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Having a beautiful, successful garden depends on a number of considerations, including selecting the best plants for the sunlight levels in each area. This is a guide about good plants for morning sun.



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Question: Herb and Flower Suggestions for Backyard Patio With Morning Sun

I am new to this site, looks fantastic. I had a beautiful vegetable and herb garden last summer on an east-facing terrace. I moved to a south-facing ground apartment with a backyard patio, but I don't get that much direct sunlight. I get direct sun in the morning until about 1pm, and then it's indirect for the rest of the afternoon, and shaded in some places. I'm looking for suggestions for herbs (unlikely, I suspect) and flowers that would do well in such a place. Thanks.

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By Kate from New York City

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By Lisa [2] 03/27/2010

For the shadiest areas, impatiens might do well. On the north side of my house (almost no direct sun, or none at all) I plant lots of impatiens right next to the house, and they thrive. Coleus could add a shot of color. Hosta will do well in shade.

Oh caladiums! A few years back I saw the most striking planting; impatiens around caladiums. I remember it was red & white. I don't remember if it was red caladiums with white impatiens, or white caladiums with red impatiens, but it was beautiful. I did a similar planting that year, maybe I'll do it this year, too!

If I think of any veggies or herbs, I'll come back and post. You might want to check out Dave's Garden.

Best of luck finding the perfect plants for your shady area! I just went looking at plants today. I'm ready to be done with cold weather for a while!

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