Organizing Your Computer Desk

A messy computer desk.

Whether you work from home or go into your office, your computer desk can get out of control very quickly. Here are some tips for keeping it clean and organized so you can work more efficiently. This is a guide for organizing your computer desk.


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Tip: Organizing Computer Games and Programs

If you have a lot of computer games and programs, an easy way to keep track of them and keep the ones you use most right at your fingertips is to invest in a CD folder. You can even get them at the dollar store now, and there are usually about 12 pockets in the small ones.

What I do is I put games in two, and computer programs like my backup disks, in another. I organize the disks with the ones we use most in front, and put the folders in my computer desk. All the big bulky boxes the games come in and the plastic cases are in a box in storage and I have a lot more room around my computer, plus all my disks are in one spot and easy to get to.

Source: Trying to organize better and keep my son's favorite games easy to find.

By Shannon from Lakewood, OH

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Tip: Organizing a Computer Area

computer deskWhen we set up the computer in our spare bedroom, I needed an area to show pictures, messages, and reminders. I hung a bulletin board on the wall behind the monitor so I could hang things to catch my attention. Making them visible as soon as I sit down. I also found a a clear acrylic desk pad for the computer desk so I could display pictures under that and see them clearly.

I wanted a small bookcase to store paper, books, files, etc. I found a black shoe rack. I turned it up-side-down and it worked wonderfully in that space. I have 2 shelves to place items and it works great. I hung an old KE lamp in the corner for extra light.

By Little Suzy from Millbury, OH

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Tip: Desk in a Small Space

Computer desk and shelvesI have a small living room in a one-bedroom apartment so I set aside one corner of it (the one with the phone jack) for my computer station. I have a small shelf in back of me against the wall, then my desk with my filing cabinet on the side of it. This is great for holding a basket for paper storage. Then I have two bookcases in front of that to separate it from the living area. It is small but compact, and holds everything I need for when I am on the computer.

I also have the phone line set up for computer DSL and the phone, so I can talk and compute at the same time.

This picture was taken before I was completely set up, the DVD holder is no longer there. You can't see the computer or the small shelf behind the bookcases. You also can't see the 2 drawer file cabinet behind the small bookcase.

By Cheryl D. from Wolfville, NS, Canada

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Tip: Store Garbage and Shredder Under Desk

All these posts about recycling and green living got me all riled up. My husband and I live in a small condo and our computer desk is in the corner of the living room. Up until this morning, I had a tall kitchen can in my living room near my computer desk. I put all my junk mail in it. The shredder was sitting next to it.

Now we all know that having a kitchen garbage can in the living room is trashy at best, so I started looking for a better place. The area under my desk where my knees go fits perfectly! The can and shredder sit side by side and the shredder is plugged to the same power strip as my computer equipment and gets turned off at night, thereby saving electricity.

By MartyD from Houston, TX

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Tip: Under Shelf Placemat Holder for Keyboard Tray

Sometimes I like to stow away my keyboard so that I can use my desktop surface for something else. It's generally not a great idea to put things on top of a closed laptop, which is what I had been doing. I discovered another use for an under shelf placemat holder - impromptu keyboard tray! These placemat holders can be found at Container Store, but you can find them online too.

By Gapotter from Raleigh, NC

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Tip: Add Rocks to Your Desk's Top

I had some polished stones and was playing around with Super Glue and I glued a couple of stones onto the desk at the end so the things would not fall off. I did the same thing by gluing a nickel on the TV Stand, partly as a joke, but it worked so well I left it on.

By Robyn Fed from Hampton TN

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Tip: Calendar Desk from Board and Book

Desk add-on for calendar and craft books.

My computer desk is not all that big, just 6 feet. I live by my calendar now that I am doing more fundraisers and such. It was by the keyboard and I always had to write on it sideways, or try and scooch my body and chair on the carpeting just to get 12 inches closer.

Today was the day I said "enough". I broke down the top cube in the wire shelf unit, found an old book that was the perfect height and width, and a board from an old entertainment center and in about 15 minutes, made a little makeshift calendar table.

I moved my craft books so I can open them without getting up, put a plant and some family photos up, my calculator, pens, white out pen, etc. are closer now, too.

Now I am off to make more room somewhere else for the yarn baskets I "dislocated"! It's always something huh?



By Sandi/Poor But Proud [447]

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Question: Organizing Paperwork

I collect lots of articles, search references, make quick notes lots of times, and do print outs. When a few days go by and the room is messy I pile them all in one area, but need hours to find any specific info. in a time of need. How do I organize all of this paperwork? Thanks.

By Julie C

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By glimmer62 4 70 09/29/2013

Hi I'd like to recommend a couple of recent articles that may help you.
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I can't locate the article from PC world but it does a nice job explaining simply scanning items into the computer, setting up various folders. Hope that helps.

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