40th Birthday Party Ideas

Be sure to choose a theme that relates to the celebrant's interests for this landmark birthday celebration. This guide contains 40th birthday party ideas.

A cupcake with candles on it for a 40th birthday.
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March 4, 2011 Flag

I made this cake for a very good friend. It's a chocolate cake decorated with black and red fondant. It was her 40th birthday so I wanted something simple but spectacular! Everyone at the party loved it!

Source: My own cooking and imagination

By Orquidea P.

40th Birthday Cake

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April 20, 2016 Flag
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This is a guide about 40th birthday posters and photos. A fun visual display can be created with a collection of life photos for this monumental birthday celebration.

Making 40th Birthday Posters and Photos

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May 11, 2010 Flag
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I'm having a 40th birthday party for my husband. I have no ideas on what to do about a centerpiece. There will be 5 round tables. The table cloth will be navy blue and the napkins (cloth) are a cream color (close to beige). He loves baseball, Jeeps, and electronics. Please help.

By Gloria

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May 11, 20100 found this helpful

Try going to the dollar store or a party store and go into the children's toy area or the party area. There are lots of boys toys there. Try taking one of the jeeps, tie it to a color coordinated pipe cleaner, and stick it in a pretty basket. Do this with how ever many items he likes. fill in spaces with maybe Spanish moss? Crushed tissue paper also color coordinated.

Use those metal flower holders used to make arrangements and secure them with glue gun. the flower holders have squares already in them and stick a pipe cleaner with a baseball on it in the square. I mean plastic baseballs, or paper ones or toys that you give out to kids at birthday parties. baseball cards, electronic things should be no problem; dollar store has fake cell phones, etc. Sorry I'm not very good at this, but I hope it helps a little.

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May 13, 20100 found this helpful

You could make a ball diamond from green plastic tablecloths. Add all the markings and fill paper bags with popcorn, with some peanuts in the shells scattered around for decoration. Guests could munch on these while visiting. A few party horns would also look great around the diamonds. Good luck.

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Maybe find some plastic toy jeeps and fill with little baseballs and plastic computers or whatever electronics. www.orientaltrading.com might help with some ideas.

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May 19, 2011 Flag
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I am throwing a 40th birthday party and am looking for funny prize ideas for game winners. For example, dinner for two (then you give them a box of mac and cheese, that serves two), a chance to win $100,000 (then give them a lottery ticket), or a new car (winner gets a match box car).

By Karen

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May 23, 20110 found this helpful

A new designer outfit = a yard of fabric, spool of thread and hand needles; new mixer for the kitchen = wooden spoon; bouquet of flowers = dead roses or just stems (? not great but all I could think of); set of living room furniture (bed room, dining room) = miniatures from the craft store for dollhouses; washer and dryer = metal washer and a kitchen towel; a box of diamonds = a box of cards with only suits of diamonds; portrait of a US President = $1 bill; a $100 bill = an invoice/bill for $100 for services rendered; exercise equipment = a square block with instructions to place on floor, walk around it 6 times [thereby having walked around the block 6 times], a large rubber band for stretches, a cotton swap tinted black for a dumbell/barbell weight. Please post what you do come up with since this is a great idea.

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May 3, 2011 Flag
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I'm having my 40th birthday party in July and my theme is a Runway Diva/or just a Diva. Any ideas on centerpieces or decorating?

By Wanda

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The Dolly Mamas are a lot of fun. Here is a link to their site and you will fall in love with them in a heartbeat.


Another site if the mama's are a bit too old is this one


Both are too cute!

Happy Birthday!

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April 19, 2009 Flag
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I am planning a 40th birthday party for my mom, and need help with ideas. I want it to be a dressy occasion, something fun and very memorable. I have a color scheme (teal and purple, her favorite colors).

I've hired a DJ, and have a location with a dance floor, tables and chairs, but I'm not sure what else to do, such as games, and how to make sure everyone has fun and stays interested. I'm obviously not 40, so I'm not sure what would be especially appealing to this age group. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

By Blue06 from Portland, OR

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April 23, 20090 found this helpful

Depending on the time of day, there are a lot of things you can do food-wise without spending a bundle. Chips and dip, tortilla chips and salsa, etc. A gal I know heats cocktail wieners with BBQ sauce, then skewers them on toothpicks. Not expensive, but adds a touch of class.

For music, the "oldies" like the Eagles, BeeGees, Fleetwood Mac (I confess, I liked Barry Manilow). whatever music your mom likes... on a borrowed stereo or CD player.

Gifts? Again, when I was young and newly-married and broke, I used a small notepad and colorful pen and wrote a coupon book for those little favors my first hubby liked. Maybe your mom would appreciate coupons for you to take her out to dinner, or come in to cook for her, or clean the fridge. Even a home manicure-pedicure might be appreciated, if your mom's fashion-conscious.

btw. I think your mom's lucky to have a thoughtful kid like you!

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May 11, 2010 Flag
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I would like to do something creative for my husband's 40th birthday. I went to an event where they had dump-trucks filled with flowers for the centerpiece and my husband thought that was pretty cool. He is a big mopar car fan and I want to incorporate his love for cars in the centerpiece. I know there are many ideas with tablecloths and the whole bit, but I'm really just looking for centerpiece ideas. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it.

Sharyn from NJ


Need 40th Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas

Use the miniature cars as part of the arrangement. Say if you do a flower centerpiece you can put the cars on sticks and put in the arrangement. Sunflowers aren't too feminine and would be great for a guy's party. Or just use grasses.

I know some of the miniatures are a bit bigger and you could use the beds as toothpick holders, or even for candles if it's an evening party. (05/19/2005)

By kattankerous

Need 40th Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas

That sounds like a GREAT idea! I like the grass with the cars displayed on top, it's like a car show on a lawn. He will love it . Thank you very much for your post. I will send a post when I have the party and give feedback as to how it went and what everyone thought. Thanks again! (05/23/2005)

By moparmania

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January 13, 2009 Flag
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I really need ideas for my sister's 40th birthday, she's not very adventurous so that rules a fair bit out, but I'd like it to be memorable and special. All ideas are welcome. :)

Jojo from Australia


40th Birthday Party Ideas

The funniest game I ever saw. Get a blindfold, a metal spatula, a big metal mixing bowl and a large bag of cotton or faux cotton balls.

Scatter the cotton balls on the floor. Blindfold the participant. They have two minutes, or whatever, to pick up as many cotton balls with the spatula and put them in the bowl as they can. Try this out before the party. You'll see what I mean.

We once surprised a friend by having the party at his place. I lived next door; had lifted a key. I took him out to dinner while everyone else was getting his place ready for the party. Every time I started to go home he kept looking around, because he was expecting a surprise. He looked all over the restaurant, even checked out the men's room. Finally, we went home. Boy was he surprised! He even got his place cleaned. Not a bad deal. (09/08/2005)

By the Oracle

40th Birthday Party Ideas

I just had my 40th birthday and my sister and daughter got together and told everyone they knew to send me 40 "items" in the mail. This started like 2 weeks before my birthday. I got everything from cotton balls, to pennies and stamps. It was a lot of fun. Took me a couple packages in the mail before I figured it out though. (09/09/2005)

By Nancy

40th Birthday Party Ideas

I just came from a 50th party where the birthday boy's wife had this very creative poem hand lettered on a big poster board using candy bars taped to the board in the appropriate places. The sweet treats are in ALL CAPS in the "poem."

Do you hear SNICKERS from those around you?
Do you feel your bones CRUNCH?
Are you getting ZERO sleep?
Is your memory gone because your head's full of ROCKS?
Do you have trouble remembering WHATCHAMACALLIT?
Is all your ENERGY NOW gone?
Well, some may say you're at that age beTWIX youth and senility!
Don't be a crybaby at turning 50!
Now that you're getting CHUNKY, you may not TAKE 5 and have MOUNDS of fun.
The MOMENTOS that you get will remind you of your age.
So INDULGE yourself and get GOOD-N-PLENTY drunk and SKOR lot of laughs.
After all, you're still aM-AZING and worth 100,000 GRAND.
So, grab a BIG CUP and have a few CHUCKLES and party your BUNS off and have an EXTRA Happy 50th birthday!

By Julie

40th Birthday Party Ideas

People seem to want to do party themes on the era someone was born, but it would be so much fun to do something on the era someone was a teenager, whether 70's or 80's. A 70's disco or 80's Dynasty style party would be fun. Everyone could dress the part and have food and music from that era. Since our teenage years are usually pretty memorable, it would be fun to have a party that would be memorable, too. After all, the over the hill parties are done way too often. (01/10/2006)

By Nancy

40th Birthday Party Ideas

A fun 40th birthday party is a 70's theme. Your party will certainly be remembered when everyone has to come in their bell-bottoms! The 70's are definitely "in" now with lots of interest in the dress and fads.

You can decorate with an informal gathering of bean bag chairs and disco bead curtains at the door entryways. Play clips from 70's TV shows or movies and competing teams guess first what movie/show the song was from. 70's theme parties are really popular and go over well with guests of all ages.

Dee http://www.fun-theme-party-ideas.com/70s-theme-party.html (01/20/2006)

By fun-theme-party-ideas

40th Birthday Party Ideas

A Casino style party is fun. I went to one for my friend's 30th birthday. The hostess rented the tables with the dealers. We played with chips and the person with the most chips at the end of the night won a prize.

You can get lots of other ideas from this web site:

By Marta

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April 19, 2009 Flag
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My husband will be turning 40 in March and I am in desperate need for celebration ideas. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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