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Frugal Living Advice for Young Adults

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Frugal Living

When you first move out on your own, money is often pretty tight. This is a guide about frugal living advice for young adults.


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Question: Thrifty Advice for Teen Starting Out on Own

I am looking for advice for a teenager starting out on his own. What foods are cheapest? How do I save money on cleaning supplies? How do I stay busy?

By Jason

Most Recent Answer

By Beth12/31/2012

To help save money and give you something to do, you could both try growing a few veggies. Start with lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber. With a little attention these could bring healthy rewards.

Gardening is a very cost-effective and relaxing hobby for you both. Working together in the garden can be a good way to regularly stay in touch with your son without being intrusive.

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