Buying Narrow Shoes

Buying Narrow Shoes

Trying to buy shoes in widths other than medium can be frustrating. This is a guide about buying narrow shoes.



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Question: Stores That Sell Quadruple A Width Shoes

Does anyone know of a shoe store that might carry shoes in a quadruple A (8 1/2 AAAA)? I currently have to order all of my shoes from a catalog and wear mostly athletic shoes with jeans.

I would like to have a nice pair or two of dress shoes, but would rather be able to try them on in a store instead of buy through a catalog. It's such a pain to have to send packages back in case you don't like them.

By Caterini from Washington DC suburbs

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By Liz [15] 03/05/2010

I'm very eager to see what answers you get, because I'm also in the DC suburbs and have very narrow feet. The last time I checked Nordstrom's they had some narrow shoes, but unless you live nearby, I would call ahead to check. The last time I went to Potomac Mills (which has been a while because I'm on the other side of DC), I lucked out and found a pair I liked at one of the discount stores, but it's really hit or miss. The sad part is that it was much easier to find narrow shoes when I moved here 30 years ago than it is now. I guess a lot of women with very narrow feet walk around with medium width shoes, unless they buy by mail.

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