Reducing the Appearance of Large Pores

Large pores on your face can be worrisome. This is a guide about reducing the appearance of large pores.


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I would like to know how I control large pores and blackheads. I have tried many products and none seem to work! i don't have a lot of money and hate wasting it on products that don't work.

Julie Capone from Watertown, NY

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you can buy Retin-A or tretinoin (same thing) online without a prescription - i did. try get a generic version they're cheaper. I bought stieva-a for about £16 ($30) but it depends on the % u pick. you should use it regular, in small amounts, it thins your skin. try starting at a low % and work your way up if needed. It also can make your skin sensitive to the sun so use sun cream etc if you can. btw when you first use it, it might make things worse but stick with it.

I would also say try taking some vitamins and eating properly. retina-A (tretinoin) is a derivative of vitamin A, try eating some of them :D and drinking more water

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I'm about 13 now and i have major blackheads and a few pimples, and just yesterday i was searching through the internet, looking for something that can help my blackheads,pimples, and pores. Then I heard that if you mix baking soda and water, put it on your face, it will get rid of it all. I finally used it today and honestly my skin feels great. All you have to do is mix baking soda with water (make it into paste) leave it for as long as you wish, then wash your face with water until all of the baking soda is off.

After i tried it the first time , my face felt fresh, no oil was left, and I saw that already some of my pimples and blackheads were shrinking. I was amazed! You gotta try it! Also for whiter teeth try mixing water with backing soda mixed with your tooth paste, when you brush your teeth!

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I am 47 years old and have fought large pores, blackheads and acne since I was eleven. I read on here the other day where someone recommended vinegar. I tried it. I use a small disposable cup, put cotton swabs in it. Before I go to bed at night I use a bright light and a magnifying mirror so I can see all the pores. I gently scrub all around the sides of my nose, my nose, my chin and anywhere else I have black heads. I have been doing this about a week and it is great. I have also used it on regular pimples after gently opening them and then cleaning them in the same way. The swelling, redness and infection go away a lot quicker than anything else I have used in the past. It does sting, and do not use around your eyes! It will also make your eyes sting.

I also told my 12 year old daughter to try it, she takes after me on the whole acne thing too. Poor thing! But her face is clearing up fast. I highly recommend this method. But please be careful anywhere around the eyes though!

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After reading dozens of solutions, one thing is apparent, and that is to keep your skin clean. It seems that all the products out there seem to work for everyone, but the root of the solution seems to be the cleansing of the skin. So, what ever your try will work as long as you continue to cleanse your skin continually. If you stop cleaning, it will stop working, get it? Good luck.

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I have very large pores (holes) on the nose and near the cheeks (bumps). I tried Eskinol Pore Minimizing toner and it works "well" for me, but it contains alcohol, so I'd like to skip that. I wanted to try Neutrogena alcohol free toner, but it's expensive and I searched and found that it does not get really good reviews (maybe it'll be just like water like my Celeteque hydration toner).


So now I want to try cheap, natural, drugstore alternatives.

Please help me!

God bless.

By Francine B.

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Have you tried making an oatmeal mask, using a handful of oatmeal, dampened with water and putting it on. You leave it for about 8 minutes and then you wash it off. It feels really good.

Also there are tons of remedies, including apple cider vinegar on

Here is a link to a few of them:

Blessings, Robyn

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Witch hazel, just like alcohol, will dry out your skin. If, like me, you have oily or combo skin it could Over dry your skin & cause your body to Over produce oil & you'll end up with even more break outs. The neutrogena alcohol free toner does work well for me. It gets rid of any make up or dirt that my cleanser missed & doesnt leave my skin feeling tight at all. Good luck.

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How can I minimize my pores on my face?

By meggeiboo17 from Killeen, TX

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Wow, thanks for all of the great ideas! I hesitate to say what I've been using. My huge pores are no longer clogged, but they're not going anywhere of their own volition either! After scarring the bridge of my nose, I discovered that applying some OTC scar diminishing creme (from any drugstore) helps quite a bit to minimize the pores on my nose, but I do see a lot of other ideas which are intriguing!

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I have large pores, too. It totally depends upon age, diet, vitamins, sun exposure, and methods of skin cleansing, not to mention belief as to what causes it. As a cosmetologist/hairdresser, remember first that there is natural skin oil containing good protective bacteria which are delicate, easily destroyed by heat, chemicals, and scrubbing.

Keeping this in mind, one of the first secrets is to keep the face naturally clear of other bacteria, from hands, dirty linens/ cloths, dust off chairs/ throw pillow, boyfriends' hands, clothing, poor laundry detergent, over washing, and over scrubbing with soaps of any sort, but most especially with stronger soap-type cleaners.

If you are young, you may unconsciously lean on your elbow and support your head with your hand. If in the heat, sweating a lot, unconsciously wipe the sweat, dust, and bacteria into the pores. Since heat causes things to expand, and cold causes things to contract, that needs to be considered into the equation and solution, each one different for each person.

Rx or over the counter meds are another factor. Habits like riding a motorcycle can cause pores to collect dust and get larger.

One of the worst chemicals one can use on large pores is mineral oil, straight or in the ingredients of cheap makeup.

It is a known pore expander,dust collector, and offender for large pores.

My routine goes like this: keep hands clean at all times, but with gentle bar-soap or dish detergent for sensitive skin,( i can only find it at fiesta grocery market in sunlight brand, is creamy white and very mild, but works.)

I change linens faithfully each week to keep dirt away from my face. I never touch my face with anything that has not just been washed. All makeup must be minimal, liquid, and not cheap, because I have most sensitive skin.

Fact: every face has a combination of skin types: large pores, tight pores, avg.Pores. Taking a shower will feel

good, but will force the pores to widen with hot water if the face it directly into the jets.

Cold wind will both close the pores and chap the combination skin. Use a face mask for very cold wind.

Never apply anything unknown to your face. Never scrub your face skin with anything, only rinse with mildly warm water, not a scrub or brush. Use the least amt. Of soap, chemical, make up possible. Avoid dusty places, homes, streets, and the beach, as well as remember to change your vacuum bag often and dust home often.

Do not use hot water or ice water on the face. It must always be lukewarm, and very clean. Try to buy a bundle of cheap white face cloths that can be bleached weekly. Store the cloths in a dust proof container.

Avoid getting hair spray on the face directly or in drifting. Use no witch hazel or alcohol. Try to find the scrub gloves for the body, buy several. Use only one for two months, for use on the face only, not neck or any other parts of the body. One time a week, use d r y glove to scrub the large pores gently, and the rest of the face even more gently, then rinse glove only with soap and water, dry and store in very clean place until next week's use.

Dollar general's "hair, skin, nails" vitamins help keep the large pores healthy, if the rest of the diet is fairly balanced with a little fat/oil eaten daily on toast, in veggies, along with a small amt. Of meat of any kind. Sugar should be kept at a minimum.

If you are taking rx meds, check with your doctor to see if they can cause skin problems since you have large pores. If you are not taking rx you should simply remember that any touch to the skin is traumatic to the skin. A n y!

I prefer Revlon liquid makeup, and a cream cheek color.

I use makeup only on the large pores as a protectant, and a little around my mouth. Revlon seems to work better and not make the pores larger.

[If you are middle age or older, get enough rest, eat a balanced diet with a little quality high cacao chocolate

bar and a cup of reg. Coffee each day, along with veggies, and good vitamins, minerals, and milk thistle for good elimination. Keep your mind and body active.]

In the mornings, gently rinse with lukewarm water only, and a clean face cloth e a c h day. Never use one twice without cleaning in laundry. Never use cloths for any other purpose, such as wiping counters or cleaning shoes, or as a rag. Hang all wet cloths on a clean surface to dry until laundry time.

If you develop a pimple, immediately put a tiny dab of liquid detergent on just the very spot. Let dry, do not rinse. Only one dab per day, unless it gets rinsed off at end of day. Add new one until pimple is dried up.

At night, rinse off the day's dust first, then blot well until totally dry before applying a simple protectant that has no mineral oil, to the large pores especially, as well as to the rest of the face. After using a cloth to remove

the small amt. Of makeup.

Sorry, no time to proof read. Must end now. God bless, and good luck. : )

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I have large pores on my nose and on the skin on either side of my nose. I call it "orange peel" skin because nothing conceals the pore size. The rest of my facial skin is normal and has no large pores. Every makeup I've used settles in these pores and looks bad at the end of the day. Does anyone have a brand of makeup that is best or any tips for this problem?

December 8, 20070 found this helpful

The best thing I have discovered for large pores is by DHC. It is called velvet skin coat. Apply it before your make-up and it makes your skin look flawless. To actually reduce pores, retina a is best.

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December 10, 20070 found this helpful

You might try Concealapore. It is a translucent concealer base that makes large pore sites disappear from sight. Really great product that lasts and gives great coverage.

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January 2, 20090 found this helpful

Vincent Longo Dew Finish is the best one I've tried so far. Expen$ive, but worth it. Make sure you get the Dew Finish, though (he has different formulas). If you go to Sephora, you can get a free sample that will last you about a week, which will enable you to try before you "invest." :-)

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I just posted on someone else's comments that a primer helps make up stay in place, but it can also help minimize pores. In my effort to stay frugal, I bypass Smashbox and Urban Decay primers and instead use Monistat Chafing Gel. This does help minimize pores and it costs 1/3 of the price of high end primers.

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I'm 46 yrs old and have noticed I've got large pores on my face. I can't make it look smooth even with makeup. What can I do to make my face look and be smoother?

By Michelle D.

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Witch hazel twice a day as a toner worked for me. Oddly enough, so did using a very light moisturiser after the toning.

I noticed that just using the witch hazel toner left my skin looking parched even though it also reduced the appearance of the pores. I accidentally rubbed my face with a just lotioned hand and saw that the parched look went away but the pores still looked smaller. So I found a light moisturiser and have used that ever since right after wiping my face and neck down with the witch hazel.

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I mix up 1 egg yolk with 1 tsp. warm honey and 1 tsp. olive oil. I brush it on my face and leave it on until it dries about 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water. I have the same problem around my nose and this cleans out the pores and seems to shrink them. I try to do this about once a week. Give it a try and see if it helps you. Got this online somewhere.

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Clinique cosmetics has a line of pore refining products that really work. One is a refining serum that works to reduce pores with daily use. The other is called Instant Perfecter. You use it either under or in place of make-up. It instantly smooths your skin. By the way, I don't work for Clinique. I'm just a user of many of their products.

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I have a serious problem with my skin pores. My skin is dry, but still I have enlarged pores on my skin. Please suggest to me an effective way to control/reduce pore, because it looks really ugly.

By raii from Kathmandu, Nepal

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After reading this article, I would look up homemade facial scrubs and exfoliaters. This was an interesting article. I would not refer to my face as ugly. Beauty is not on the outside.

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Here is one of my favorite holistic sites: Go to and put large facial pores in the search bar for earth is on the upper right hand side of the page. Good luck and blessings! :)

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i use a 10%, up to a 50% solution of white vinegar & bottled water. Use it as an astringent. Works great. For dry skin get helped with essential fatty acids.

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There is a company called Bare Escentuals, and they make make-up and skin treatments from all natural minerals. They have a product called Rare Minerals Skin Revival Treatment. It is supposed to be the only product in the industry that can actually reduce pore size. Other products just reduce the appearance, but this actually has been proven to reduce the actual diameter of the pores. It is expensive, about 60 bucks and will last maybe 3-4 months. You can find it anywhere Bare Escentuals is sold, QVC, Sephora, Ulta, etc.

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I have oily skin, I don't want to dry it out but what can I use to minimize my pores?

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For large pores, make a paste of almond meal (from the health food store). Put it on your nose, chin, or wherever your pores are large. Let it dry and rinse with cold water. Follow with an ice cube rubbed on face and nose. This works. I sometime add a bit of alum to it. You can also scrub your face with the Almond meal. It draws as it drys. Then proceed with your makeup.

I also use lemon to bleach my freckles when they get too many. Stay out of the sun.

By Renett from Southern CA

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