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Getting Rid of Mice Without Poison

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A photo of mouse.

Whether you use cats or traps, there are ways to control a rodent invasion. This guide is about getting rid of mice without poison.



Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Mice Without Poison.

Question: Keeping Mice and Rats Out of Storage Unit

I have a self storage unit in a different state where I am living presently and need to keep out rats and mice. My sister saw droppings in the unit when she went today. I have this storage unit long term, and have everything I own inside it. I do not want my possessions destroyed. So far I have seen information about the poisons humans can get from pesticides, and what is in the moth crystals, and flakes and it does not sound like would be great to use either of those. Also, I do not have anyone that can go to my storage unit on a regular basis to use the traps. I am not sure what to do. Please help with any serious suggestions. Thanks.

By greeneyes4535967


Most Recent Answer

By Jackolyn Smith [15]11/13/2013

We get mice in our garage in the winter. Our garage is really like a pole barn that sits at the back of our property. We buy Ramik bars from a tractor & feed store. Agway sells them too. We put them in the garage and in our basement. You break up the bars and put them along the walls where you think they might be getting in. The vermin eat the bars and then they die. They dehydrate so you can't smell them like you would if they ate D-Con. A farmer told us about this. He uses them in his barn to keep the mice and rats away. Since we started using the bars, we only find flat-as-a-pancake dead mice now! If you can't find the Ramik bars, there's another one put out by a company called TomCat. These are poisonous to your pets.

Question: Getting Rid of a Mouse Without Poison

I have a mystery mouse in my house, I see the poop pellets around, see teeth marks in cracker boxes, etc., but I haven't seen the mouse. How do I get rid of a mouse humanely that I can't find? I have four young children and don't want sharp traps or poison laying around nor am I keen about finding the critter, I just want it back outside where it belongs!

By Christina F. from Fonthill, Ontario, Canada


Most Recent Answer

By Kay [4]08/20/2012

I saw commercials for something like "Riddex" (check it online), you plug it in and the waves or whatever keep mice away, it's the only thing that has ever worked.

Question: Pet Friendly Mouse Control

How do we work on getting rid of mice in our house? We have tried all the glue type things, and some regular mouse traps. We have dogs and one cat, so we don't want them eating a mouse that might poison them. We are very concerned, because we don't want house damage. We live next to a wooded area, because we live in the country.

By Susan P.

Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen [76]11/25/2011

You can buy humane traps that don't kill; you then relocate the mice to a field or elsewhere far from your home. As an aside, mothballs are not pet-friendly.

Question: Removing Mice from Victor Humane Trap

How do you safely remove live mice from a Victor Humane trap? There are no latches, etc. so you have to use both hands gripping the top and bottom then open it at arms length. No fun to have mice jumping towards your face.

By totally frustrated from CA

Solutions: Getting Rid of Mice Without Poison

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