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Painting Stainless Steel

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paint can with red paint

Because of its smooth surface there are a couple of steps you will want to take to prepare your stainless steel surface prior to applying paint. This is a guide about painting stainless steel.



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Question: Best Paint for Stainless Steel

Can someone kindly supply me with information regarding the type of paint required to use on stainless steel? As the law in Malta states that no balcony is allowed in the colour of silver or gold, I was advised to manufacture three balconies in stainless steel and then paint them. The main reason for painting is because the house is sea front. Thanking you.

E. Borg


Most Recent Answer

By Candy Killion [9]04/20/2010

After Googling a few sites, I'm seeing that your stainless likely needs to be cleaned, sanded and then a wash primer, vinyl primer and finally, enamel topcoat of your choice applied.

Question: Painting Stainless Steel Appliances

I fixed scratches and gouges in my frig door and in the process it took the color out of the area. The door is discontinued so I can't replace it. The rest of the frig is black, so I am thinking about painting the door black. Has anyone painted stainless steel appliances? What is best paint to use? Thanks.

By Nancy from Marion, IA


Most Recent Answer

By elizabpope09/08/2013

Automotive primer and paint. Make sure you rough te surface up well in order for the primer and paint to stick.

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