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Making Crochet Stuffed Animals

Crochet Stuffed Animals

Stuffed crochet animals are fun to make and even more fun to give as gifts or to your little ones. This is a guide about making crochet stuffed animals.


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Crochet Stuffed Mouse

This is a nice little addition to anyone who loves mice. And the nice thing is you could make it for just about any season or holiday just by using different yarn.

Approximate Time: 1-2 hours

Yield: 1finished mouse


  • 1 size I crochet hook ($0)
  • 2 black or red beads or buttons ($0)
  • 4 in scrap crochet thread ($0)
  • 4 oz gray yarn ($0)
  • 2 yards pink yarn ($0)
  • 1 darning needle ($0)
  • 1 scissors ($0)
  • 2 oz. stuffing material ($0)


  1. With the gray yarn, chain 2 and make 4 SC in the first chain. This works up flat so do not join and there is a chain 1/turn at the end of each row.
  2. Row 2: Make 2 SCs in each for 8.
  3. Row 3: Make 2 SCs in next stitch then 1 in next stitch across for 12.
  4. Row 4: Make 2 SCs in next stitch then 2 in next stitch across for 16.
  5. Crochet Stuffed Mouse
  6. Row 5-6 make a SC in each.
  7. Over the next 3 rows (7-9), increase by 4 per row. Make 2 SCs in first stitch, then 1 SC in next 3 (4) and (5) stitches for 20, 24, and 28.
  8. For rows 10-12, make a SC in each for 28.
  9. Crochet Stuffed Mouse
  10. Row 13: 2 SCs in the first stitch, then 1 SC in next 6 stitches and repeat to 32.
  11. Rows 14-18: 1 SC in each stitch. Break off and leave a tail for sewing up the back.
  12. I used two black oval beads for the eyes, but you can use red ones, or black or red buttons. Sew them between rows 7 and 8, set on either side of the center of the body.
  13. For the whiskers I used some crochet thread, cutting 4 strands about 2" long. Then I tied them in the center and used those tails to weave them to the front, tying them in the back.
  14. The mouth was just some darker yarn woven in just below the whiskers and tied in the back.
  15. Crochet Stuffed Mouse
  16. Sew up the back and stuff. It's easier to attach the ears when it's closed and firm.
  17. Ears: With your pink yarn, chain 2 and make 5 SCs in first chain and join. Chain 1 and make 2 in each and break off. Make 2.
  18. Crochet Stuffed Mouse
  19. Attach the gray and make 1 SC in each around, making it curl just a touch. Break off and leave about 6" to 8" for the tail. Sew each ear close to the side of the head.
  20. Stuff with batting, plastic bags, yarn, or old pantyhose.
  21. Sew bottom straight across and you are done. N-JOY!!
  22. Footnote: Many times, I submit that things cost nothing. This is simply because I have them already and can't assign a value to them. Your costs will always be different unless you too have all you need on hand.

Source: I found this pattern free several years ago, but it had no copyright or names to link to.

Link: N/A

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [449]

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Question: Crochet Stuffed Animals Patterns

I was looking for some free patterns for crocheting stuffed animals. Our church group has a quarterly baby shower, and the gifts go to local women shelters and pregnancy centers. I thought that these would make nice gifts. If anyone could help me out that would be fantastic.

Thank you,


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Best Answers

By Michawn 18 488 03/15/2007

Lion Brand has some really cute things. I love this bunny pattern, although I would think it would be better with a different yarn as the Wool Ease isn't all that soft.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 03/16/2007

Here's a fun place to go for free crochet & knitting patterns:

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By Lisa Kennedy 1 03/16/2007

A great website is it has anything you might want.

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