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Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

How can I make oil that smells?

Cindy from AL


Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

Try www . fragrancelampekits . com
They have a lot of things to make your own lamp.
I have purchased from them and the product is more than what I expected, excellent quality and a unique way to save tons and tons of money from buying the lamp berger, la tee da, alexandria and other styles available.
I LOVE IT ! They have wonderful products and great prices. (10/02/2007)

By Connie from California.

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

You need to use IPA at least 91%, anything lower doesn't work.
Then you need to obtain either a Fragrance oil or essential oil, uncut, 100% pure. The Alcohol can be purchased at Walmart, Walgreen's , CVS, etc. 90% will work but I believe the 91% is the best. To the 16 oz. bottle of alcohol add 1 & 1/2 teaspoon of the oil, scent of your choice. Fill lamp 2/3 and you are ready to go. Has never failed me, and my stones seem to stay cleaner than the lamp oils I paid $18.00 for.


CAT FL. (10/22/2007)

By Tazaczek

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

You can purchase your oils from Nature's Garden:
336600 Royalton Rd.
Columbia Station, Oh. 44028

I found them to be the most reasonable and the most helpful.
However I was told never to buy oils that were strictly for candles. I am sure it has something to do with the flash point. But none the less, I use them and they have a great variety. I think you can find them at
CAT FL. (10/22/2007)

By Tazaczek

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

Hi, I've been all over the internet looking for the best deals on fragrance has a ton of fragrances and have been the best deal I can find. I'm looking for a wholesaler that sells the components to make the lamps, anyone have a lead? Thanks!

By Shabbybeautiful

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

Hi, is it necessary to have the wick doubled or can I change it to a single wick and, when soaking in alcohol, is it the stone and wick or do you separate the stone from the wick and only soak the stone?
Thanks. (10/30/2007)


Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

You can get wholesale kits from www (dot) FragranceLampeKits (dot) com. The quality is terrific and the prices are Great for wholesalers or flea marketers! If you email FragranceLampeKits they also dicker with prices some on extra large orders. They are very heavy excellent quality products, the pictures do NOT do justice to the merchandise.


As far as the wicks you can cut them in half to make longer, they are just for soaking not burning. And yes you must clean the wicks too just like the stone, the residue builds up on them also. You DO NOT remove the cord from the stone as this is part of the catalytic burner. The rope supplies the stone with the alcohol and fragrance. When cleaning just put it all in together, DO not take apart. (10/31/2007)

By Connie from California.

Which essential oil?

Which essential oil is best for cuddling/snuggling etc., with my lady? Robert
wingsofwind AT (11/05/2007)

By Robert

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

Lavender and Chamomile Pure Essential Oils

Do you know what kind of fragrances she likes? That would be the best! Some perfume bath oils can be used. To test them; dip in a q-tip and see if it will burn, if so without burning the q-tip try that too.
See if someone knows what and how to mix that kind of oil to make your lamp fuel with.

I found a website called Fragrance Lamp Kits. Look and see what she has- her oil prices are very reasonable.
Just put a www . before the name FRAGRANCELAMPEKITS and then a . com.
Happy Cuddling and Snuggling ! (11/05/2007)

By Connie from California.

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

Need recipe for reed diffuser oil, not lamp oil (11/05/2007)

By jan

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

This conversation is about diffuser lamps. But I think the reed diffusers just use straight oil, no alcohol. Not sure...sorry can't help more than that. (11/06/2007)

By Connie from California.

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

I am a fragrance person with access to a world of information, and I was poking around on the Internet, and found this post. I normally don't give out information on how to make a product (proprietary information), unless lives are at stake, and since 99% of you are not comprehending the danger here, I want to offer some help.

First of all, the company I work for does not yet sell this particular product, or the lamp (as of the year 2007) so don't take this as someone trying to get the consumer to stop saving money. Take this as someone trying to keep a consumer safe.

The smoke is due to the chemical mix in the fragrance or the particular essential oil. To scrape the stone worked because you removed the residuals from the exterior of the stone, and it worked very well because you soaked it in alcohol. Either method will work okay, but together these methods clean the stone. Cumbersome, but it is a perfect cleaning method. To burn 100% alcohol, although somewhat crazy, it cleaned the stone because it burns so hot that it burns the residuals right off that old stone without any other effort.

CAUTION! These recipes are extremely flammable! Please do not take this as directing, only as educating. My professional opinion, as far as problems go: forget about alcohol being a part of any burning-properties-problem. Isopropol alcohol would be the one reason it would burn out of control, having nothing to do with a lack of burn and everything in the world to do with danger.

In any product that is suppose to produce a warming or burning effect, by putting water in. You are either only slowing the burn, or extinguishing it. If you are given the illusion that the a burn is "cleaner" AFTER you added water to a burning product, it is because you slowed the burn down by adding water (to each his own). Am I telling you NOT to use the water? No, I am not advising you, simply educating you. Actually, I think you should have a large bucket of water or a water hose, better yet, a swimming pool to jump all times.

Also, if you are using a certain amount of fragrance in a product and can't smell it, then try backing off on the fragrance instead of increasing it. Fragrance can clog the wick just the same as residual build-up.
Even though I am suggesting you completely stop making these, my urgent suggestion to ANY of you is when there is a flame and Isopropol alcohol in the same situation, to always wear flame-retardant clothing that completely covers your skin, and hair (try can actually purchase these ridiculous looking outfits here, and it is worth it to save your life, if you must play), and when testing, or igniting a stone, always stabilize the bottle first, and don't ever forget how to stop drop and roll AND let's hope you choose to roll on grass, not carpet, and not in places where you can roll into table cloths and drapes.


Confucius say, Isopropol alcohol is to the Oil burning Lamp as gasoline is to the hot coals.

Think of it this way....have you ever ordered an alcoholic beverage, set aflame or had Bananas Foster prepared at your dinner table? Notice how the flame spreads across the alcohol in a nanosecond? If you simply must put your life in danger like this, and if you don't want to be a human torch, stabilize the bottle, wipe all drippings, give any excess drippings that you missed, a couple of minutes to evaporate.

Never completely fill the container and never leave the side of your lamp during ignition, other than to distance yourself from the danger of the situation. I personally, would do this testing outdoors, away from flammable items, in an open area. The lamp would be in a cooking pot, deep enough to catch any spillage or splashing and stabilized with plenty of medium to large stones to keep it from tipping over (of course a level surface is expected).

Once you are positive you have a non-explosive formula, then you can begin to consider taking it into your costly home, near your priceless families (sarcasm, to help you understand the weight of the situation. I would never consider taking this alcohol fueled flame into my own home, nor suggest it to you). I would never perform the initial ignition of this recipe, even once you perfect what you want, outside of a contained situation or indoors. Trust me, I have seen the end product and it is called "indoor bonfire".

Yes, I have experienced this tragedy first hand, indoors in a controlled environment, and the flames are so volatile, they are capable of reaching altitudes of nearly 8 feet, for about 20 ounces of alcohol. That's right, only four more than what you are playing with. Shocked?. I fear the safety of all of you trying, and again, urge you to leave the dangerous to the liable.

I truly hope what I have done here is only to encourage the cleaning of the stone to those of you who have figured out how to, along with some information on why the cleaning is needed sometimes, and discourage you from tinkering with recipes for a bomb (aka, all of the above recipes), or from trying to make this product in your home, or anywhere else for all that matters.

I hope everyone has had fun reading this post. It was meant to be funny, educational and precautionary.
Your education friendly fragrance professional (11/13/2007)

By I love


Great way to get exposure for your website candleberry, sure made me look just to see who would leave such an extensive post. But with anything that burns- it's HOT and dangerous, even candles. Fragrance Lampes are safe as candles which have a constant flame. (11/14/2007)

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

Personally I like the variety of all the different oils already made up at the stores, about 30 here in Texas and they are not the expensive ones around 10 dollars for a bottle. So many smells, so many almost compares to the candles but not as strong. So it may be quantity vs quality. It is fun learning how to make your own but can be more expensive in the long run or even deadly. So be careful (12/19/2007)

By larry

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

If you need instructions with photographs and effusion lamp oil recipes check out my site. It's all there:

One post states that these lamps are very dangerous. Like anything else, you must use caution. Don't leave your effusion lamp unattended while the flame is lit and keep it in a safe place where it won't get knocked over. Once the flame is out the effusion lamp can run while no one is home and is completely safe. Candles probably cause more fires. (12/30/2007)

By Christy

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

I've been fascinated by the lamps since my cousin showed me one he used to mask his cigars, worked incredibly well at that. I'm concerned about the rant earlier about all the hazards. Frankly, I see most of it as mis truths. Certainly common sense should prevail when using anything flammable, but many of those statements are far beyond reasonable belief. Have fun and enjoy. (02/14/2008)


Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

I use the quart size of 91% alcohol and one teaspoon of oil that I order from the Cajun Candle Factory on the internet.
I have been using this recipe for several years and it doesn't affect the wick any different than the expensive Lamp Berge' Oil. If you do need wicks, you can order the aftermarket brand for about $5.00 and they too work great.
The new wicks sold by Lamp Berge' are now $25.00. Ridiculous. (02/23/2008)

By 'Re

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

I tried using several homemade recipes and it doesn't work as well as the fragrance oil. I buy my fragrance oil at I buy the oil by the case for $10 a bottle and FREE shipping. The scent lasts longer than homemade. You can even mix and match the case to your liking. (03/13/2008)

By Cindy L.

Fragrance Lamp stone cleaning

Thank you starhawk for the tips on cleaning the stone. I hope it works. I can barely afford the oils. I'm hoping the cleaning tips you gave work! (09/20/2008)

By Cheryl

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

I agree, they do not work as well. Here are a couple of websites you might find helpful: and
I have had great success and am pleased with their products and service. (10/01/2008)

By Cateze

Cleaning stones

I just started using my lamp and love it. But, as with many of you, I've had to experiment to understand. Anyway, I clogged my stone a number of times already. I used Dawn dish detergent to clean the stone wick assembly. I soaked and swished it around in a cup and let it sit for a few hours. Then, I dried it on my window sill in the sun for a couple days. It totally cleans out the stone so it is ready to use again. They use Dawn dish detergent to clean up oil spills on highways. I also use it to degrease my laundry and it works like a charm. Cheap too! You just have to let the oil wick up to the stone each time; I don't really mind. This is a great site. Lots of first-hand info. (12/10/2008)

By newbie

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

I read about scraping the stone to clean it. I tried a nail file and that worked as well. My lamp is now working fine. (01/13/2009)

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

I saw on recipes below that one of the posters said not to use ethyl alcohol. I have found that grain alcohol 190 proof works great. The fragrance is superior to that of isopropyl alcohol which is so sharp to my nose I can't tolerate it. Does anyone else use grain alcohol? Thanks

By kingsbury

Fragrance Lamp Oil Recipe

Use denatured alcohol. (01/30/2009)

By Christine


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