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When you first move out on your own, money is often pretty tight. This is a guide about frugal living advice for young adults.



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Question: Thrifty Advice for Teen Starting Out on Own

I am looking for advice for a teenager starting out on his own. What foods are cheapest? How do I save money on cleaning supplies? How do I stay busy?

By Jason

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By nastassia [1] 10/17/2014

Good subject.
When I had my first job I didn't make much but my father took my salary of $200.00 for the month and invested it. He gave me a paper instead of my salary and I was angry. I wanted to buy clothes. Now I am a senior and the $200.00 he invested in the stock market really amounted to a large amount.

Thinking about it now I realize I could of blown the $200.00 on clothes but look what I have now from this investment.
My advise is really very important, The earlier you invest the better. This is not a joke. Investing later in life does not get you what you could of done if investing at a younger age. That is the secret. Even though you want things now, please think of the future. This trick could really mean something to all young people.
I am now wise regarding this. Take my advise.

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