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Homemade High School Graduation Gift Ideas

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A homemade gift may be the most personal and memorable that the graduate receives. This is a guide about homemade high school graduation gift ideas.



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Question: Handmade High School Graduation Gift Ideas for Granddaughter

My first grandchild graduates high school this year. She is going on to school. I am going to give her some money for her senior trip, but I want to design or make her something really special that she can keep as a keepsake. Anybody have any good ideas?

By Sheila


Most Recent Answer

By Lou [3]04/14/2011

I love the idea of the recipe book with family recipes and the idea of the photo album but also maybe, with one or the other, you could give her the genealogy of her family. So much is lost that we wish we had listened to, wrote down and kept. Maybe some stories also about things that happened in the family--a history. I got this and it is a prized possession.

Question: Homemade Graduation Gift Ideas for Friends

I would like some suggestions on cute, fun, high school graduation gifts for my girlfriends! We all graduated the first week of June and will be going to different schools in the fall. We are all making the gifts (there are 9 of us, so I will be making something for 8 girls).

So far, one friend had a mug made for all of us with personalized pictures on it, another friend got a wooden letter of the first letter of our names and glued magazine words on it, and another friend got bigger letters of our first names and put a collage of pictures on it. Basically I am looking for something meaningful that we could all take to our new dorms.

I know that was a lot of detail, but I wanted to give examples of what I am looking for. I wanted to do something with pictures of all of us mixed with inspirational quotes or something. Any ideas?

By Kayla


Most Recent Answer

By Caseye [28]06/30/2010

How about getting a large frame with several photo openings, then fill the openings with photos of the "designated" girl with her pals? You can then "personalize" or identify the photos on the matboard. Memories made together will live forever! Have fun!

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