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2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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2 Year Old Birthday Party

Planning birthday parties for young toddlers can be confusing. This is a guide about 2 year old birthday party ideas.



Here are questions related to 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas.

Question: Ideas For 2 Year Old's Golden Birthday

My little girl will be turning 2 in October and it is also her golden birthday. I would really like to go all out for her birthday but have no clue what theme I should go with. I tossed around the idea of everything being gold from the table cloth to the cake but I'm not sure if that is for a two year old.

She also has a lot of cousins anywhere from ages 9 months to 17. I would like to have activities for all ages to enjoy. I plan on doing an outdoors birthday because the family is so big and it is tough to fit them all in a house. Any help on this matter would sure be appreciated.

Rebecca from Eau Claire, WI


Most Recent Answer

By Janet03/20/2009

What about a "Bee Happy Birthday". You could do black and yellow decorations (like bumble bees) and write everywhere "Bee Happy for ______________ who is turning two today! I am sure you can find bumble bee decorations everywhere or print off your computer. The birthday child could wear a "bee happy" tshirt and you could get tshirts for the other kids or have the kids decorate their own. You could do games like a cake walk (but use bumblebee pictures for the children to walk on. Tell the children to fly like bumblebees while you play music and then stop the music and tell them to freeze. Goody bags could include bumble bee soap/stickers/candy. The birthday cake could be a bumble bee and say "Bee Happy for Susie's birthday!

Question: Having a Party With No Children to Invite

My daughter is turning 2 years of age in May. I want to throw her a birthday party, but I really don't know any toddlers to invite. What do parents do in this situation?

Veronica from San Antonio, TX


Most Recent Answer

By kathleen blakley [5]11/19/2011

Personally 2 is too young. Its more for your benefit, it very overwhelming for a toddler to have a bunch of kids of like age. It would be so much better just to have a small family party, and wait until they are old enough to understand the concept, like 6 and up.

Question: "Cars" Themed 2nd Birthday

My son is going to be 2 on 2/15/2009 and I am at a loss for what to do for his party besides having the theme 'Cars'. He loves that movie! He will only have a few cousins there for kids, and their ages range from 8 months to 11. I'm looking for ideas that might be good for games for the kids, and ideas on how to make sure the adults are not bored either!

Amanda from ME

Most Recent Answer

By Tracy Ferguson [3]02/16/2009

Sorry I just noticed the date duh. Hope you had fun. Maybe it will give someone an idea or 2.

Question: Daughter's 2nd Birthday Party On A Budget

I need ideas for my 2 year old daughter's birthday party in October. I live in Michigan so you never know what the weather will be in October. I can't afford some of these party places that charge a million dollars a kid. Any thoughts are appreciated!

By Evette from Detroit, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]09/02/2010

A birthday party for a 2 year old is not supposed to be a lavish affair. It is for close friends and family. If your child has older cousins or playmates that are 4 or 6, these kids get a kick out of the party. You don't have to have games or anything. A decorated cake and presents and just let the little kids play and the adults visit. That's it for the entertainment.

One of my sons has his birthday on Nov 6, and when he was about 3, I think, we "themed" his party so he could wear his Hallowe'en costume again, he and his brother had been "Batman" so we had a Batman cake and they wore their costumes again.

Question: 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Does anyone have any ideas for a 2 year old boy's birthday party and presents?

By Mckell from Lafayette, IN

Most Recent Answer

By partyprincesz01/03/2013

Arranging a party on theme will be good idea. You can hire costumed characters like Princess Characters or mascots. You can organize fun games or think for bouncing castel.

Question: Ideas for Girl's Second Birthday Party

My daughter's birthday party will be held on February 4th, a Saturday. I have no idea what to do. I live in Los Angeles and need some ideas as to what I can do besides having a birthday party at home.

By TC from Los Angeles

Most Recent Answer

By Noella [9]01/12/2012

The previous posters are correct, a two-year-old probably won't remember her second birthday. Invite your friends and family, watch her open the gifts and eat the cake and ice cream and take lots of pictures.

If you want to do theme parties, next year will probably be better. Then do a theme of her favorite cartoon, TV show, music, etc.

Question: Two Year Old Birthday Ideas

Can anyone give me any ideas for a 2 year old girl's birthday party? I don't have much money.

By rocknrollmom from Los Angeles, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Clarissa04/03/2011

I think you should just surprise her, and have family over for maybe a pitch in dinner.

Question: Entertainment at 2 Year Old's Birthday

My son will turn 2 in February. We live in Sacramento, Ca. and the weather may still be too cold and rainy to have an outdoor party. I would like to know if anybody has any ideas. He loves the Wiggles and the Disney Playhouse. I can get party items but I was wondering about entertainments. Any ideas?

Tess from Elk Grove, Ca.

Most Recent Answer

By Katie D. (Guest Post)01/09/2008

Ever hear of an "Air Band?" If there are 4 (or5?) older people who are willing to perform (parents, older siblings/neighbors, aunts and uncles, etc), Have each one wear a different color shirt, cut out a guitar shape from a cardboard box for one of you, color it red, then YOU can be the Wiggles. Just play a video or cd nice and loud while you mouth the words and lead the moves. Once they see you do it, the kids may want to wear a bright shirt and be their favorite Wiggle character. They can be in the band. Public libraries usually have Wiggles DVD's and CDs for FREE.

Question: Planning a 2nd Birthday Party

I'm planning to have a safari animal theme party for my son's 2nd birthday. It is next month, June 20th from 1-4pm, at a playhouse for kids 6 and under. Is this a good theme for a boy and is the time OK? We did his 1st birthday outside last year and it was too hot and it also rained. I want to keep it indoors this year and keep him entertained, but my husband wants to have it outside again.

    By Kimberly Mckenzie [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]05/05/2015

    I agree that 3 hours might be a little long, but it depends on your guests. When my middle son was two, a lot of his friends were 5 & 6 years old, and I've also hosted parties for little guys where some of the guests were 10 year old girls, who basically took over the running of the party games. I didn't have to do much of anything.

    If your guests are all 2 & 3 year olds, 3 hours might be a little much, but if all the moms are there as well, and there are not too many guests it might be just fine. A good guideline for guests is the kids age plus one, unless you are doing some sort of family gathering that involves a mix of ages. I think your theme is very nice; it sounds like fun.

    Question: 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

    My little girl is turning 2 in May. She is 4 days older than her cousin. They both like Minnie Mouse and the mother doesn't want to throw a party together and I don't want to do the same theme as she is. I have no idea what kind of party to throw for a 2 year old. What should I do?

    By Brittany

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]01/28/2015

    A two year old doesn't have any idea at all about parties. Any theme or colour scheme you choose, you do to please yourself, because you like it, want to do it, or think it is fun, and want pictures of your child with the fancy cake.

    If your child has playmates or cousins who are older (4 to 8, say), they will appreciate a "theme". If you are inviting grandma, grandpa, aunties & uncles, and no kids, I am not sure that anyone would really appreciate a theme, other than for the photo op.

    Birthday parties are not a competition, and two year olds don't need a bunch of other two year olds as guests; they are happier with aunties and grandmas, in my experience.

    Question: Ideas for Boy's 2nd Birthday

    I'm pretty stumped. My son's going to be 2 in November and for his 1st party we just threw a little get together at home with family and close friends. I want to do something more this year, but it is going to be so cold out it's left me clueless what to plan for his special day. Any ideas? (Haven't got a big budget.)

    By C.Sim

    Most Recent Answer

    By OrahLee [2]06/04/2014

    In addition to keeping the gathering small and the time shorter, a theme might be "Bob The Builder". My grand nephew had his 2 year party with lots of fun ideas. Check Oriental Trading for paper goods, and other ideas. They had a game that the kids had a wrecking ball (tether ball type) that they had to swing to knock down the brick wall (covered boxes). There were small trucks on the cake, and dippin vegetables in "mortar".
    Once you get started lots of ideas will pop up, I am sure. Of course the #1 tip is to try to get everything ready the day before so that you can have fun at the party too!

    Question: 2 Year Old Birthday Party

    I have to make a birthday for my 2 year old son, but I have way too many people. Any ideas on where and what to do?

    By Elyssa

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]07/18/2013

    Two year olds don't know about birthday parties. A party for a two year old is for the adult guests and older kids who come. No one needs goodie bags, unless you've invited a 5 or 8 year old cousin or someone like that.

    Give them those little bubbles as a "gift". Serve cake and ice cream. Keep it simple. Balloons are nice for decorations -- two year olds like balloons. Do not attempt to "entertain" two year olds, and do not invite a flock of them for the party - they don't know what it is all about. Party plan - sing happy birthday, blow out candles, take photo, eat cake, open presents, play with presents. Adults visit.

    Question: 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

    I need ideas on a birthday party for a 2 year old. Please? Thanks.

    By Mommy is the best from Baltimore, MD

    Most Recent Answer

    By Tania708/16/2011

    how about a jungle animals theme? I saw these cute cake or cupcake toppers in the shape of jungle animals.

    RE: 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

    Question: 2nd Birthday Party With Disney Car Theme

    I'm having my son's 2nd birthday party. It's a Disney Car theme and for the food I wanted to do cut out car shaped sandwiches. Does anyone know where I could get car cookie cutters? Can you suggest any games I could play? (It's snowing out here.) Any ideas will help. Thanx :)

    By Alexiss from Denver, CO

    Most Recent Answer

    By Theresabentley [1]01/10/2011

    I found a good Disney Cars page. I used this site when I planned my sons Disney Cars/Thomas the Train party. And whether he remembered it 3 hours later or not did not matter because in the moment he loved it! And the joy he expressed when he saw all those decorations was worth it and in that moment it was for him!

    Question: Themes for 2nd Birthday Party

    I am looking for new theme ideas for a 2 year old kid birthday party?

    By Mohit from Nepal

    Most Recent Answer

    By jamie08/03/2010

    For my two year old girl's party, I used an ice cream theme. It is very easy to find treats for goodie bags to go along. I also found a huge ice cream cone penny bank to use as decoration on ebay. I found a cake pan in ice cream shape at Michael's.

    Question: Family Issues Planning a 2nd Birthday Party

    My daughter is turning 2 in August, and I've been trying to think of ways of celebrating her birthday. Her first birthday was uneventful. I really want her to have something a little special this year, considering that she's been attending everyone else's party. However, the big issue is that my boyfriend (her father) doesn't get along well with my family. There have been a lot of issues in the past, and I would like to avoid all of that. I've been considering two separate small celebrations, but I can see that is accumulating unnecessary cost. Any suggestions, tips or ideas? I'm drowning in stress and the day is approaching fast!

    By Khadija C.

    Most Recent Answer

    By sweetie127507/21/2014

    I would honestly speak with your boyfriend and family members and tell them frankly that the day is about the child and not them and for the child's sake for them to please put aside their differences for the event. After all they're supposed to be adults. No one gets along all the time but for a special event I think they can be good examples.

    Question: 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

    I have a 1 year old sister who is turning 2. She loves the Wiggles and Barney and I thought about a Wiggles or Barney party, but I want to do something more because it's her golden birthday. I'm also in charge of the party. What should the theme be and where should the party be?

    By Luna P.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Joan [19]01/29/2014

    You don't say how old you are, but it's nice that you are planning your sister's birthday party. As she is only 2 years old, she will not know whether she is having a "golden" birthday - just a regular birthday. Whatever you do, keep it simple with a theme she will understand (like Barney). A small party at home with family and a couple of friends - simple food like finger sandwiches, cake and ice cream would be ideal for a 2-year-old. Plan a more elaborate party when she is a few years older and would be able to appreciate it. Good luck!

    Question: 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

    Toddler in red and yellow Little Tikes car.My son's 2nd birthday is coming up in September. We live in Texas so you can only imagine how terribly hot it is down here. We live in an apartment so I really can't invite all the family over at once to celebrate. there is no room, and it is too hot to do anything outside (I tried that out last year, it was terrible!)
    So if anyone has any suggestions as to a non-expensive idea for the party I would greatly appreciate any input.
    Thank you.

    By Shandy

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]07/11/2013

    Do you have a local skating rink? Sometimes McD's will rent you a party room for a reasonable rate. Also, is there a local YMCA or YWCA? They often have ideas. Places with too much noise often scare kids that age, so what about the library? You could have a night party in the local park, keeping it simple. I hope those help.

    Question: 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

    Can anyone give some ideas for a 2 year old birthday? She is also in remission. I just want this to be a special day for her.

    By Nita from Williamston, NC

    Most Recent Answer

    By Myrna [15]03/11/2011

    A person dressed as a clown who can fold balloons into shapes is entertaining and colorful and ought to capture a child's attention.

    Question: 2nd Birthday Party Activity Ideas

    We are having our 2 year old's birthday party at our town's Country Club this year because we are in the process of moving and can't have it at our house. I'm looking for ideas on activities for the little girls to do at the party since they won't have a bunch of toys to play with. Keep in mind this is winter and inside. Thanks!

    By Kristin from IA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Mandy [1]01/08/2011

    2 year olds can't sit still for long so I would have lots of active games:
    Dancing to music with streamers and bubbles
    Circle games like Ring a ring of Roses, and the Hokey Cokey
    Sleeping bunnies and The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow (where they get lots of chances to jump around)

    Then something quieter like Pass the parcel

    Question: Game Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party

    My son is turning 2 in about a week, his birthday theme is cars. All I'm missing is the games for the kids, most of them are going to be around his age. I don't know what games they should play?

    By Yessica

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]10/12/2010

    Most two year olds are not very good at group games. Some might play with older kids, but if your guests are all about 2, I hope you don't have very many of them. Something really simple like Duck, Duck, Goose might work. I think I would take them to a playground and let them play on the equipment, or someplace like a McDonald's with those ball pits.

    Realistically, maybe you should just let them play with toys. How about they all get a couple little cars right off the bat, and just let them play roads and stuff in the dirt. Presents, eat, cake, and that's it. You might try making balloon animals. I have done that at parties.

    Question: Birthday Ideas for a 2 Year Old

    I need some ideas for a 2 year old birthday party or something to do around at home.

    By Stacey from Hempstead, NY

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dorothy [40]03/14/2010

    Select a theme and work according to the theme.
    Make a cd or dvd with nursery rhymes to handover to kids.
    Get a clown if you can afford.
    Get red noses.
    Paint on their faces.
    Make party packs.
    Make some colourful hats.
    Play simple games.

    Question: 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas With Sports Theme

    My son is turning 2 in Nov. It's a sports theme. I need ideas.


    Most Recent Answer

    By darcie09/23/2007

    I don't know if you have one nearby or not, but I just saw a bunch of sports themed decorations at The Dollar Tree. Good luck!

    Question: 2nd Birthday Ideas

    What can I do with my daughter for her birthday? She will be 2 on May 31, 2013 and I'm on a fix income and live in NYC.

    By NB

    Solutions: 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

    Archive: Two-year-old Birthday Party

    My daughter will be turning two on Feb. 28. I want to throw a party for her but not in our home.


    Archive: 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    My son will be turning 2 in November. Does anyone have any ideas for an inside party?


    Archive: 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    I have a little one who will be 2 during the holidays. That being said, she is not ready for traditional 2nd birthday themes. She was very premature and has not caught up yet.

    For her first birthday, she was still just eating cereal and simple foods. She is doing great and we are excited about her birthday, but we do not know what theme to use. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

    By my kids' mom from Atlanta, GA

    RE: 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    I think that if you know what things your daughter loves, like her cuddlies, or her favorite books, you can probably find a theme for the party that way. Does she have a favorite teddy bear? How about a teddy bear picnic. If her cuddly is a stuffed lamb, or a pig or a cow, how about a farm theme? or something similar.

    When I was little, and I'm 55 now, my aunt did a Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham party for me, though I was probably 5 then, but, that is what I mean by looking for ideas from your daughters favorite books. Yep, green food dyed scrambled eggs. heh heh.

    At age two they can also get too overwhelmed during a party, so keeping it very simple, and keep it very short, and try to plan it between nap time. The sugar laden birthday cake, frosting and ice cream can make it for a very interesting time, too. Don't forget to take lots of pictures at the party. (10/05/2009)

    By Kas2

    RE: 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    For my son's 2nd birthday we went with a farm idea. I made cupcakes and all the kids just loved them (they were made with pink icing, chopped pink marshmallow for the nose, two small ones for ears and I used writing gel to make the faces). He had a wide variety of ages at his party. I reckon just keep it simple. Make it an hour or two tops. Maybe do a craft like colouring a picture that relates to the theme or bring out the play dough. Either way I hope you have a great time. (10/08/2009)

    By Canaus

    RE: 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    The party is really for the adults and the older children at this age. Princess (sparkle stuff) would probably make everyone happy. Cake like a castle can be made with ice cream cones for the turrets. (10/08/2009)

    By tennesue

    RE: 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    For my son I went with a Noah's Ark theme 2 by 2. I found new party supplies from a very nice garage sale and splurged on a beautiful cake from Publix in the shape of an ark that came with Fisher Price toys of Mr. Noah and animals. That being said. I do agree with a previous post about matching your child's interests. However, being really Thrifty, you can still have a wonderful birthday with no theme. (10/16/2009)

    By kghsave