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Fleas on Indoor Cats

i have 2 kittens, we bought a town house 4 months ago. We had no problems with fleas, all of sudden their are fleas everywhere and our kittens are indoor cats so I don't know how this many could be in here? We tried bombing the house with 2 cans one on each floor. it killed like 90% of them but there are still fleas in the house i just want them out!! Any suggestions?



Fleas on Indoor Cats

You are supposed to use ONE can per ROOM, not per floor, hat's why you most likely still have a problem. Set off one can in EACH ROOM. (08/13/2004)

By Ann

Fleas on Indoor Cats

I had this problem with an indoor cat a few years ago and it turned out that I was the problem. Fleas were hitching a ride on my pants legs in the grass outside and riding into the house. Then they infest the cat and lay eggs in carpets, furniture, etc. The advice I received was to invest about half of my flea budget in treating the yard, 30 - 40% (can't remember) treating the house, carpet, furniture, etc. and the other 10% or so treating the cat. I was also advised that the bombs only kill mature fleas; something else must be used to kill the eggs. And I was told that since my cat is a long haired critter (and also because they don't work much on Southern fleas anyway) I shouldn't use a flea collar on her. (08/13/2004)


By Anna

Fleas on Indoor Cats

When my indoor cat got fleas we just got him a flea collar (they are inexpensive too) and wash all your blankets and cat bedding (if you have any) and all that stuff and every single flea will be gone in 1 month at the very least.

By Kristi

Fleas on Indoor Cats

I always bathe my cats at least for twenty minutes when I first take them in the house with Dawn dishwasing liquid and warm water. Just get a sink full of the stuff. The fleas will all run for their lives and head for the ears and eyes. I then pick the fleas off and drop them in a separate container. This takes a while. You have to do this until they are old enough to have flea spray or powder.

Salt sprinkled on the floor should be good. Rosemary repels fleas as does lavender and rubbing alcohol. I sometimes sprinkle garlic on the cat and work it in, just a little bit, in the coat and then the cat gets some of it and swallows it,. B1 is a good supplement to give an imals, and also a bottle of skin so soft and water sprayed on occasionally. I just treat them like kids and make them bathe and when they are old enough, powder spray or topically treat them for fleas and tapeworms. (11/06/2004)

By Racing against thimerosol

Fleas on Indoor Cats

Mix normal shampoo and tea tree oil together and wash your cats with it for about ten minutes. Then wrap them in a towel and hold them in it for another 10 minutes. Fleas don't like it and it makes their coat softer. Hope it helps! (12/29/2004)


By Jessie

Fleas on Indoor Cats

Pet Sitter here, Alan, plus a happy cat owner. I don't understand the flea situation, either, if your kittens are strictly indoors--UNLESS--your new place was formerly inhabited by indoor/outdoor animals. Fleas can remain dormant for something like a YEAR until they detect the presence of new hosts--yeah, yuck! We're not even going to start on the eggs. What I suggest is for you is something cheap and quick, but it will take diligence to make it work and STAY working. You'll need to lock the kitties out of whatever room you're doing, because they don't need to walk in this stuff--they'll clean it off themselves and they definitely don't need it in their little bodies. It's plain old Borax, 20-Mule Team Borax. Sprinkle that on your carpets, work it in with a stiff broom, let it sit overnight and then vacuum it all up, using a new vacuum bag each time--THEN THROW AWAY THE BAG WAY OUTSIDE THE HOUSE. Do this with each room in your house where there is any flea activity at all. Repeat every week, until there's no sign of flea activity in your house. You WILL go through quite a few vacuum cleaner bags, but this process is much safer on your family and kitties than bug bombs and other stronger pesticides. HTH (01/04/2005)

By Barbara

Fleas on Indoor Cats

My cat picked up fleas after being outside for only 2 minutes of her entire life. I took her to the groomers for a flea bath while I bombed my apartment. I used SIX cans in a small two bedroom apartment, washed every piece of clothing, bedding, and anything that would go in the washer. Within two days, fleas. I have been hearing a lot about 20 Team Mule Borax, and I believe this will work. I am going to the store tonight to buy some. I also hear this is safe for children that live in the home. Is this true? (01/09/2005)

By Aprill

Fleas on Indoor Cats

We've used borax for years and did call the poison control center to ask about it. If ingested in large amounts it can be harmful so what I recommend is this:

Put it in one room at a time. Sprinkle it on as you would carpet deodorizer. Let it sit for an hour or so, then vacuum up. It also freshens the carpet. The biggest risk is that the cat will lick it off her paws but after vacuuming it should be very safe. Even if some works down into the carpet pad, it will kill the flea eggs but not be accessible to the animal.

If your kids sit on the floor or are little crawlers or toddlers, I'd take the same precautions. Vacuum before you let them crawl around on the rug.

Make sure that you dispose of the vacuum bags or if you have a bagless vacuum, the dirt, quickly and send it out to the garbage can in case any live fleas or eggs are in the dirt.

I think this is a much safer way to keep fleas out than flea bombs.

I've also heard that table salt works well for this type of method. (01/09/2005)

By Susan from ThriftyFun

Fleas on Indoor Cats

If you want to bathe indoor adult cats that have never been bathed before try this idea. I was desperate to bathe my 5 cats because we were infested with fleas. Ask someone to help you either to hold or wash the cat(s). Fill your sink with warm soapy (flea soap) water. Wear a pair of thick thermal winter cloves (the gloves also act as a wash cloth at the same time as protecting you from being scratched. Hold kitty's front and back paws firmly. She will meow, fight you, twist and turn. But don't be afraid. Talk calmly to her and quickly and easily sit kitty in the sink. Now wash her quickly making sure you've covered her well with soap. Do not let them lick the soap. They could become sick. Now rinse them off thoroughly. Towel dry and keep her warm. If she doesn't like a hair drier, try wrapping her in a warm thick towel or blanket for a little while. If you do not want to attemp this one. Try Olive Oil. It's used to treat itchy skin from dry flea bitten areas. It works well. Use a soft cloth or cotton ball and soak it in the oil. Rub in into kitty's flea bites or wipe her down completely. It does get rid of fleas. I found this out after bathing my babies. (11/09/2006)


By Pat

Fleas on Indoor Cats

I put a flea collar in my vacuum before sweeping and this kills any living fleas that I may suck up. It is also a good preventative step. I have heard that tea tree oil can be harmful to cats so you might want to ask a vet before using it on the cat. (10/22/2007)

By Amy


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