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25th Birthday Party Ideas

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25th Birthday Cake

A quarter of a century old is quite a landmark in life, but you still feel like a kid and want to have lots of fun. This guide is about 25th birthday party ideas.



Here are questions related to 25th Birthday Party Ideas.

Question: Ideas for Boyfriend's 25th Birthday

What can I gift my lover on his 25th birthday? I want to surprise him and want the gift to be something completely different.

By sweeny from LA


Most Recent Answer

By anjalisatraboina06/23/2013

Alphabetical order is an excellent idea i.e., A to Z G for Greeting
I for Invitation for anything like dinner
J for Jeans.... like this

Question: Really Different 25th Birthday Party Ideas

My son is turning 25 and still a kid at heart. I need fun party ideas. The food isn't a problem, just fun ideas.

By Kim from Canada


Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]05/03/2010

If he's a kid at heart you will need lots of games. Check out that TV show, Minute to Win It. It has lots of easy games that can be easily replicated for home because they all use ordinary items.

Question: Surprise 25th Birthday Ideas

My husband's 25th birthday is next month and I would like to do something special for him. He has never had a birthday party, even when he was a kid so I would like to give him a surprise birthday party.

My problem is that I have no idea what to do at the party. I would like to have some kind of activities to do. I do not want it to be childish or too old either.

Someone mentioned to me to have it at a restaurant but I would not know how to invite people and expect them to pay their own way (I could not pay for everyone). If anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.

Rachel from TN

Most Recent Answer

By michaelahussey01/12/2014

You could hold a small gathering at your home? Look into having some 'in' and fun music on in the background. Set up a small bar with a selection of drinks and cocktails pre made in jugs. The party might seem boring but once he starts chatting to everyone and the drink gets flowing it will have a lovely atmosphere! You could look into getting little canapé selection (I don't know where you live but marks and Spencer's do really good ones!)

Question: 25th Birthday Party Ideas

I am a female and I will be 25 next year in March. I want to throw a party at my place, but I want to do something different, crazy, and fun. Any suggestions? I am from a township.

By Comfort

Question: Gift for Boyfriend's 25th Birthday

My boyfriend is having his 25th birthday on June 8th. I want to do something very exciting, different, and very romantic for him, but not so expensive. Please suggest something.

By Radhika

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