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Dish Rack or Drying Mat


Do you have a dish rack on your countertop in the kitchen or do you use a drying mat? How does a drying mat dry dishes like glasses very well on the inside if the glass is turned upside down on the mat?

By Onesummer


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By cettina 78 392 11/28/2012

Dishracks harbour germs unless you scrub them periodically and get into all the crevices. too much trouble for me. I've never had a problem with my glasses drying as long as they are rinsed in clear water after washing in dishsoap.

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By Melody C. 3 3 11/28/2012

I love my drying mat. When I am washing glass ware or anything that needs to be turned over I prop something such as a piece of silverware or something along those lines just under the lip of the glass so it kind of tips just a little bit and this has always worked for me. It works on anything that when turned over on the mat won't dry very well. I also like to spread all my silverware out all over the mat and it dries better then standing up in the dish drainer and also helps to avoid getting poked by something sharp such as knives.

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By Linda 45 301 11/28/2012

I love my drying mat. I also use the top rack in my dishwasher for big items or if I have too much to fit on the mat. I also wash my mat periodically and air dry it (I have 2 and switch 'em out)

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