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25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

25th Anniversary Gift

The 25th is the silver anniversary. Traditionally, gifts of silver are given, however, a unique and thoughtful gift of any kind will be much appreciated. This is a guide about 25th anniversary gift ideas.



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Question: 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Ideas needed for 25th wedding anniversary gift for my cousin and his wife. I only see them once a year and don't know them very well personally. They are country folk but very opposite from each other.

There are no special memories or photos that I could put together for some kind of album or collage. They live 3 hours away from us, so I am not familiar with their area. Has anyone ever come up with a neat idea that they use often for such occasions?

By Arlinn

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By Cindy S. 1 12/24/2014

After 25 years it can be very hard to continue to find unique and sentimental gift ideas! is an awesome gift idea for any anniversary and will provide a new and sweet gift option for you :)

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