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Plastic Spoon Flowers

Plastic Spoon Flowers

Assure proper ventilation when pursuing this creative craft. This guide is about plastic spoon flowers.


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Plastic Spoon Flowers

Blue and white spoon flowers, white fork flower in vase with artificial flowers.

Here are some photos of plastic spoon flowers that I have made.


  • plastic spoons and forks, green for stems
  • wood burning tool
  • small candle and matches
  • florist tape to wrap around wire
  • thick wire for stem


Be sure to keep a window open, the smell can be very strong.

  1. These flowers are made from plastic spoons and forks, melted over a small candle. Use green spoons for the leaves.
  2. I also used a wood burning tool to melt the spoons and forks together. Add a thick craft wire stem and wrap florist tape around it.
Vase with red spoon flowers mixed with white artificial flowers. Votive holder in foreground.Melting spoon over candle.Closeup of melting spoon over candle.Red spoon flower votive holder.

By creativediane [4]

Editor's Note: Fumes from melting plastic can be very toxic. Proper ventilation and protection is essential to prevent injuries.

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Question: Making Plastic Spoon Flowers

I tried making the flower using plastic spoons and a candle. When I tried, though, the spoon started melting, but dark smoke remained on the spoon as black color. How do I avoid that discoloration?

By Shereena

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By Catherine 7 127 04/30/2014

You could try holding the plastic spoon close to the side of the flame and not on top of the flame or try boiling water or a heat gun or even a hair dryer if the plastic is soft enough. Hope this help!

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