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Cleaning a Mattress

Cleaning a Mattress

Cleaning a mattress thoroughly of stains, germs, and odors may seem daunting. This is a guide about cleaning a mattress.



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Question: Disinfecting a New Mattress

The other day my fiance and I bought a bed. The thing about the bed is that it was the display mattress, where people can lay/sit on it. The reason for buying the display one was because it was a great deal, a $600 mattress for $335. I was wanting to disinfect it but I am unsure what to use. I was hoping to use the Clorox Anywhere Spray, but its for hard surface only. Does anyone know what I could use?


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By Colleen (Guest Post) 01/28/2008

I don't know about disinfecting a mattress but we have a vinyl allergy cover on our mattress and one on the box spring. You can not feel it once you put the mattress pad and sheets on. Because it's air tight, it would keep anything that is on the mattress from getting on you and it also improves the life of the mattress, preventing it from getting full of dust.

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Question: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set

Can anyone tell me how to clean and disinfect a mattress given to me? Then I'll buy one of those mattress cases and mattress pad. Thanks

Keeper from Morganton, NC

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By Mom 1 18 08/28/2010

Dr. Oz on his tv show says to enclose your pillows and mattress with the zippered allergen covers which go all the way around! It traps the remaining mites inside. The mattress topper won't do the trick.

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Question: Removing a Black Currant Stain on a Mattress

Stained mattress.I've recently spilled black currant juice on my bed and it's now stained. Do you have any tips on how to clean it? Thanks. The picture not very clear, I'm very sorry.

By Andrea D.

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Question: Disinfecting a Mattress

How do you disinfect a pillow top mattress?

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Archive: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set

I am going to buy a used mattress set from the local Goodwill store. I just wondered what is the best way to "clean" this set when I get it? I plan on putting a mattress cover over the mattress once I clean it. However, I do want to sanitize it as much as I can before I do that.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, Cookiepom


RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set

Please, if there is any way you could buy a new set, that is what I would do. I have a skin disease that no doctor can tell me what it is. There is something out there that you can get it. Is a little like scabies but I don't know if I will ever get rid of it. So think about this before you buy beds, sofas or anything. You can go to <a href="
"> . Just read what we are going through but you could cover the box springs. Ask them what they use to clean them and maybe you could ask them let you see them spray it. Good luck

By laj52

RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set

I agree with laj. Buying used mattresses is almost as bad as buying used undergarments. You don't know who had it before you and by how many. Go to some mattress outlet store, ask if there are any stragglers, mismatches, scratch and dent items. I would not suggest buying a used mattress. Quite honestly, I am surprised that Goodwill or Salvation Army even takes used mattresses.

By KLS8800

RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set

Instead of buying the Goodwill mattress, could I make a suggestion? Try your local Rent-a-center type place and ask them about purchasing a mattress set. They generally have many brand new sets to sell and they are very inexpensive. I purchased a twin set for a spare room for less than $50 and it was brand new. It may not be the best quality in the world, but it serves the purpose.

Anyway, the store I bought mine from told me that they keep several sets in stock because they are not allowed to re-rent a set (they must be destroyed.) It's worth a try!

By tammy

RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set

Our local Salvation Army sells new mattress sets. Do you have a store near you that you could check out? Our bodies tend to "shape" our mattresses, kind of like shoes, not to mention having to worry about who had the mattress last. I can think of all sorts of reasons I wouldn't want a used mattress, the same reasons that make me bring my own pillow to a hotel room and two blankets (one to sleep on top of and one to have over me!). I just wouldn't risk buying a used one. I don't think there will ever be a way to completely sanitize it.

By washburn6394

RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set

Naw. Don't be a wuss. Wash it up with an antibacterial agent. Cover it with an nice cover. If you're really paranoid, stick it in the microwave to kill straggling bacteria.

By Fen Patrick

RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set

In Tarrant/Dallas TX counties, there is a Public Health law that says "any used mattress sets" before they can be sold, they must be sanitized by washing and spraying with a commercial antibacterial cleaning solution.

By oredwine1933