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Keeping Mice Out of a Dryer Vent

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wild mouse

Mice can enter your home through very small holes. You don't want your dryer vent to become a thoroughfare for these pesky rodents. This is a guide about keeping mice out of a dryer vent.



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Question: Keeping Mice Out of a Dryer Vent

I'm having trouble keeping mice out of my dryer vent. They sneak right in through the louvers.

Granny from El Paso, IL


Most Recent Answer

By e.r. from Alabama (Guest Post)01/06/2009

I have a new Whirlpool Duet Steam dryer. It is only three months old and caught fire. The serviceman came today and discovered a mound of dog food stuffed around the heating element. The dog food and the mouse shorted the element causing it to over-heat and catch fire.

The serviceman said that the elements in top loaders are standing straight up where the front loaders are sideways letting pests make nests. If I hadn't been home my house would have been destroyed. The warranty won't fix my $1500 dryer for liability issues. Any suggestions?

Solutions: Keeping Mice Out of a Dryer Vent

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