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Homemade Dog Chews

Puppy with pig ear chews.

Saving money on pet supplies always helps the budget, and can be fun. This guide is about making homemade dog chews.


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Tip: Make Your Own Dog Chews

Puppy with pig ear chews.Here is a recipe to make your own dog chews.


  • pig ears
  • 1 cup olive oil or vegetable oil
  • instant bouillon granules
  • salt (optional)


Pig ears are often available at Asian, Mexican, or local butcher markets. Clean them under running tap water, scrubbing well. A little soap wouldn't hurt, but rinse well.

Beware! Ears and skin is very hard to cut up! Using a pair of sharp, sturdy kitchen scissors, or sharp butcher knife, cut the ears into the size you need. As an example: I have a Lab and I cut in half, or for a Jack Russell I cut in 4. It depends on the dog! These are not good for puppies under 8 weeks. They are good for teething pups after 8 weeks!

Dip or brush each piece of ear with oil, then place them on a baking sheet. As a special treat, you can use peanut oil or coconut oil. When all ear pieces are dipped or brushed, sprinkle with bouillon powder.

Optional a "little" bit of salt over the sheet's contents. Be careful not to over salt them!

Bake the pieces in the oven at a low 250 degrees F. for five or six hours. Drain well on paper towels. They will be greasy!

Feed in moderation. Your babies will love you for this!

By Gogalyboo from Auburn Hills, MI

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Question: Shelf Life of Pig's Ears

With the pigs ear recipe how long will they stay good for and how should you store them?

By Sarah

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