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Growing a Banana Tree from Seed

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I hear you can grow lots of veggies and fruits from their seeds. Can you grow a banana tree from any part of the left over banana peel? Or, is it possible to grow bananas from scratch at all?

We eat lots of bananas at my house, I would love to have a banana tree at my house. Thanks to all who are helping me.

By Pati



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By Deanj09/07/2012

Also, go to and type in growing banana tree.

By Deanj09/07/2012

Banana trees grow from cuttings of the banana tree. When you cut a banana in half you may have noticed the little dark spots that ring the center of the banana. At one time they were the seeds but have long since been bred out of the banana. Same as seedless oranges. So, if you can find a cutting from a banana tree and live in the right climate they they like you may be in business.

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