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Remedies for Athlete's Foot

Athlete's Foot

Ridding your feet of this fungus can be accomplished in a variety of ways. This guide contains remedies for athlete's foot.


Solutions: Remedies for Athlete's Foot

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Tip: Potato For Athlete's Foot

Try using a potato for killing athlete's foot, yes it works! I had my ex-husband use every cream and ointment, even scheduled a doctor's visit for this awful, itchy, bothersome, and sometimes smelly problem. They all worked, but they were never a forever solution. It always came back.

Not until my son played football did I find the one and only cure to work effectively. It is was a potato rubbed on his foot twice a day. After cleaning and drying the feet very well I had him rub a potato cut in half on each of his feet. Make sure you get between the toes and allow to dry before placing clean socks on for the day. The other half you can keep in a plastic sandwich bag where the air will not get to it until you shower before bedtime.

He played football, so his feet got very sweaty and this is a perfect breeding ground for athlete's foot. The enzymes in the potato are what cures the athletes foot. Once cut make sure potato is not be exposed to air in order to stay healthy and not die, this is what kills the fungus.

We did this in the morning and again at night. We noticed a change almost immediately. The itching stopped, flakiness slowed down, and thank you the smell was gone as well. By the last month of football, his feet were back to normal and he never had a recurring problem. During the time we treated his feet, we made sure they were as clean and dry as possible. This meant changing socks 3x a day, but at the end so worth it. At night when he was sleeping, he left his socks off, letting the air get to his feet.

I would suggest you try this before spending money on OTC remedies, when buying a potato or a whole bag could be the answer. At the 99 cents a bag, it is well worth a try.

Source: My grandmother

By Luana M. from San Diego, CA

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Tip: Athlete's Foot Remedies

We went to the Podiatrist for my husband's diabetic feet problems and she gave us this paper, so I am sharing it with you!

Soaks for Athletes Foot Fungus:

  • 1 cup white or yellow vinegar
  • 1 gallon Lukewarm Water (16 cups.)
  • 1 lid full of bleach (just a capful, no more than this or your feet could get burned)


Soak feet one to two times a day for 15 to 20 minutes for two weeks.

Lamisil, and over the counter cream and spray, works best for foot fungus. Use Lamisil cream for feet and heels twice a day for two weeks. Only use lamisil Spray in between the toes, never creams between toes.

Spray shoes out with Lysol in the white or the blue can, daily. Use anti-fungal powder in shoes daily (choose one of these powders: Desinex, Tinactin, Tolnaftate, Zeabsorb AF).

You must treat shower curtains, bathtubs, and rugs with Lysol and or powders above.

Cotton socks are better than nylon or stockings.

Topical anti-fungal creams and lotions are NEVER effective on toenail fungus. There is prescription polish called Penlac that can be used daily in bad cases. Tea tree oil and lavender oil can be used for toenail fungus but mainly just keep them clean and cut down since they will grow upward and thick instead of outward like the rest of the toenails.

Oral Antifungals like Lamisil or Sporo nox are expensive and need blood work. They might damage the liver.

By Robyn Fed from Hampton TN

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Tip: Moxa Kills Athlete's Foot

I had a bad case of athlete's foot that no medication would resolve. Out of desperation, I used moxa smoke for 5 minutes and resolved it completely and permanently until now, 5 years later.

    Editor's Note: Moxa is a Chinese medicinal made from dried mugwort. Here is a link to a Wikipedia article about the use of Moxa.

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    Tip: Remedies for Athlete's Foot

    To treat fungus on feet, soak feet in white vinegar for at least 20 minutes each time. Continue three days in a row and the fungus should be done.

    By duckie-do from Cortez, CO

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    Tip: Prevent Athlete's Foot

    This is the time of year you take out shoes/boots you haven't worn in a while. A fungus you chased away last year may still be lurking in your footwear, especially if it is leather. I have never been in the position to toss all my shoes, so I TREAT the footwear - with the same thing I use for my athlete's foot/fungus - generic Vick's Vaporub! If you apply it to your shoe's inner linings, it will kill the fungus, as it does on your feet. And add a dose of foot powder, too!

    By Pamphyila from Los Angeles

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    Tip: Athlete's Foot Balm Recipe


    - 4 tsp. wheat-germ oil
    - 4 tsp. jojoba oil
    - 1 1/2 tsp. beeswax
    - 25 drops tea-tree essential oil


    In a small double boiler, heat the wheat-germ oil with the jojoba oil and the beeswax just until the beeswax melts. The mixture should have a creamy consistency.

    Remove the pan from the heat and stir the cream vigorously until it has cooled enough to touch easily with your hand.

    Mix the essential oils into the cream. Pour the cream into a small cosmetic jar and apply as necessary. The foot balm will keep for about 1 year.

    By Kathy

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    Here are questions related to Remedies for Athlete's Foot.

    Question: Remedy for Athlete's Feet

    What is a home remedy for athlete's feet?

    By Barbara

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Luana M. 82 149 11/02/2011 Flag

    Potato is the only cure which worked for my son and my ex-husband. Cut it in half rub over clean feet 2-3 x a day, keep feet dry very important. The enzymes in the potato is what works! We visited Dr., bought RX's etc. it always came back. This cure worked on sweaty football players feet, it will work for anyone...Good luck!

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    Question: How Do I Know if I Have Athlete's Foot?

    I don't know if this has to do with beauty, but how do you know if you have athlete's feet?

    By Jazmin

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    Most Recent Answer

    By christine M. Thayer 2 232 09/09/2010 Flag

    Athletes foot is pretty basic. You get cracks that open up between toes & they sting & hurt. Your toes & foot may itch & things get red.

    Here's the thing most don't know, athlete's foot is candida on the outside, on your feet. Vaginal yeast infections, are candida there, dandruff is candida on the scalp.. Candida has many faces.

    Here's the thing, though, if the candida comes from the inside, you need to address it there. There are natural things you can take for it or you can get a Rx for it from a doctor.

    It like warm, damp, closed in areas, that have low oxygen, but candida is something not to ignore, when it's systemic, it can cause many health issues, including diseases.

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    Archive: Athlete's Foot Remedies

    Does anyone have a good workable cure for Athletes Foot? Post your ideas below:


    Vinegar Or Mouthwash

    I've heard vinegar is good for killing athlete's foot fungus. I imagine Listerine mouthwash would do the same since it kills the germs in your mouth.

    By badwater

    Soak In Bleach Solution

    Soak your feet for few minutes in the tub that has been filled about a quarter of the way with warm water and a cup of bleach.

    By evlevo85

    My husband noticed that his athlete's foot cleared up after he had been in the swimming pool. So when it flares up and we can't get to the pool, we put just a little bit of household bleach in a basin of water and he soaks his feet in it.

    By Becki in Indiana

    Baking Soda And Water Paste

    I recently had to deal with a bad bout of athletes foot. Unfortunately, I did quite a bit of scratching unconsciously and had the sores develop on my arms and chest areas. The itching was terrible. By making a paste of baking soda and water, I applied it to the sores. I did feel a slight burning due to the sodium which vanished a few minutes later. I would not recommend this for people with sensitive skin. Wear socks on your feet after applying the ointment and light gloves in case you scratch sensitive areas.


    Tea Tree Oil

    I would give tea tree oil a try. It is a natural antiseptic and also kills fungus (which athlete's foot is) My son used it with excellent results.

    By MiMI

    My Son had Athlete's Feet really bad. He bought a foot soak product from that had Tree Tea Oil in it. Cleared his problem up in no time. Good Stuff and not expensive either.

    By Jmouse

    Preventing Re-Infection

    Because athlete's feet are a form of fungus, I suggest that you spray your tub or shower stalls with some sort of mildew remover such as Tilex. Do this along with whatever remedy you are using, because you could be re-infecting yourself every time you bathe or shower. Also as another resort, spray the inside of your shoes with athlete's foot powder or as a last resort, break the bank and throw out your shoes and get new ones.

    By Ohiolady

    Hot Water

    I get hot water and drip it onto the infected parts and it disappears.

    By Jack.

    Hot water doesn't work. I've used it just to help soothe the itching, ughhhh!

    By face

    Monistat For Athlete's Foot

    We used to spend lots of money on an athlete's foot cream prescribed by our doctor. My husband battled this affliction for years! I started comparing the ingredients in this prescription to other over the counter meds. Guess what! Monistat Vaginal Cream has basically the same ingredients in it. So, now if he has a flare up, we just buy some Monistat. He puts it on his feet at night before going to bed and it's cleared up right away. This may sound strange, but it really does work and it's much less expensive than prescription meds. Good Luck!

    By kountry_kraftin

    Wear Different Boots Every Day

    In the Infantry 37 years ago, we were taught to wear a different pair of boots every day. A day off gives your boots the time to dry.

    By Frederick E Lehmkuhl

    Seaweed Powder

    Pour a bowl of warm water and add seaweed powder, soak your feet for 20 minutes every other day for 1 week and it should go away.

    By ben123

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Apply 50% peroxide -50% water fro a spray bottle to the washed toes every night.

    By Dave Long

    Vapo-Rub And Other Tips

    The best thing I have used is generic vapo-rub. I got it at the dollar store, just apply regularly. I used it and finally got rid of fungus in my toe nails that I had had for years. It just took a very long time, months to grow out.

    With new shoes or when I don't wear socks, I use foot powder and when my shoes were infected, I also treated the inside of my shoes. Very hot water helps to soothe the itching of very bad infections, soak in water as hot as you can stand.

    Avoid plastic/vinyl shoes as they don't breathe and make your feet sweat too much. Air your shoes out between wearings a day or so to let them dry out. Wear sandals/slippers in common areas in gyms and by pools to avoid infection.

    By pamphyila

    Undiluted Vinegar

    My doctor prescribed expensive creams, which did not work at all! I was at my wit's end and decided to try undiluted vinegar. It worked like magic!

    By Carol Churchill


    I have heard and seen for many years the following: standing in the shower and urinating on your feet. Urine is sterile and acts as a medicine for so many things. you can wash your feet afterwards, however, the urine once a day for a week will cure it right up.

    By Kimberly L. Christensen

    As foul as it sounds, your own urine is very effective for Athelete's Foot. It is harder for women, as men aim and shoot while in the shower. Or just try the stuff in the stores. Prevention is the key, clean cotton socks, breathe-able shoes and some talc or baby powder on feet and in shoes to prevent the moisture build up.


    Archive: Athlete's Foot Remedies

    For those of us who suffer from itchy feet, I recommend using Lysol spray in your shoes once a week. This kills the fungus that creates itchy feet.

    Archive: Athlete's Foot Remedies

    I am looking for a natural treatment for foot fungus.

    Archive: Remedies for Athlete's Foot

    Soak your feet in hot water with apple cider vinegar (one part vinegar to four parts water) a couple of times a day for 20-30 minutes.