Buying Shoes at Thrift Stores

Shoes at a Thrift Stores

While thrifty stores have lots of shoes, some in very good condition, for a reasonable price, shoppers often hesitate to buy used shoes. This is a guide about buying shoes at thrift stores.



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Question: Buying Shoes at Thrifty Stores and Foot Fungus

I have started going to thrift stores to shop because of less work. I see people buying really nice looking shoes there, good name brands. How do you try on used shoes and not have to worry about foot fungus and catching it?

By Nancy

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446] 01/09/2012

Some answers were a bit "overzelous" but basically nothing can live without food. In other words, any nasties in shoes, couches, or clothing has to have something to keep it going.

I googled the question and found this lovely site to help.

I once had a thrift store owner walk up to me and assure me that she washed all here clothes so no one would get AIDS...yes, this was in 1984.

Most people wear their own socks when they try on shoes as they came in with them on...except sandals of course. Then yes, the 3/1.00 Walmart footsies in the little plastic bubbles are a good thing to have with you anyway.

And a good point was made that the clothes you buy new aren't new really, and even if they were, they are used the first time you try them on or wear them too.

I would and do buy anything that saves me money, and once cleaned stop worrying about it. You are more likely to get germs from the shopping cart you put things in than the clothes or shoes you try on.

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Question: Are Thrifty Store Shoes Safe to Wear?

Is it safe to wear thrift store shoes? Some people have athletic feet and foot fungus. Just curious before I buy.


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By leanne chaisson [44] 01/13/2012

Anything and everything that you wear is used! Unless you make it yourself, someone has tried it on. I have bought used clothing and footwear for years and have never had a problem. I wash shoes in the washing machine just like everything else. As for the comment by the lady who only buys from catalogs; there are lots of nice larger size clothes in thrift stores, some hardly worn. Save your money and don't buy from Walmart.

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