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Borax for Fleas

To rid your home of fleas try this. Buy a box of Mule Team Borax (available in your store's laundry soap isle), spread it over your carpet (I use an old colander). Use a broom and sweep it into the carpet. Wait a couple of hours then vacuum. The residual borax that remains in the carpet will kill the fleas and their larvae simply by drying them out! Works like a charm.


By Lucia


Borax for Fleas

This does work quite well for fleas. However, please be aware that if you have pets, they will get it on their feet. It is possible for it to be ingested when they lick their feet, especially cats. I had one dog that got sick from it. Good luck! Barb (07/01/2004)

By Barb

Borax for Fleas

I am also curious as to if the Borax is harmful to toddlers. We have fleas BAD, thanks to the humidity and our pets. I don't want my toddler to accidentally ingest the Borax. (08/26/2005)

By Amanda

Borax for Fleas

About Borax being poisonous, according to the poison control center, it can be but only if large amounts are eaten. Because you have a toddler, put down the borax, then leave for a few hours and vacuum up. Keep the toddler and the pets out or in another room until it has been vacuumed up. I've found it to be very good against fleas but I've also heard that salt works very well. (08/26/2005)

By Susan from ThriftyFun

Borax for Fleas

Borax is a natural way to get rid of fleas. I am currently in a science class (college) that has discussed this very subject. First, get the borax from any supermarket. A few boxes. Second, sprinkle the borax over the entire carpeted areas of the home and under the cushions of the furniture. DON'T put it in your bed. Be sure to do ALL of the carpet of the home and inside the cloth furniture where possible. Third, use a broom to massage the powder in to the nap of the rug. Leave the powder on the carpet for just 72 hours. Now vacuum everything. The furniture and the carpet. Vacuum very well. You should not visibly see the powder when your done.

It may take 3-6 weeks, but I guarantee after that you won't see another flea for at least a year. Be sure if you wash your carpet that you repeat the process all over. Notes: Fleas have a 3 week cycle of larvae hatching, this is why the delay. If you don't treat your rug right after washing, the vacuum is your friend and the fleas foe. If you have an especially bad infestation in a particular room, set the vacuum in the middle of the room and leave it on for a few minutes. (Be careful not to burn up your motor. Set one front wheel on a book and the vacuum should just run nicely) Fleas sense the movement of the vacuum and go to it, then it sucks 'em up! If you do that every day for a few days the infestation will at the very least be much better. Another trick is to put borax in your vacuum. Just sprinkle on the floor and vacuum up. The fleas that get sucked up die in bag. (11/06/2005)


By Kathryn

Borax for Fleas

Hi guys, I just thought I'd add this:

Borax is about as toxic and dangerous as table salt. In other words, your pet would have to ingest about 3000mg of either substance per kilo of body weight (or 2.2 pounds) in a short amount of time for it to be very dangerous. Either way you look at it, that's a lot of salt and borax. It helps to keep the pet brushed and give them plenty of water during the first few days of the treatment - especially with kittens and puppies. I've never heard of any permanent, serious or long term side effects from using this method of flea control. Good luck! (02/04/2006)

By Sophie

Borax for Fleas

There is a product called Bio Flea Halt (biohalt?) which has the same active ingredients as Borax. You could read the label on that to see the correct methods of application.

I bought biohalt first, then a few weeks later learned that Borax (mule team) is the same stuff.

I now save about $12 per application.

By Qryztufre

Borax for Fleas

Years ago I called the company that owns Borax and asked them about using it for flea control inside the home. The woman on the line said that they are not allowed to recommend it as such because they are not listed as a pesticide, however she did say in a very careful statement that she knows of many people who use it as such - and it seems to work. We have used it and it does work. Sprinkle it on carpet - brush it in with a clean dry push broom. Let it sit a while and then vacuum it up. Repeat after 10 days to catch any fleas that hatched. Leave it in - do not vacuum under the sofa. Pets can't get there anyway. My mother used it as a roach killer under her shelf paper for decades. Good luck. (07/16/2006)

By Neena

Borax for Fleas

This is so helpful! We have two dogs and everything we have tried has failed us. My mom old me about salt, since thats what a pest control person told her mother, but Borax sounds like it will work just as well.

My issue with this was my kids. One is walking and the other is now crawling. The salt has worked wonders so far, but I will definitely try this if they come back. Oh and as far as it goes about salt ruining my carpet, I don't care. it is ugly and the only room left that isn't hardwoods. Its coming up ASAP anyway. I am just tired of the fleas! (07/18/2006)

By lifewithmadman

Borax for Fleas

Everyone worried about their babies and toddlers -- the fleas themselves are probably more harmful to your children than the borax. Please look into the tapeworm life-cycle with regard to cat fleas and make sure your cats do not have tapeworm. The tapeworm egg sacks may or may not be noticeable -- they look like rice and may be stuck on the hairs around your cat's rear. You will need pills from either an online source or your vet, they kill the tapeworms in the cat's stomach, but the fleas must be rid of at the same time.

There are health risks to non-cat critters associated with cat tapeworm that may be life threatening. The cats themselves are generally not at high risk from the tapeworm, unless the cat is losing too much weight or becoming dehydrated / lethargic. But to stop the cycle the fleas must be killed and the tapeworms in the cat eliminated, all bedding cleaned, and the house vacuumed.

You don't just get rid of fleas then become lazy. If your cat's go outside the best defense is flea combing 1-4 times daily to get rid of adults actually on the cat, cleaning your rugs with borax and DE (diatomaceous earth), keeping your house cool and dryer, and being vigilant, especially when it's warm and humid outside (i.e. all year in Florida :) ). (08/07/2006)

By Criss

Borax for Fleas

Do not use multiple insecticide products on your cat - borax really does work best, and without the need for pesticide products in my experience. In fact, I'm about to use it again for a new kitty we adopted, who came with a single flea!


My first experience with fleas was in Miami with my first kitten and an older roommate's cat. I apparently attract fleas like no other human alive, and had bites all over my body - so unpleasant!! We tried everything - bombed our apartment, fitted them with flea collars, had them dipped at the vets. Nothing worked, and unfortunately the combination poisoned my cat (even though the insecticide professionals and our vet told us these treatments were safe). I had to drive one hour to a special vet, daily, for special injections. He lived thankfully (and for 13 years more!) but it was scary - and very expensive. After all that, we still had fleas. In the end, I finally heard about Borax and it was the only thing that worked.

Borax should not be put directly on your cat - but you can easily rub it into the carpet and the fabric of furniture. I also sprinkle it in corners where I know my cat won't go, and in the folds of our couch, etc. I repeat this every so often, but don't sweep it up. I also wash all bedding and blankets, towels, etc. every day or few days for about 3 weeks. I have never noticed any negative reaction in my cat, but I certainly have noticed the fleas are gone. It works!! (09/16/2006)

By Kristie

Borax for Fleas

I am so glad to know that borax can help to rid of fleas. Is there anybody know where I can find food grade diatomaceous earth in the local store? I don't want to wait too long to get it by ordering through internet because my daughter became a severe target of flea attract. (09/30/2006)

By Icetea

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