How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

I have this blue jay that sits by a window of my house and pecks at it. Sometimes it

starts pecking around five in the morning. It's always waking me up and it continues to


peck throughout the day. I use to have mourning doves that had nests by my front door

that have been scared off along with sparrows and other birds because of the blue Jay.

Now there are at least three birds taking up a home around my house. Someone help me get

rid of these birds.

Andrew of San Diego


How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

They are probably seeing and pecking at their reflection in the window. I am just not

sure how to eliminate that. Perhaps if you hung a picture of a predator of some kind (a

cat, for instance) facing the outside, it would keep them at bay.

By Harlean from


How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

I had a red bird that beat itself repeatedly against some of my windows. I went to

Walmart (you might also try the dollar store) and bought some rubber snakes. It worked


well, then the redbird moved to another window. For awhile, I had snakes at about 8

windows at my house, but it kept him away and now he is gone for good. I also have used

the the snakes to keep crows away from my dog's food. If you want to get fancier, you

can go to Lowes or Home Depot and purchase an owl. (06/19/2005)

By Barbara

How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

You can do what I do. Get peanuts (Costco/Sams Club) and sunflower seeds. Set up a

feeding station away from your bedroom windows. If you don't want them around at all,

leave a few peanuts out on the ground leading farther away from your house each day.

Pretty soon they will forget your place and move on. (06/20/2005)

By Great Granny


How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

Apparently if you use old CDs hung on fishing line, the bright reflection will help


scare off birds. Try either that, or some other item that will sparkle in the sun. The

more it moves in the wind, the better! (06/26/2005)

By Cathy

How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

I agree about the reflection; he probably thinks it's another bird and is "fighting"

over his territory. You can find something to put over the window on the inside or the

outside so that he can't see his reflection. A bunch of blue jays let me know there was

a snake in my oak tree yesterday! They chased him away. (07/07/2005)

By guest

How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

I printed pictures of cats from the internet and hung them in my window. Blue jay gone!

Thank you. (04/14/2006)

By Isaac

How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

I read as a last resort to get an owl. So we hung up a lightweight, full-size, plastic

owl from the lower branch of our willow tree. The jays were hanging out there and

attacking my cats. Within 3 days the blue jays were gone. They don't like owls, not even

plastic ones. My cats are safe again. (06/22/2007)

By Sheila D

How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

I started feeding the blue jays peanuts a year ago and have not had a problem. They eat

with the squirrels and other birds without any problems. Guess I'm lucky! (01/26/2008)

How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

Use the same people that I used to get rid of my crow problem. Their name is Crow be

Gone or do a google search "get rid of crows". They're the best. (06/21/2008)

By Jill

How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

Eventually the bluejays will not be loud once they are established in your yard, You

want bluejays at your feeders because they will chase off hawks that prey on your

songbirds. Bluejays as well as all other songbirds do not start chirping at 5:00 in the

morning, this is misleading information which makes me to question your credibility on

this post. You hear wildbirds at 6:30am in the summer and until around 7:30-8:00 in the

evening. During winter, around 7:30 am and until 5:30pm. I have been a avid birdfeeder

for almost 2 years now. I document the time changes that occurs.

Bluejays will mob owls and hawks during the day, wildbirds have specific times they

eat during the day, don't worry, the songbirds will eat with the protection of bluejays

watching for predators. Bluejays have sentries (lookouts). I don't have a problem with

bluejays either, they all forage with the squirrels and other songbirds as well as with

the crows. The bluejays do good for the other birds at feeders.

Some of you need to seriously do extensive research before you post about something

that you know nothing about instead of posting misleading information. Bluejays do not

go around killing songbirds on a daily basis. Yes, they may occasionally eat a egg or

two that has fallen from a nest or even a fledgling, but so will snakes, opossums,

skunks, flying squirrels, and crows. This is how God created it to be to keep

populations of wildlife in control. This only occurs during nesting season, during

winter season they forage together.

As far as your cat goes, you need to be more concerned about allowing your

domesticated cat to roam free unsupervised. The domesticated cat is not a natural

predator to wildlife. Cats kill hundreds of millions of songbirds yearly, as well

as billions of rodents yearly. Do yourself a favor, as well as, your cat and be a

responsible cat owner, keep your cat in the house. Do your research. Domesticated cats

kill for sport, play with the birds they catch or rodents, and leave it to die, taking

food from the natural predator's mouth which is the owls' and hawks' food that they need

to survive.

Songbirds, including bluejays, are protected by law. You have no business whatsoever

shooting at birds; it is against the law. You need to research before you put feeders

up, I would suggest changing birdseed, certain birds only eat certain type of birdseed.

This will take care of the bluejays. If you don't want them at your feeders, change to a

different seed as well as buy feeders that are made only for small birds. (04/07/2010)

By profile=thr907478">Jccross316

How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

I don't believe in shooting birds that's sick. Then if your using bullets hopefully they

don't hit someone on their way back down.
I found a way to get rid of all the blue jays that were attacking my song birds. Those

jays are mean birds. I got a CD from a site called Crow be Gone. Not because I had a

crow problem, oh no, it was a blue jay problem I had. They had been so successful with

Crow be Gone they made a CD called BlueJay be Gone and it worked like a charm. I haven't

had a blue jay drop by in 2 months time now. Now don't get me wrong jays are a very

pretty bird yet they seem to be the bad boys on the block and they had to go. I love my

song birds and they are at peace now with the jays gone. I hope this information will

help someone who is having issues with blue jays.

Larry (07/30/2010)

By the


How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

Look when you make the decision to bird feed, you will attract all different types of

wild life. If some of you would actually observe the blue jays your negative views

about them would be different. Do you not know that the bluejays establish pecking

orders like all other wildlife, that does not mean smaller birds are bullied, they are

able to eat at the feeders as well. Once blue jays establish territory, they share equal

time at the feeders. The birds work it out as far as the times they eat at the feeders,

they take turns. Songbirds benefit from having blue jays at your feeders. Bluejays are

just as good as a watch dog whenever any predators are around, they let all the other

wildlife know. It shows a lot about a person's character when you feed small songbirds

then you are negative and sometimes cruel to the other wildlife you draw in such as

squirrels and blue jays. (01/25/2011)

By profile=thr907478">Jccross316

How do I get rid of Blue Jays?

Can you afford bird netting? It is against the law to shoot a blue jay which is

protected by law. (01/25/2011)

By profile=thr907478">Jccross316


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Six steller Jaye's killed and ate two of my chickens. As I helplessly watched from my window as these Jay's worked as a pack.Two larger steller Jay's which I believe to be male's I am not sure if male or female just know there size was different. The two distracted one of my hen's and the rest of the jay's moved in, Working as a pack. Before my eyes two birds of mine were dead.I couldn't believe my chickens we're dead by a pack of flying demons.As I retrieved my dead birds. I examined there cause of death. thay killed them by packing at there skulls untell they're death. thay consumed the heart's, lungs,and liver and the Brest meat.These bird's are intelligent and a ruthless killers Some say thay eat abandoned eggs from the other birds nests I can say that these jay's around my home area will kill anything if thay put there minds to it. I once enjoyed there blue beauty,now thay are worst enemy's WHAT CAN I DO to make them go away?

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