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Itchy Ears and Throat

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My right ear is itching so badly it is driving me crazy. It feels like in the middle of my ear all the way down my throat the side, but the back of my of my throat hurts really badly to swallow. It feels like I swallowed a briar patch. And my other ear is beginning to do the same thing. Before my ears and throat began itching I had a headache for over 2 weeks and it is trying to ease up, but still there. Can you please give me any advice to relieve the pain and especially the itch.

By Jennifer from Louisville, KY


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By Louise B. [5]09/01/2013

Go to a doctor. This is not something that you should be dealing with after two weeks. I know here in Canada, we can go for medical care when we need it, and money is not an issue. However, even if you are in the US, there must be some free clinics or low cost places that you can go, if money is an issue. If money is not an issue, get to the doctor today!

By weinerdog41 [33]09/01/2013

Have your taken your temperature? Sounds like you may have an infection. If that's the case the only one that can help is a doctor who will prescribe an antibiotic. So many people don't have health insurance.

I'd call a walk in clinic and ask about seeing a doctor and ask if you can pay it out. Don't know if you'd have any luck but maybe worth a try. Don't know if your health dept could help you but it would probably take weeks or even months before you could be seen. Good Luck!

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