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Remedies for a Burned Throat

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hot tea

Drinking a cup of tea or coffee or eating a spoon of food that is too hot can burn your throat. Depending on the severity you may be able to do something at home to relieve it. This is a guide about remedies for a burned throat.



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Question: Remedy for Burned Throat

I took a "big" sip of a cup of tea where the water just got finished boiling. It was so hot I didn't know what to do and just swallowed it. I have had a sore throat, earache, eye pain, and pressure between my eyes. I know it sounds like allergies, but it is not. Can anyone advise me what do do?
I will never do that again.

By Debbie D.


Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]04/25/2013

With no disrespect, you should have phoned your doctor for an appointment and treatment.

Solutions: Remedies for a Burned Throat

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