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Crafts Made With Gourds

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Painting Gourds

Because of their interesting and unique shapes, gourds are excellent for use in a wide variety of crafts. This is a guide about crafts made with gourds.


Solutions: Crafts Made With Gourds

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Tip: Owl Painted Gourd

Owl Painted GourdOne of the many gourds I have done. This features a large kettle gourd, cut open. The opening has been coiled with long SC pine needles. The process is actually a weaving technique, and adds a nice touch to many gourds.

The gourd has been hand painted with a snowy owl on the front. This is one of my signature pieces. All are numbered and dated.

By ilovegourds from Cheraw, SC

Tip: Gourd "Sprouts"

Gourds with baby dolls inside simulating a baby popping out of the gourd.Introducing "Sprouts", I just love these little people (gourds.) They are the perfect baby shower gift. I do personalize them with the date, weight, and name of the newborn baby.

I take a baby doll and insert in inside of the gourd. Wood burned cracks are done to simulate a cracked egg where the arms and legs come through.


By ilovegourds from Cheraw, SC

Gourd Witch

Gourd WitchThings you will need are a small, medium, or large gourd, depending on how big you want her to be. Make sure you wash the gourd with warm soapy water and rinse clean. Let set and dry at least 30 - 45 minutes.

Do all of your painting and let dry before you put your witch together.

While you are waiting get together your materials you will be using.


  • black acrylic paint, green acrylic paint, and skin tone or light beige paint
  • black, red rubber paper (tongue and hat rim (top of the hat is the stem part of the gourd)
  • black fabric for cape
  • You can paint your own eyes, or use stick on eyes and rubber paper.
  • scissors, wire cutter, and craft knife
  • tub and tile adhesive clear caulking
    Use it like glue when attaching the neck to the head and body.
  • white Styrofoam (broom handle, neck, arms, and legs)
  • 1 6 inch terra cotta clay plant pot (whitewash with white paint thinned with water)
    If you are using a really big gourd, you might need to use a bigger pot.
  • 1 wire clothes hanger (to hold the arms and legs on)
  • pair of pliers to bend the wire
  • ruler


  1. Paint the pot and face on the gourd. Let dry
  2. Cut the Styrofoam for the arms to match the size of the pot and head. You don't want it to look out of proportion (lol), and the same with the her legs and feet which is all one piece, then paint.
  3. Cut the black material for her cape (make a small band at the top of it and thread a black string through it and tie it on the neck.
  4. Connect the legs to the pot, attach a piece of wire hanger across the hole in the bottom of the pot, then bend the leg wire in half over the cross wire. Now attach the legs to the wire by putting a little adhesive on the top of the legs where you are going to push the wire into the middle of the length of the legs.

Enjoy your crafty witch.

By Crafty Billie from Stockton, CA

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Below are photos related to this guide.

Santa Gourd

Ho..Ho..Ho! Santa Gourd. He is just the cutest gourd I have ever painted for the holidays. He makes a great centerpiece for a holiday table. Enjoy!

By ilovegourds

Santa Gourd

Penny Rug Welcome Gourd

This is a half gourd, and painted in a primitive scene I call "Penny Rug Welcome". This particular design has been painted on many sizes of gourds, as it is one of a very popular request of folks. The piece measures approximately 9 inches across.


By ilovegourds from Cheraw, SC

Penny Rug Welcome Gourd