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Chihuahua Clothing Patterns

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Making clothing for small dogs is a fun creative pastime. There are many sources for the patterns to make your pup a stylish wardrobe. This is a guide about Chihuahua clothing patterns.



Here are questions related to Chihuahua Clothing Patterns.

Question: Chihuahua Clothing Patterns

I have a small Chihuahua and I need patterns to make coats, clothes, maybe some booties. He's cold all the time. Are there some websites that have free ones? I've checked some. Any help would be great.

Morningloryrose from North Carolina


Most Recent Answer

By dj02/16/2011

I have a chihuahua/pom mix. She looks like a long haired chihuahua. However she "luvs" dressing up. I go to the local thrift stores & buy 0 to 3 month infant sweaters and alter the. I shorten the arms and if there is a button or zipper, I remove them & then sew the seam that will go on her belly. For boys I cut & hem sew most of the fit it around their chest so when they pee they don't get the clothes wet. My little Sabrins even has "a little black dress" lol.

Question: Making Clothes for a Tea Cup Chihuahua

I need some instructions for sewing my own dog clothing. I have just recently adopted (well was given as a birthday present!) a 7 week old tea cup Chihuahua puppy. Now what I'm looking for is some directions for a jacket (I have extra denim from old pants) and a hoodie (I have old sweats i don't use any more ) some shirts and some sweat shirts. Any thing at all! Thanks!

Marisa from Santa Maria, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Chihuahua Fan01/21/2010

You can knit a handmade sweater by yourself, there are lots of patterns, i like this one http://chihuahua-clothes.blogspot.c ... /12/hand-made-chihuahua-clothes.html

Question: Free Dog Clothing Patterns and Dog Treats

Where can I find patterns to make clothes for my tea cup Chihuahua?

By Ellamae from Sweet, ID

Most Recent Answer

By mcw [78]09/01/2010

If you can crochet here are some patterns:

Question: Knitting Patterns for Dog Clothes

ChihuahuaWhere can I find a pattern on line so that I can copy it in order to knit my Chihuahua a sweater for the winter. Thank you.

By Jan Ellison

Solutions: Chihuahua Clothing Patterns

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