Getting Rid of Mildew Odors in a House

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There are a variety of causes for mildew odors developing in your home. Depending on the cause there are also several ways to get rid of this unpleasant smell. This is a guide about getting rid of mildew odors in a house.



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Question: Getting Rid of Mildew Smell in Home

The water line behind my stand up shower leaked between the walls and now it smells like mildew really bad. The entire house smells that way when it's all closed up. I took the fiberglass/plastic panel out to replace a leaky valve. I also let it dry out for a week. I sprayed it all down with Tilex/Bleach and water. But that hasn't fixed anything. What can I do to get that smell out?

David from Louisville, KY


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By Joyce A Ratasepp [1]04/06/2009

Our house flooded severely. Basement already had mold. The flood exasperated it. I used Lysol liquid, found it at walmart It is old school product been around for years and used in hospitals, has a medicinal smell. It killed the mold! It says on the bottle: "kills staphylococcus, viruses, mold mildew"... etc! IT WORKS. One bottle makes like 20 gallons. I just diluted it and used a spray bottle and sprayed all over all the walls and poured it into the receding water on the floor and the smell and mold was gone! I swear by this stuff and even the FEMA guy was impressed! Its like $4 tops at Walmart. Brown bottle yellow white label says lysol Disinfectant. Good luck

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By Jenny [2]03/22/2009

I had the same problem, we had a leak under my kitchen cabinets, and some of the wood had gotton some mold on it. We repaired the leaks, sprayed straight Clorex Bleach.

I bought Damp Rid at the grocery store. All you do is hang it up, and it collects the moisture, which causes mold. And leaves a very fresh smell. It worked great in my kitchen cabinets, the the smell was horrible, and was throughout my whole house. Now you cant smell a thing. $5.00 is what that cost me at Krogers.

Question: Removing Mold Smell From Mobile Home and Clothing

I have purchased an old mobile home for a summer vacation home. It has a moldy odor to it. Also, when I closed it up for the winter, I noticed that the clothes I took home from the closet and drawers have a moldy smell. Any items that I have just sitting around in there have the smell as well. I have tried washing the clothes over and over again, but the smell still remains. Please Help! Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank You


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By Dan03/23/2010

Try diffusing cinnamon oil in the room or, for clothes, washing once with no soap, but with a little bit of cinnamon oil. I can't promise it will work, but the oil has done wonders for eliminating all the mold from the lining of my fridge, just by diffusing it with bowl and a hair-dryer. If you don't believe cinnamon oil is strong enough, check the NYTimes. It's a stronger antiseptic than anything used in hospitals, and an excellent antifungal. Best of Luck!

Question: Removing a Strong Mold Odor

I'm looking for advice on how to remove strong mold odor. My mom and I will be moving to a mobile home in about 3 months. A pipe burst about a month ago and the carpet was soaked. The owner fixed the pipe but did not remove or dry the carpet. It has been sitting closed up with wet carpet and now the whole place reeks of mold. We went yesterday to look things over and we both had a headache all day (after leaving also) from the smell.

The owner is going to replace the carpet before we move in but I am concerned that the odor has permeated the walls and everything. Is there any commercial product like a bomb or spray to set off and it will kill the odor? Any home remedies would be appreciated also. I know bleach is good but I don't think I can spray bleach on the walls.

Joyann from Visalia, CA

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By (Guest Post)11/27/2007

Bleach does kill mold. I have proof

Question: Mobile Home Smells Like Mildew

I bought 1970 Champion mobile in August 2013. As spring hit and snow melted away this terrible smell of mildew has built up. Being that it was an old mobile I quickly gutted it and began rebuilding it. I have replaced all flooring. The walls have been stripped bare and insulated and drywalled. The ceiling was also stripped insulated and drywalled. There are all new thermal windows. I have it looking beautiful. But it smells. Almost like it is coming from the dirt underneath. How do I fix this ?

By Wendy from northern MI

Question: Removing Musty Smell in Travel Trailer

Our friend purchased a used trailer. Since it was closed up for some time all the cupboards, drawers, etc. smell musty. I have tried placing charcoal on aluminum plates, spraying fabric products, but it has not seemed to work.


Question: Musty Odor in Bedroom

There is a musty smell in one bedroom. We couldn't find where it was coming from for a month. Jenny Jo has the experience in finding the cold water pipe leaked in the bathroom and caused the musty smell. How do we determine if my house is having the same problem? Thanks!

By dchen

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