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Giving Pets Vinegar for Fleas

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Giving Pets Vinegar for Fleas
Vinegar is know for its health benefits for humans, and may deter fleas from your pets. This is a guide about giving pets vinegar for fleas.


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May 6, 2009

Has anyone ever heard of adding vinegar to pet's water to ward off fleas? I heard this on a PBS show, but their site is down for construction.

Apparently the pets drink the vinegar water and by it coming through their pores, it keeps fleas away. There were different amounts of vinegar based on the pets' weight. Any input would be appreciated.

By mom of towers from St. Louis, MO

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Best Answer

I have used this. I learned about it from a veterinarian. White vinegar is fine. I use an old water jug....1/4 cup per gallon and the fleas stay away! And the best and cheapest way I've used and learned to treat your yard is PineSol and water in a pump sprayer! You can Google the amounts for the size of your pump sprayer....I have a 3 gallon backpack pump strayer so it's either 4 cups or 1 small bottle and the rest water. Then pump up and spray the border of your yard and for extra protection I suggest spraying all of the inside of your yard for the first treatment every sping. Because PineSol is made from pure essential pine oil and water it isn't harmful for any of your grass....Google for plant bed safety. It is by far the best thing I have ever used. You only have to re apply your borders at the most once a month, depends if your neighbors have pets or if it's a bad insect year like here in Oklahoma....this summer has been horrible! All I can say is try either or both of my DIY flea treatments and see how you like it!

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April 30, 20090 found this helpful

This is a question for a veterinarian.

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April 30, 20090 found this helpful

Here is something to look at: http://www.cure … /fm.asp?i=973742

I think if it's for fleas, it has to be used (diluted) topically, not internally.

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May 7, 20090 found this helpful

I've never heard of using vinegar for this purpose. And I can't even imagine my dogs drinking vinegar water, no matter how much it was diluted!

But I have heard a lot about using garlic to ward off fleas and ticks. Even my vets have told me about this trick. Since my dogs eat strictly dry food, and there have been days when they have just not been hungry and haven't eaten it at all, I will mix it up in a teaspoon of peanut butter, or sometimes I'll soak a Milk Bone in it. Tricks like that to get them to eat it. It has worked on mine for years now, and we live in the Southeast where the fleas and ticks are miserable!

As for amounts, I have 2 dachsunds. I use the liquid garlic and I give them each 1/4 tsp daily, increasing it in summer to 1/2 tsp daily.

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May 7, 20090 found this helpful

DO NOT USE white distilled vinegar! White vinegar should only be used for cleaning not CONSUMED...consumed by human or animal! Only use organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar "with the Mother"! Bragg's is the best.

I give 1 tablespoon per day on my dog's food. She has been on it for 4 years now. No fleas! I also keep a spray bottle of it by the door when we go outside, I spray her lightly all over and the fleas don't even get near her. I won't use chemicals on her!

Check out this website: … healthypets.html Bragg's is available at Whole Foods and most health food stores.

It is great for skin allergies, bladder infections, etc.

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May 7, 20090 found this helpful

Also, garlic and onions are NO's No's for dogs and cats. And, I totally agree that is an excellent site to study this subject. Search for Apple Cider Vinegar.

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May 7, 20090 found this helpful

I have used this for a while. I used white distilled vinegar (a capful) in his water bowl. It is good for digestion. I tried cider vinegar but my dog and cat con't like that so I've given them white vinegar. They don't even notice.

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May 7, 20090 found this helpful

Who has determined that white vinegar is bad to consume? It is sold as a grocery and I've been eating it for years in salad dressings, as marinades, etc. Just curious to know the facts.

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May 8, 20090 found this helpful

Dogs don't sweat the way we do - they pant. So I am not sure that the vinegar would ever reach their skin & bother the fleas. The only sweat glands dogs have are in the pads on their feet - not a flea area.

A better idea would be to wash them in a shampoo containing chrysanthemum flowers. You could add cedar chips to their bedding, spray them with a peppermint and/or rosemary solution (boil together, cool, put in a spray bottle - check an area to see if this bothers them). Many people use brewer's yeast for fleas, but many dog's are allergic to it., so be careful.

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May 8, 20090 found this helpful

I would never ever use vinegar for dogs water. I would never do for my dog that I wouldn't do for myself doesn't sound quenching at all and could be harmful. I hope you checked with your vet. :)

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August 24, 20150 found this helpful

It has been proven for Heartburn & gas that Tums, Rolaids, & other anti-acids only coat the problem., The reason people get it ,is because there isn't enough acid in the stomach. Drinking a table spoon of Vinegar, immediately, relieves gas , heartburn, and also will stop charlie horses, or muscle cramps. It works on animals too, especially Dogs. I know this because vinegar saved my dogs life.. Dogs can get gastric problems from just drinking to much water after a big meal of dry dog food or playing to hard right after a big meal. which can flip their stomach, resulting in death within hours. The Vets say caught early give a dose of Malanta, which I had NONE. I drink Pickle juice for my Indigestion & leg cramps. So Dozzer got a dose of diluted vinegar., 5 minutes later he belched a big bunch of air from his stomach. & was pretty much back to normal.

So, Vinegar is good for us all. Now I learn it repels fleas, another great bonus.

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August 27, 20160 found this helpful

Garlic can kill dogs

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April 30, 20170 found this helpful

Thanks for your advice on pinesol an water for fleas.

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By 0 found this helpful
February 22, 2010

I have heard that you can add apple cider vinegar to your pet's water to help with fleas, is this true?

By Lora from TX

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February 23, 20102 found this helpful
Best Answer

This is true, and if you go to and look under the pets tab you can find it...let me are a few starter links to begin your research:

http://earthcli … /Pets/fleas.html

http://www.eart … Pets/fleas2.html

Some info I found....

Add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your pet's drinking water. The appropriate ratio is 1 tsp. of vinegar to 1 qt. of water.

According to The Vinegar Institute, this ratio will work to keep a 40 lb. animal flea-free. Using white distilled vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar is acceptable, but your pet may enjoy the apple cider more than the distilled white.

Vinegar is an acidic substance, and when your pet ingests it, it will make his coat more acidic.....

http://www.ehow … negar_borax.html

Notice that salt is less toxic than borax. I put it all over the house when I see a flea.

Also what I do for my dogs is that often, I will take a rag washed with a dove soap bar and rinsed out...and yet it still has enough water to wash their skin under the fur. It makes them feel like they have just had a bath and their coat is so soft.

The skin needs to be washed, it develops lot of dead cells over time...and it feels better to have their skin wiped down every so often...they love it. It also rids them of pollen and toxins off their coat.

The next day it is dry and I put adams flea spray on them in the "spots" I hold the fur up and spray under the hair.

I don't cover them completely. First, I do a circle around their ears, and then I do under their arms, up their spine where they cant lick at it and then on their tail at the base and around their collar.

I am going to have to thin out our chow shepherd's hair since it is so thick I cant even be sure the spray will get where it is supposed to go. I would put the salt all over the floors and under the sheets...fleas hate salt with a passion. And it is cheap.

Also, If you are going to bathe the animal and you want a tried and true way to kill fleas on them, use dawn and baby shampoo mixed with peroxide on them. Lather it and leave it about five to ten minutes. Then rinse two or three times. Have a special treat for after the bath.

If the dogs are on a supplement of fish oil pills, then they should be healthier...anything to help the skin on a dog and it's overall health will help with fleas.

Also the dosage for a dog for benadryl is one to two milliarams per body weight.

Food is an issue too, I like to feed Pedigree even though it is far from the perfect food. Whenever I have chicken I give it to them. If you look up on the internet which dog foods are the best you will find authority and pro plan are the best because meat is a first ingredient.

I cant afford the whole bag of it, but I buy it in the extra small bags and give it to them as treats.

Lots of things can help with fleas. There is tons of information on just don't inhale the peroxide, that is the craziest remedy I have seen on there.

I am sad to say that Frontline is no longer working for me or a lot of people. The formula seems to be useless.

Blessings, Robyn

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May 31, 20161 found this helpful

The chemical flea/tick killers/repellents sold at vet clinics, and other stores, are slowly poisoning your pets so they will die at a younger age. There are several web stores that carry only natural pet care products for cats and dogs that you will know are safe for pets, children, and yourself. I prefer to use the Cedarcide products for killing fleas and ticks on pets, and in the home/yard. This product is even safe to use on young animals, and is environmentally friendly.

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February 23, 20100 found this helpful

I've never heard of is & I doubt that any pet would like the taste of vinegar, which could lead to the pet drinking less water, & drinking less water can easily lead to kidney problems (especially in cats). Instead I would recommend you add nutritional yeast to your pets food. The fleas hate the smell produced from the B-vitamins in the yeast. I know that nutritional yeast helps with fleas in dogs, I don't know if nutritional yeast is good for cats & other pets, you'd have to do some research.

* I have found that the only sure-fire way to rid your pet of fleas is to use Revolution or Advantage once a month. You need to buy these products at a vet. Call around to find a vet that sells single-doses. A single dosage costs less than $15 per month & it really works. My vet said that the Revolution brand of (behind the neck) flea product also gets rid of Heart Worm, Tape Worm & Ticks along with fleas & the Advantage brand kills only fleas. Some vets (not all) requite a prescription for the Revolution brand, but I've found that it's much safer than Advantage (at least in my cat).

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October 3, 20100 found this helpful


You should have tried it before you totally disregard the apple cider vinegar. Yes, I have tried it and yes, dogs will drink it. I just put a cap full in the water dish and fill the rest with water. I originally used it just to keep my animals healthy. I was told about this from a friend that has used the vinegar for her dogs and even her chickens. This is not a new discovery, farmers especially have been doing this for many years.

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September 19, 20130 found this helpful

It acts like a purge for them I'm not sure if it really kills them.

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February 22, 20100 found this helpful

How do you apply vinegar to kill fleas on pets?

By Catherine from Middleburg, FL


Using Vinegar for Fleas

I heard to put a bit of vinegar in the water bowl and you can also give them a rinse in vinegar water after you bath them. Hope this helps. (11/13/2009)

By mkm1enonly

Using Vinegar for Fleas

I will not give my dogs vinegar water, that seems a bit harsh. I give them garlic pills everyday among other things. (12/02/2009)

By yessy1019

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January 7, 20171 found this helpful

garlic is dangerous to give to dogs, both onions and garlic thin the dogs blood and they can hemorrhage inside.. the vinegar is safe but you should use apple cider vinegar...

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March 9, 20171 found this helpful

Oh no not garlic it's very danderous my vet told me when I said I use it on my pets for fleas he said never again it can kill so now I use use white vinegar in water and vet approved so no harm x

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July 11, 20170 found this helpful

Garlic is bad for dogs. Check with ur vet. I'll see it's bad to give them

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July 15, 20170 found this helpful

Ok so my huskies are 9 weeks old I bathed them In dawn and then gave them white vinegar in their water. They are drinking it and I am going to add salt along the edges of the area they stay in. Hopefully this will help. Also do you think yeast from bread helps because when their mom was pregnant she would still it every chance she got

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August 12, 20041 found this helpful

My chihuahua has fleas so bad that she is pulling her hair off and she is even turning a darker color around he butt end she is white so it is easy to see her skin. I am wondering if it is alright to spray vinegar right on her. Wouldn't that sting?


Vinegar for Fleas? 08/12/2004
Why would you want to use vinegar? Don't think it would take care of your problem. Go to your vet or groomer and get a pill called Capstar. It will kill all fleas within an hour (only good for 24 hours). Then get Frontline Plus to apply to the back of the neck. This last for 1 to 3 months. That should take care of your problem and your doggy will certainly feel better too.
By Sue (Guest Post)
Vinegar for Fleas? 08/12/2004
Use dishwashing liquid to bathe dear wee poochie. A few drops in the warm water should do fine . Start sudsing at her head & the fleas will run down to the water in the dishpan & drown. Rinse the darling in nice warm water and get her dry fast, use a blowdryer on low and hold it from a safe distance if she'll tolerate it. You don't want her taking a chill.

Dawn is especially gentle, it's used to clean marine animals and birds from Oil spills. It's gentle on their skins but kills insects with Very Satisfactory efficiency.

You can mop floors with it too. I keep some diluted in a spray bottle, it makes a good all purpose cleaner as well.

By Linne Dodds (Guest Post)
Vinegar for Fleas? 08/16/2004
I'm all about non-commercialized products if possible too. I know that Frontline would probably take care of the flea problem, but if those meds have the capacity to kill fleas within an HOUR, how toxic are they to the dog?! I heard EUCALYPTUS works well!
By sjk
Vinegar for Fleas? 09/10/2004
I read a tip the other day that I thought was pretty good. Keep your lawn mowed short - the fleas do not live in sunlight places and prefer dark places and by keeping your lawn mowed you might eliminate many of these pests.
By Diana Dwyer (Guest Post)
Vinegar for Fleas? 09/10/2004

2 Tbsp. sugar
1/2 cup vinegar
Add 1 tsp dish soap

In custard cup, don't slosh (so it doesn't make suds). This has worked very well for me.

By Jayne (Guest Post)
Vinegar for Fleas? 09/11/2004
Your lawn needs to be 3 inches long to be healthy. If you cut it shorter, it starts to die, then recovers, just in time for the next mower attack. My grass is green unless a dog gets it while my neighbors are constantly trying to revive a yellow brown patch.
By Jill (Guest Post)
Vinegar for Fleas? 09/12/2004
Frontline Plus... AMEN!
By teresatrey
Vinegar for Fleas? 09/29/2004
The best flea stuff I have come across is called biospot. its smells like oranges. when the smell is gone, it is safe to pet the animal, works wonders, still flealess.
By corinne (Guest Post)
Vinegar for Fleas? 11/20/2004
Just a note.. I used Biospot on my dog and it almost killed her. I had to rush her to the vet with rectal bleeding. He told me it was from the Biospot, and he has seen several cases with this product.
By mindy (Guest Post)
Vinegar for Fleas? 02/18/2005
I moved into a place that is infested with fleas, and my poor dog is suffering. Before now, I had used Frontline and it worked, but I applied it at the beginning of the month, and it is NOT working. I once worked at a Vet clinic and I think it numbed me to what should be considered acceptable treatment for pets. We introduce so many chemicals into our households thinking they're safe because companies are pushing them on us. We put chemicals on our pets and ask why someone would use vinegar. It's all quite ridiculous that people still think these insecticides are safe. I am open to any suggestions for NATURAL remedies for this flea problem. Thanks!
By judy (Guest Post)
Vinegar for Fleas? 07/08/2005
We have a dog and we used vinegar on ours and it made all of hers fleas go away. Frontline works but it is egspensivek
By tara elanora (Guest Post)
Vinegar for Fleas? 09/22/2005
Frontline does work - and very well, I might add. Nevertheless, it is still worthwhile to use other methods.

Fleas HATE eucalyptus (and many other insects do, as well). It is an old homeless trick-- if you must sleep outdoors, find a eucalytus grove and sleep there. There won't be any fleas. With this knowledge, you can use eucalyptus oil (carefully-- it is potentially very irritating) in key areas to discourage fleas. There are other herbs they dislike as well. I know about the effectiveness of eucalyptus because I am from California. Try putting the oil on something you can sprinkle on your lawn around the house or in your basement. If you can, put it on your pet's bedding (just make sure they don't come in direct contact with it). It will help.

If your pet is seriously infested, though, go to the vet and pay for the frontline (get it through the vet - the retail version doesn't work) until the problem is under control. Not only does a severe infestation make the animal miserable, it could potentially cause other problems. Once the fleas are under control, then use other methods to keep them that way.


By Denise2003

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November 13, 20090 found this helpful

Can I get rid of fleas on my pets with vinegar?

Karen From Norwood, GA


Using Vinegar for Fleas

I just did an experiment because I'm having flea troubles. I made a half mixture of vinegar and water in a large spray bottle. I put a flea in a bowl and sprayed it and nothing happened. I then added a few drops of Dawn to the mixture, I sprayed the flea, and a few seconds later it died. (11/16/2008)

By Amgar

Using Vinegar for Fleas

I put a little eucalyptus on cotton balls and spread them out on my carpet before I vacuum. I wait about 15-20 minutes and then vacuum. My cats Zoe and Zada (a Himalyan, yes lots of hair) are flea-free and we live in Charleston, SC. I order the Eucalyptus Oil from any pharmacy. Four ounces cost about $8.00. (12/12/2008)

By Rhonda

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April 30, 20090 found this helpful

My name is Rebecca and I am from Pensacola, Florida. I am so glad I found this website, so much information that sounds great.

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August 9, 20080 found this helpful
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