Compost Bucket Ideas

Compost Bucket Ideas

You can buy or use a recycled container to compost kitchen scraps and other compostable household waste. This is a guide about compost bucket ideas.


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Tip: Line Compost Bucket with Newspaper

countertop compost bucketI have started a compost pile. Since it is far from the house, I have an ice cream bucket that I use for my daily scraps. To keep it from getting so messy when I empty it, I line it with newspapers or paper ads from the mail. The paper absorbs the liquids and everything comes out of the bucket when it is emptied.

By dizzee from Woodstock, IL

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Tip: Use Kitty Litter Bucket for Kitchen Compost

I always wanted to compost so a kitchen composter was easiest to start with but expensive. I noticed our kitty litter container (hard plastic) was a purrrfect size and has a lid and handle. It fits under the sink and has been working great.

By krisanthemum from Pataskala, OH

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Tip: Attractive Container For Your Compost Scraps

Composting is always great. It recycles plant wastes and makes great soil. We have a composting unit in the back yard under a tree. When I worked in the kitchen, it was hard to save things for composting and I was always debating if it was worth the time to take the little I had out or if I should just throw it out. This was especially true at night or if I was not feeling well.

Now I have a stainless steel container with a lid right by my sink (it is about 1 gallon size). Since it is not see-through and closes securely it is neither an eye-sour or a smell problem. I put the banana peel in after breakfast. The ends of carrots, onion and potato peelings, salad wastes, etc. from lunch and supper. I also put in tea bags (minus the staple and string. Coffee grinds are great too. When this can is full, I empty it into the composter. We also layer the leaves and grass clippings into this composter. Having the steel canister in the kitchen saves me time and I end up with great soil for my garden.

By Harriet from Lakewood, CA

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Tip: Controlling Odor in Compost Bucket

I save my veggie scraps, coffee grounds, filters, tea bags, etc. in a plastic kitty litter bucket under the kitchen sink. If you add shredded paper or substitute sugar packets in there too, it kills the odor. Saving you trips out to the compost pile in a couple of feet of snow.

By Vicki from Rockford, IL

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