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Making Spool Dolls

Spool Doll

Thread spools can be reused to create something new. This guide is about making spool dolls.


Solutions: Making Spool Dolls

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Spool Dolls

This sweet little girl will sit at your desk or on your monitor. Finished doll.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes


  • fabric, choice of color
  • small mesh hat
  • 1 round wood bead - 3/4 inch, with face or draw your own
  • 2 round wood beads - 1/2 inch
  • 2 round wood beads - 3/8 inch
  • 7 wood spools - 5/8 inch
  • 1 wood spool - 1.25 inch
  • jute cord
  • thin ribbon
  • small animal for her to hold
  • doll hair
  • hot glue
Supplies for spool doll.


  1. Cut a 6 inch circle from fabric, gather in center so it fans out as a dress. You can glue half of a small doily to the front as an apron if you'd like as I did in picture.
  2. Hot glue a 5/8 inch spool to the underside of dress at center. Glue the large spool to this spool, off centered a bit. She will sit on this spool.
  3. Gluing spools under dress.

  4. Cut an 8 inch length of jute and fold to form legs. Glue to top of large spool at the fold.
  5. Tying jute for legs.

  6. String 2 small spools and a 1/2 inch round wood bead on each piece of jute. Tie at ends as shown in picture.
  7. Cut another piece of jute 8 inches and glue to top of dress at center forming arms. String 1 small spool and a 3/8 inch wood bead to each side, tie the ends of the jute.
  8. Adding arms and legs.

  9. Glue hair then the hat. Yarn can be used for hair if needed. Make a small bow and glue to her neck.
  10. Glue the animal to the tip of each of her hands. A small book can be used also. If you'd like you can add wings and make her an angel.
  11. By Myst from Muncie, IN

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By HerkDia 32 115 01/13/2014

Check out craft stores like AC Moore or Michaels. I got mine from there to make Christmas trees in small and medium spools.

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