boy ideas but I really enjoyed it! (06/18/2007)

By lucy

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Okay, well for anyone who needs a birthday party idea for a girl between the ages of 12 and 15, here is what me and my best friend are doing for our birthday party in july. (Our birthday is on the same day and have decided to have a joined party.) We are renting 2 hotel rooms that can hold 1 adult and 4-5 kids, but were putting both adults, our moms, into one room and having all of our friends in the other. The hotel we will be staying at is right around an area with lots of resturants. So were going to do each others hair and make-up and get completely Ah-dorable and go out to dinner! Then we will come back and go swimming and have snacks and do facials in the hot tub. Then go back to the room and do each others nails and flip through magazines and watch some movies, most likely scary or chick flicks, then stay up all night gossiping and pigging out and taking pictures. It will be really fun and nothing is really planned out, I mean the plans could change at any minute. Plus with my group of friends there is no way we'll get bored! Hope someone likes this idea and has fun with it. Just here to help! (06/20/2007)

By Katelyn and Andrea

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

My close friend is also having a disco for her 13th party which is always great but this one is theme-based. Everyone must come as a super-hero. This may be a little young for the person in this context but there's always "Football" Heros or "Model/Actress" heros etc!

Hope this helps you and others!!! (06/27/2007)

By Paige

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

You can also do a "Touchy-feely" game - which is what my parents always provide for entertainment on our halloween parties.

This mean getting a box with a hole just big enough to put your hand in.
You'd put items in there before eg. spaghetti, carrots etc and then a person would put their hand through the hole and try to guess what the objects were.
If they got them all right (or they were the one/ones who got the most correct) they would get a treat. (06/27/2007)

By Paige

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 14 in a few weeks and im trying to figure out what to do. I was thinking of inviting a few friends (both boys and girls) over at about 6:00 p.m. and we can all go in for a evening swim. After that we can toast marshmallows or make s'mores, something along those lines. After that I was going to have the girls sleepover and the boys go home.

It's a cute idea if you don't want a BIG party. I do recomend adult supervision. I tell my mom to come down about once every hour. It gives me and my friends some time to be alone and I know my mom will watch it and make sure everything is okay.

Good advice is try not to invite different "cliques" that don't like each other. That may start a fight at your party. The last thing you want on your party is drama and to break up a fight!(believe me it has happened to me the past 2 years!)


By Alexa

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Hi, For my birthday party my mom is going to rent a shelter at the lake for 5 1/2 hours and were going to try and get a bounce house and snow cone machine. My twin and I will be inviting 21 people and they will all be girls. My mom will be making an Ice cream cake. The theme will be either dragonflies or butterflies. We plan on jumping in the bounce house and playing games, opening presents and eating cake for about an hour and a 1/2 then swimming in the lake for 2 hours. After that we will be barbecuing hot dogs and burgers. Hope I couldve helped!(b)(/b) (07/30/2007)

By Jennifer

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Hi I'm just about to have my 14th birthday!! This year I'm doing a sports theme. Me and my friends are all in tennis. So we are going to have pizza, presents and cake at my house before going to the tennis courts for a few hours and switching partners. But you can do any sport football, basketball, baseball, what ever sport you and your firends are into. Hope ths helps! (07/30/2007)

By Kelli

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Shaving cream fights were a major hit with my girl's party. (08/27/2007)


14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Do a scavenger hunt in the mall! Its so much fun. Google it for more tips! (09/18/2007)

By katie

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

On my 13th b-day my mom took me and my 2 closest friends out to eat, the mall to go shopping, and we got our nails done!! It was very fun! We called it "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"! Hope this helps:D (09/21/2007)

By Alyssa

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Alright im turning fourteen in a month and im not sure exactly what im doing but im thinking of a classic sleepover- nail painting, hair doing, movie and a pizza kind of thing. simmple but works till your twenty.
heres some advice for the rest of you.

1. Don't pick a theme for your party if its a guy/girl. Stick with color combinations.

2. Pictionary doesn't work past thirteen or any game for that matter. A girl last year had yatzee at her party and it turned into a dice firght between the guys. Chairs where stacked to make forts and everything. Pretty bad.

3. M&M's are the worst food at a party with guys. At a christmas party, green and red M&M's is just reliving the dice experience.

4. If you need party ides for things to do at you home, look around.
-a. if you have a big screen tv, have a movie party.
-b. if you have a place to have a fire, roast marshmallows.
-c. barbeque pit= barbeque dinner.

5. Avoid games like 7 minutes in heaven and spin the bottle! (It can create problems with jealousy!)

6. IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS IN THE SUMMER YOU WOULD BE STUPID NOT TO HAVE A POOL PARTY. if you dont have a pool in your backyard, go to your community pool. No teenager loves anything better than showing off there summer tan. Swim parties never go bad.

7. Don't have a dance party if everyone doesnt like the same music. People will just get bored.

8. If your going to the movies with more than seven people, its a bad idea. TOO many people there isn't fun, same for going to restraunts. If you really wanna do it, only pick your closest friends.

9. Almost forgot to put above, the best game of all time is twister. Last year when the girls were sleeping over we all put on our cutest bras and had a championship twister match in them. It was the weirdest thing, but people are still talking about it!

10. Some of you were talking about a shaving cream fight, one of my friends did something like that. It was also like a relay race. We had to run across her yard, stick our face in a giant plate of whip cream, find the piece of bubble gum, blow a bubble, then the person on that end had to run down to the other end, jumping over obstacles on the way. At the end we just kind of started a whip cream fight. It was so fun!

hope this helps! =]

By Nicole.

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

THE FROZEN SHIRT GAME! I did this for my 10 yr old last April and this was so much fun! Get one t-shirt per kid that is invited. Soak it in H20 and fold each one individually flat (the more layers the better!), and put in freezer and FREEZE! (day ahead of time to be nicely frozen). Distribute t-shirt to each child and tell them whoever is the first to 'unfreeze' it and put the t-shirt on first WINS! It is very fun for any age group and even more fun to see how the kids try to defrost these shirts!
Enjoy.. I so hope this helped you! :)
Maria (11/18/2007)

By Maria

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

OK, I've got some ideas for you all. In my past years, I had a candy making party. With the help of my grandma, we made easter themed candy, since my b-day is in that time. We bought different colored chocolate, and got easter molds. (bunnies, eggs, etc.) We had a blast! (01/18/2008)

By Ally (again)

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