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Apple Cider Vinegar for Restless Leg Syndrome

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I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome and was given a prescription
which I had several bad side effects from and it was also addicting. So I did not take it long.

I was talking to a friend of mine who told me she also had Restless Leg Syndrome and she took 1 table spoon of apple vinegar cider nightly for years and has not had to take any other medication since for it.

Since I cannot stand the bitter taste I bought some apple cider vinegar tablets and I have not had any more restless nights and I don't have to take it as often now just as needed. They are not expensive. I buy 250 mg - 250 Tablets for $7.39 and they last me a long time. I hope this helps as many of you as well as it has helped me.

    By Cindy Edwards [9]


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    By carole [1]02/17/2013

    I haven't tried the Apple Cider Vinegar for Restless Legs, however, I did some research and came to the conclusion that one iron tablet per day works without fail. Some of the information I read indicated that many people are iron deficient. I had my iron level checked and sure enough, I was also deficient. After my Dr. put me on iron tabs, I have never had another RLS attack!

    By Linda02/16/2013

    Oh my goodness, I have been looking for some alternative for my DH, he has rls and the medication is horribly expensive plus the other unwanted side effects we will try this right away. Thank you so much for your post. Also the cider vinegar works really well if you have flu, upset stomach and the squirts, just 1 Tbsp. down it or put it with juice or whatever, works every time... I know.

    By karenlynn [3]02/11/2013

    My doctor recommended drinking diet tonic water, the quinine content eases leg pain and discomfort. It works for me and it's better for you than soda.

    By Grandma J [46]02/07/2013

    The 'active' ingredient is the apple cider vinegar, not vinegar, which the suggestion for pickle juice fails at. Pickle juice has the salt as well, and that should be avoided with RLS.
    Malic Acid is the ingredient in this as well as the basis for apples - arthritis, and all its family doings.

    I have used the malic acid in combination with magnesium since 1994, you can find it coupled in supliements. DO NOT use industrial malic acid, which is used in making many foods, it has to be dosed to use. The levels of commercial malic acid will give you a rot-gut.
    The banana issue is additional potassium, and must be on a daily use. Can't have an issue and fix it with 1 banana ... only fix hunger!

    By Diane [1]02/06/2013

    Thank everyone who posted about the restless leg. I am trying the apple cider vinegar now and hope to find the tablet soon. I have done the soap and it works sometimes but not always. Again thanks for some more ideas. I am open for anything that is not a prescription. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

    By bMillie [4]02/06/2013

    You may think I'm crazy but I use motel sized soaps in the sides of my socks I wear to bed for my restless legs. It is suggested to put a bar of soap under the bottom sheet near where your legs go but I wear socks and just put them in the socks. Google Peoples Pharmacy and they will tell you more about this. It works for me!

    By neuroticmom [9]02/06/2013

    I didn't know that apple cider came in tablets! I will have to check it out. I take apple cider vinegar with apple juice. I fill a small 8 oz cup with 3 tablespoons of vinegar and then the rest of the way with apple juice. Keep in mind that raw apple cider that hasn't been filtered or pasteurized works best.

    By Melody Y. [1]02/06/2013

    Because of the taste, you might like pickle juice better! I have started eating more pickles (& bananas when I have them) & drinking the juice as well. I still get the "stingers", but I am off the meds ! :)

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