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Controlling Ants in the Vegetable Garden

Black Ant on Leaf

Sometimes ants can be beneficial in your garden, but if they are destroying the plants or veggies, you will want to find a safe way to control them. This is a guide about controlling ants in the vegetable garden.



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Question: Controlling Ants with 20Mule Team Borax

I have a problem with ant hills in my lawn. The ants can be found on my deck and on my front porch and now have even gotten into the house. I have heard that borax can be used to control them. What do I have to do?

By Ann B. from Basking Ridge, NJ

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By vicki hood 4 564 05/28/2011 Flag

About 10% 20 mule team borax in squeeze bottle of corn syrup. Warm for few seconds in the microwave to dissolve. Put in cracks , areas that pets cannot eat it as enough of the mix will give them a sick stomach. Ants will carry it back to nest where it kills the queen and all of the colony. Queens can live up to 20 years and produce many more queens. Important to be patient for few days while they eat and run. Likely you have numerous colonies.

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Question: Controlling Ants

How can I get rid of ants and their mounds?

By blemom from Orlando, FL

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By Jarron 7 106 08/10/2010 Flag

Strange as it may sound, I have used plain old regular grits (the kind in a bag, like flour) sprinkled on the mounds. The ants eat them and swell and die. Don't let people poo-poo this, as I have seen it work anytime its been used.

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Question: Controlling Ants in Lawn and Garden

I started noticing the fine residue created by ants in my entire yard 3 years ago; it is also in planted areas. I used to have a gorgeous lawn, but the ants are killing the grass and plants. Last year I had the lawn aerated and seeded thinking it would come back this year, but again I notice ants and their telltale fine, granular mix everywhere. I have been reading the suggestions and may try the cornmeal or borax solution. Has anyone used a professional lawn service? If so, what was their advice.


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By vicki hood 4 564 06/17/2011 Flag

About 10% dry 20 mule team Borax in corn syrup. Warm just a little to dissolve. Place solution in cracks and areas pets and wildlife cannot eat it, The worker ants carry it back to nest and whole nest dies. Queen ants live for up to 20 years and produce many new queens.

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Question: Tiny Brown Biting Ants Eating Vegetables

Does anyone know a way to get rid of them in my vegetable garden? They are killing my tomato and cucumber plants. I would prefer using things I have around the house than spending money I don't have :)

By MrsJim from Ontario

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By betty44 2 6 07/23/2014 Flag

I was told to sprinkle grits wherever you see ants - that they eat it and when they drink it explodes in their stomachs. Tried it on an ant nest in the crack of my cement and no more ants.

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Archive: Controlling Ants

By Ellen Brown

Q: We live in an area where there is a lot of white sand and acres of pine trees. We've cleared out a couple of acres to live on, but are having trouble with ants: small, large, black, and fire. How can we control them? We have ant mounds every few yards.

Hardiness Zone: 8a

Linda from Mauk, GA

A: Linda,

Anthills tend to be a seasonal problem, and unfortunately, they are most prevalent on sandy soil. Because you have so many mounds, your best bet is to treat as many of the individual mounds as you can with a broadcast bait. You will need to kill the queen to get rid of the whole colony. Realize, however, that this may only get rid of the ants temporarily, and that they may reappear elsewhere in the yard (hopefully farther out on your property) with a newly appointed queen.

In terms of a broadcast bait, you can make you own by mixing 1 cup of sugar, 4 teaspoons of boric acid and 24 ounces of water in a glass jar. Close the jar tightly and shake the mixture thoroughly until all the crystals dissolve. Pour 1 cup of this mixture into a smaller jar filled partially with cotton balls. Screw the lid back on, seal around the lid with weatherproof tape and punch a few small holes in the center of the lid. Draw a skull and cross bones on the jar as an extra precaution for passers-by and keep pets a children away from the jars!

Put one of these near the entrance to each mound. The ants will get into the jar to eat the sugar and return to the nest and pass it on to the rest of the colony. If you start to see a lot of dead ants next to the jar, the solution is too strong. Start over with a new solution containing less boric acid.

Diatomaceous earth is also said to act like a barrier if sprinkled around the mounds. To ants it's like crossing small pieces of glass and will encourage them to relocate mounds to a safer location. For fire ants, you can also try pouring half a cup of Epsom salts into the nest and all around it. Short of bulldozing the mounds and clearing more of your property, repeated flooding of the mounds can also be effective. You have to do this every few days, however, and be very persistent.

Good Luck!


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RE: Controlling Ants

I live in the south, too and it is a problem year round here. I have found that boric acid powder (sold here as "Roachpruf") mixed with powdered sugar or plain sugar is as effective as anything. Most remedies are so expensive and you have to keep putting it out over and over. I think the ants just pack up and move anyway. This powder sells for $2.00 at the dollar stores here. It is supposed to kill the queen ant. Just remember to keep it away from your kids and pets. Read the label. Good luck. (05/24/2006)

By Joyce

RE: Controlling Ants

I use diatomaceous earth. It's natural and you can buy big quantities to use in your spreader. It's not expensive and you can get either locally at a nursery or from (05/25/2006)

By Me

RE: Controlling Ants

Used coffee grounds are not liked by ants. (05/26/2006)

By shopping_addiction_woman

RE: Controlling Ants

Baking Soda: They will not cross this; I have put a line of this on the outside edge of our house. Now, if they are already in the house, I heard cinnamon works; I don't have a lot of experience with the cinnamon though. I have mixed the baking soda into my childrens' sandbox to keep them out, very effective.

Diane (05/27/2006)

By wdmurray

RE: Controlling Ants

Go to your $$ store (Family dollar or Dollar General) and look for a liquid, different names, you put a small amount on little cardboard strip that comes with it. They will drink it and take it back to the nest and destroy it. I did this two years ago and no more ants. They swarm this stuff. I think I paid $1.99 at my Family dollar.

HYH (05/27/2006)

By sassybritches

RE: Controlling Ants

An excellent South African product is Blue Death.
The main ingredient is Permethrin. (05/31/2006)

By Willem

Archive: Controlling Ants

How can I get rid of ants in the yard?