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Preventing Soggy Pie Crust

A piece of apple pie with crispy crust.

Enjoying the perfect piece of pie is always the goal. This guide is about preventing soggy pie crust.


Solutions: Preventing Soggy Pie Crust

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Tip: Prevent Soggy Crusts for Cream Pies

To prevent crust from becoming soggy with cream pie, sprinkle crust with powered sugar.

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Question: Preventing Soggy Pie Crust

I just took a homemade baked apple pie from the freezer. After cutting it I see that the bottom crust is soggy, as if not baked enough. It was thoroughly baked. How can I keep this from happening again? Especially when I want to do more fruit pies? Thanks for the help.

By Joan from Girard, PA

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By Toni Clouston 57 08/12/2009 Flag

Beat an egg and use a brush to brush the crust before you add the filling. You can do this on the bottom crust and top crust.

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Question: Warming a Pie in the Microwave Without Soggy Crust

How do I warm a ready made pie without the crust going soggy in a microwave?

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