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Crafts Using Tin Can Lids

Tin Can Lids

A fun way to recycle is to make crafts using metal can lids. This guide is about craft using tin can lids.


Solutions: Crafts Using Tin Can Lids

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Recycle Can Lids Into Fun Holiday Decor

Ghost motif on lid.

Save lids from cans of food. I used a can opener that leaves clean edges all around. I printed holiday pictures and used packing tape (clear) over the picture to laminate on the front side. I glued the paper circle design to the middle of a lid. I then drilled a hole in the top of each lid. Using colored yarn, I strung them together and hung them for a decoration. You can do this for any holiday.

    Lids decorated for Christmas.Lid decorations hanging in window.

    By lnygaard [100]

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    Craft Project: Can Lid Ornaments

    Tin Can OrnamentI bought a Pampered Chef can opener and my husband and I had a time figuring out how to use it! When we did, I found a new source of craft materials - can lids! With this can opener, the edges are smooth. You could also use lids from frozen fruit juice concentrate.


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    Fabric Can Lid Ornaments

    Fabric Can Lid Ornaments FinishedLids cut from food cans using a side-cutting type can opener can be made into charming low-cost unique ornaments for the tree or wall hangings.


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    Can Lid Christmas Ornament

    Tin Can Lid Ornament FinishedCreate unique Christmas tree ornaments using metal lids with pull-tabs!


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    Tip: Making Ornaments from Can Lids

    You can make free Christmas ornaments and other year round decorations with lids you've taken off the tops and bottoms of soup, tuna, juice, and other cans with the can opener. Just use a permanent marker to draw out a flower (or whatever) and then cut it out with tin snips.


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