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Growing a Rubber Tree (Houseplant)

Rubber Tree (Houseplant)

A rubber plant adds a touch of the tropical to your home decor. This is a guide about growing a rubber tree (houseplant).


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Tip: Garden: Rubber Plant Care

I have always loved rubber tree plants. I bought over the years I can't even count how many, and it never failed, they all died. They would start dropping leaves like mad till they were nothing but a spindly stick. I researched and did everything to the letter according to every set of directions I could find. Nothing worked. I tried putting it in every spot I could find in the house, watering more, watering less, feeding more/less, everything. Still they all died.

About 4 years ago, I decided to try again and bought a small one about maybe 18 inches tall. It had lots of beautiful leaves and even a bunch of leaf buds on it. I got it home and sure enough, within a week, the leaves were dropping like flies.

I mentioned it to my niece and she told me to start putting it outside in the spring after the last frost, and leaving it out there till just before the first frost in the fall. I did that and now that same plant is almost 5 feet tall and full and beautiful!

It was amazing! I didn't do anything else different to it. For that matter I even forget to water it out there a lot of times! But it is so pretty now, and stays pretty through the winter when I bring it in.

Source: Thank you, Robin!

By Cricket from Parkton, NC

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Question: What Is This Plant? (Rubber Plant - Ficus Elastica)

I have searched the internet and called my mother who is an expert in house plants and can not find the name of this plant. Please could you help me. I thought it was a rubber plant, but my mother-in-law says it is not. Thank you in advance for your help!

Lori from Harrison, South Dakota

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By Cricket 205 896 04/07/2010

It's definitely a rubber tree plant. And one suggestion on it's care. Once the last frost is over put it outside for the summer. Then bring it back in before the first frost of the season. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes! It'll fill out and the leaves won't fall off nearly as badly. It'll be beautiful before the first season is over.

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Question: Pruning a Rubber Tree Plant

When can I cut back a rubber tree plant?

By Peggy from Brighton, IL

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