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Cleaning a Wood Toilet Seat

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Wood Toilet Seat

Cleaning a wooden toilet seat is not that much different than cleaning a plastic one, you will just want to make sure to use the proper cleaner. This is a guide about cleaning a wood toilet seat.



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Question: Cleaning a Wooden Toilet Seat

How do I clean a wooden toilet seat? Thank you.

By Sarah


Most Recent Answer

By Betty [104]09/19/2011

Some of these wooden toilet seats have gold hardware; the "stuff" that attaches it to the commode. These can turn color and look green or brown and ugly real quick as my first one did. So I coated the hardware on my new one with clear fingernail polish. The nail polish prevented that. I think I got that tip from someone else online.

Question: Disinfecting a Wooden Toilet Seat

I have a new wooden toilet seat. My last one cracked after a few months. I hope I am cleaning the seat correctly. My concern is how do I disinfect it without ruining it. Thank you everyone.

By flower


Most Recent Answer

By Spacecase [11]02/20/2012

Just use a sponge or cloth soaked in Lysol. Wring it out first then dry the seat. I have had mine for well over twenty years and it still looks brand new.

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