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Remedies for Acne Scars

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Acne Scars

It is a challenge to be self confident if you feel your complexion doesn't match your self image. This guide is about remedies for acne scars.



Here are questions related to Remedies for Acne Scars.

Question: Do Acne Scars Go Away?

I have pimples on my head and I am addicted to popping them. They leave scars that are darker than my skin on my forehead. I was wondering if these scars are permanent or do they go away if they go away? Is there something I need to do for that to happen?



Best Answers

By Don't wanna say. (Guest Post)01/08/2009

Ask your doctor to prescribe you Retinol-A, it cost me about 50-70 USD but it was worth it. It makes your skin come off faster opening up pores so that acne goes away and layers of scar come off too. Also, always use a moisturizer like Aveno after you have a night of Retinol-A on because the dry skin comes up and you have flaky white stuff on your face. To prevent the dry skin from showing, always have a moisturizer.

This usually gets rid of acne in a month and scars get lighter and eventually go away.

Best Answers

By TV (Guest Post)02/23/2008

I had started breaking out badly on my face since last summer. And I tried the Clearasil Ultra and it is great. My acne is not completely gone, but it greatly improved. There is no need for micro-dermabrasion. Use granulated sugar it gives you the same smoothness and results.

Best Answers

By lilly (Guest Post)02/02/2008

As far as I know they just fade and keep getting lighter and lighter my mom has them on her face. Just remember looks are not everything. Who cares if you have little scaring, you are still beautiful.

Best Answers

By Aman (Guest Post)08/25/2007

Don't use chemicals as listed. These will not suit your skin. Do a natural facial twice a week at home. Use apricot scrub on your face and keep on rubbing slightly for 10 min. Scars will definitely go away. Scrubbing removes dead cells on your face. I had scars 1 year ago and now they are gone.

Question: Scars From Acne

How can you get rid of acne scarring quickly?

By Kim from VA


Best Answers

By Marie Brack07/09/2012

Some scars go away and some don't, but the process involved is the shedding of the old cells and growing of new ones to replace the scar tissue. As I've gotten older my skin "turns over" more slowly. So I help it along by using a facial scrub (baking soda) about twice a week to encourage the old cells to slough off.

The lemon juice mentioned here probably has a similar effect, plus a gentle lightening effect.

Best Answers

By wandalyn [1]02/05/2011

When I was in my 20's I had this problem. I used a regular old lemon, cut it and rub it on your face several times a day, don't rinse it off. It will take a couple weeks before you notice and change. Keep it up. You'll have a clean feeling face and the lemon will eventually lighten the scars to almost nothing. It worked for me. I'm 62 and have a smooth clear looking face. try it lemons are pretty cheap. It'll also work on any scar on your body.

Best Answers

By Jodi03/07/2009

Suadh, I use Proactiv, it prevents new acne and after about 2 weeks of use the old scars were barely noticeable. It is about $50 for a 2month supply, but defintely worth the money. Make sure that if you purchase this product that you get the "refining mask" (6% sulfur) you will notice a difference on how your face feels the very next day.

Question: Pimple Marks on My Face

My face is full of pimple marks and small holes in my face. Please, does anyone know of any treatment? I would also like information on creams or soaps that would help with my skin. Thank you.


Best Answers

By sarah [2]08/17/2009

I would need more info on your skin type to say how to best prevent pimples, also what kind of acne you have problems with. Obviously washing the face and neck regularly is important, but don't over wash, same goes for exfoliating. Moisturize even if you have oily skin. Many fruits and veg's are great for the skin pureed and applied as a skin treatment mask for 10-20 minutes. Wash with warm water, finish with cool water, and moisturizer. I have several different skin treatments I make, if your'e interested I can give the recipes.

As for covering the scars; truth is you can't vanish them magically, medically call a dermatologist, if you can't afford one, you can also try a chemical peel, but it won't completely fix them, depending on the severity it may not be possible. If you want to cover the scars try a mineral make-up, It works well for me, covers better than foundation, concealer and powder. and less work for sure. What you eat is also very important, try to eat more produce and less meat and fats(almond, Alvarado and fish are good fats) Zinc is important for healthy skin too.

Best Answers

By christine M. Thayer [2]08/17/2009

I don't know about the holes, but I use to have terrible acne. What I have recently found that a mild acid helps to exfoliate your skin. Use white vinegar. Make a 10% solution to start with & put it in a bottle that you can use to put it on your fingers or a cotton ball, I use my fingers, spread it around & let dry. 10% vinegar is mixed like 1 tsp. vinegar, 9 tsp. water. Then each time you make more, make it stronger till it's some where between 50-100%. It's a very cheap alpha hydroxy. Your skin may flake, then just wash again & do the same. You want it to peal, this gets rid of the top layers of your skin.

I also, for about 30yrs used this cloth, to wash my body & face called a salux cloth, that's made out of nylon/polester. It never needs washing & rinses really fast. Just in the beginning, you have to wash really softly, cause this thing gets rid of old skin, dirt & anything else on the surface of the skin. I know most people think you shouldn't use rough stuff on your skin, but that dead skin on the surface causes the skin to b dull, & hold onto marks & light scars. The salux lasts for years & dries fast. They are 12" x 36". I hang it on the shower head or a hook to let dry between uses. I fold them up till they are the size of wash cloth, lather with favorite soap (it makes good lather) & scrub everywhere & then open to scrub my back.

After your skin gets used to it, it feels so good & my skin is soft & supple. People comment on it all the time. They sell these clothes under many names, but the original salux is the best. I've gotten them at health food stores & whole foods places. I just looked & found them on the net: It's the original and cheap too. When they start to get ragged, I've used them for dishes & many other things. I took an old one & cut it in 12" squares & sewed the edge to stop raveling, then use it as a wash cloth to wash my face with in the morning. You can actually see through these things, so they don't hang onto dirt or anything. Everyone should try one, and like I said, go easy in the beginning, it's something you have to get use to, but after you do, you won't feel clean using anything else.

Question: Pimples Leave Dark Marks on Skin

Once I had a pimple on my face and I squeezed it. It went on spreading and now I have too many big dark spots. Please help me.

By Chaitanya from India

Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/17/2014

After you wash your face at night, put Milk of Magnesia on you face. Let it dry and leave it on overnight. The dark spots should fade in time. This is a cheap remedy and works very well.

Question: Remedy for Pimples and Acne Scars

What will I do to remove my blackheads and pimples, holes, and spots coz I have had many pimples before and I look terrible now because of this.

By annesian17 from Cebu City Philippine

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]05/03/2014

I don't know any inexpensive remedies. A Dermatologist has many ways to improve skin scarred by acne, but it will be somewhat expensive.

Question: Remedies for Acne and the Related Scarring

I am 22 and have a dark complexion. I have old, black, acne scars on my face. My face is not too oily, rather it is dry and whiteheads occur often. My skin is sensitive and prone to acne. There is also acne on my scalp. When I use medicated anti dandruff shampoo it's removed, but occurs again after a day. I want to remove the scars and improve my complexion without medicine or lasers. Is olive oil good for acne prone skin? Please suggest a solution.

By Tazeen

Most Recent Answer

By Lynn Thomas [1]09/12/2011

When I was in my late twenties an old black woman gave me a tiny piece of aluminum foil with a dab of zinc oxide in it. She told me to dab any zit when it first appeared and it would clear up without developing into a pimple. It worked for me. I'm now 62 and still use it if I have the beginning signs of a pimple. If you have a severe problem, you might try doing what I do to prevent a cold or other virus.

I know this sounds unrelated, but just follow me here. When I have the first symptom of a cold, I take two 50 milligram zinc tablets (available in 50 mg tablets only, over the counter at grocery and drug stores). You MUST take them with food or you will develop a severe stomach ache. I take two tablets (total of 100 mg) for 3 to 4 days in a row and my cold or virus symptoms just go away. I can't say pimples are a virus, but if zinc oxide works on them, then I would suggest you invest in some zinc tablets and try taking 100 mg each day for 3 to 4 days and then cut back to one (50 mg) a day for a week or so and then just take one every three to four days, maybe even once a week and see if that clears you up and keeps you from having any more pimples.

I don't think it will help whiteheads and certainly won't help scars, but vitamin E is supposed to be good to put on scars so that they fade. I have whiteheads and I seriously think I would have far less is I drank enough water. They appear to be really thick oil from your pores and it gets so thick it can no longer seep out and just builds up under the skin. These are just some suggestions and they would be pretty cheap. Remember, zinc oxide (found in diaper rash cream), zinc tablets, and vitamin E. Taking zinc at the first sign of coming down with a cold or sinus infection has worked for me for years. You might never have another cold if you regularly take zinc. My multiple vitamin has s o m e, but I'd suggest taking extra, but don't forget to eat first.

Question: Using Cocoa Butter on Sensitive Skin for Scars

Is cocoa butter safe to use on sensitive skin for acne scars and normal scars?

By Sally from Scotland

Most Recent Answer

By Cindy [3]03/17/2011

Hi Sally. I must have missed this post earlier, sorry for such a late response.

The problem with sensitive skin is that what may be sensitive to my skin many be just fine for your skin. I can and do use cocoa butter and yes it does help with non acne scars (and especially works well to moisturize dry skin from my neck, down). However, I can't use it on facial acne scars as it's too oily for my face and causes more breakouts.

I don't know of any source that claims cocoa butter is harmful for human skin (then again, I don't know everything - darn!) but if I were you I would just experiment on small sections of skin and see how your skin reacts to such.

Wish I had a more definitive answer, but this is the best I can share. Good luck and I hope it works for you.

Question: Using Ambi Products for Acne Scars

Do Ambi products help get rid of acne scars?

Shameka from Milwaukee, WI

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