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Hand Dishwashing Liquid Reviews

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Dishwashing Liquid

With so many different dish washing products on the market, you want to be using the best value. This guide contains hand dishwashing liquid reviews.


Solutions: Hand Dishwashing Liquid Reviews

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Tip: Product Review: Dawn Simple Pleasures Dishwashing Liquid

I found a new product called Dawn Simple Pleasures dishwashing liquid with air freshener beads attached to the bottom. My kitchen smells great! And when the detergent is gone, I drop the air freshener beads on the floor and vacuum them up. Every time I vacuum now, the whole house smells fresh and clean.

By Karen from Thomasville, NC

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Here are questions related to Hand Dishwashing Liquid Reviews.

Question: Why Is Dawn Detergent Recommended So Often?

So many recipes for cleaners, insect control, plant food, etc and all-round-solutions-to-everything specifically recommend Dawn Dishwashing Liquid as one of the ingredients. Can someone tell me just what is so special about Dawn that it is recommended by name? What makes it superior to any other dishwashing liquid?



Most Recent Answer

By Sandy [17]02/18/2013

The comment of Dawn being used during the Valdez Oil Spill is true. Here in New Orleans when BP had an off-shore oil rig explode and thousands of oil messed up our whole Gulf Coast, many different kinds of animals were trapped in large pools of sticky oil. When they were rescued, they were cleaned with Dawn dishwashing detergent. I still remember seeing a bottle sitting on the beach during the newscast. I have been using Dawn ever since. I never thought about using it as a spot cleaner. Great idea!

Question: Best Grease Cutting Hand Dishwashing Liquid

What is the best hand dishwashing liquid for cutting grease?

By Ripp


Most Recent Answer

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [67]04/29/2013

Dawn, it is what is used to clean birds that have gotten caught in an oil spill.