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The buds on your camellia aren't opening, instead they are dropping off the bush. This is a guide about a camellia bush losing buds.



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Question: Camellia Buds Dropping Off

For the last two years my Camellia tree has gotten a lot of buds on it, then all of a sudden they all drop to the ground. This happens in the very early part of spring. The tree is quite tall, but is on the north side of the house. My husband has cut some of the lower branches way back. Before this, we had tons of flowers every year, but get very few now. How can this be fixed?

Hardiness Zone: 8a

By Jackie from Enumclaw, WA

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By kathleen williams [76] 03/09/2010

Why are the flower buds dropping off?
This can be due to a variety of reasons:

The plant may have been either too wet or two dry.
Extreme weather conditions, fluctuation from mild and wet to very cold and frosty.
Natural thinning of some buds when there is a heavy multiple bud formation.
Overfeeding, most likely too late in the season.
They may not be droppin, at all - the culprits may be squirrels, birds or even mice!for more info go to-how to grow camellias-good luck.

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