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Disposing of Lamp Oil Properly

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Old Oil Lamp

The type of oil used in your lamp and the local recycling and waste regulations will help determine the best way to dispose of the oil. This is a guide about disposing of lamp oil properly.



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Question: Disposing of Lamp Oil

I bought a new oil lamp from Wal-Mart, but the globe doesn't fit right and I only noticed after I filled the lamp with oil. Now I need to dispose of the oil and don't know of a good way to do this. What is acceptable from the recycling standpoint? The lamp is ruined and will also go into the trash.

By fancy61 from Northern Dayton Area, OH


Most Recent Answer

By April [185]03/26/2012

I would save the oil in a mason jar and take the lamp back to Walmart and ask for an exchange. Without a receipt our store will not refund, but they will exchange.

Solutions: Disposing of Lamp Oil Properly

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