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Fixing a Cracked Dashboard

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old dashboard

Exposure to sun and temperature variations can cause the dashboard in your car to crack. To save on expenses you can make the repairs yourself. This is a guide about fixing a cracked dashboard.



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Question: Solution for Cracked Dashboard

Does anyone out there know how to stop a crack in the dashboard of a car? We're a little tight on money right now and can't afford to have it professionally done. We aren't looking to repair it right now, only to stop it before it gets worse! thanks!

Alica from Missouri


Best Answer

By Tori (Guest Post)11/07/2004

Check your auto parts department at places like Walmart. I have seen repair kits for the vinyl in car interiors to repair vinyl seats, etc. which come with several color vials so you can mix colors for a better match. I think they are under $20.00, but I have never tried them so I don't know how well they work. If Walmart, K-mart, or Target don't have this item, then try an auto parts store like Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, Pep Boys, etc.

My second suggestion is a more frugal one just for appearances. You could just place duct tape over the cracks to prevent them from enlarging, and then use something like fabric (fleece, velour, felt, canvas, etc.) contact paper, rubberized (or not) shelf liner, or a scrap of carpet that complements your car interior over the top of the whole dash as a temporary cosmetic fix. I've seen custom made fabric dashboard covers in auto parts catalogs like J.C. Whitney, but these can get very expensive. If you decide to go this route, you may want to remove the dashboard so you can more precisely cut the hole where your defroster vent is near the windshield. Good luck!

Solutions: Fixing a Cracked Dashboard

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